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New World Order by Pup-pup
New World Orderby Pup Echo
Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, they are animals, livestock, playthings. The world has been flipped. Cover by the lovely PJOFan987651. My ko-fi: https...
Primal by MaybeManhattan
Primalby MaybeManhattan
COMPLETED - To Evelyn Schubert the thought of having a predetermined soulmate seemed a bit far-fetched. Lucky for her, this was an old practice amongst her kind thousand...
Tales of Beasts by Raev3n
Tales of Beastsby Raeven Andrews
A collection of erotic furry/beastiality stories.
Experiment Zero by dangeroustoken
Experiment Zeroby dangeroustoken
There's more out there than you think. Ashley Cartwright works on a secluded island for her father as a secretary. The lab her father works at it planning on discov...
The Hunt Begins by DemiJones7
The Hunt Beginsby Demi Jones
This is a short erotic fiction involving a man and a woman, in a tribal atmosphere; on the planet Phibos. Some where in the milky way galaxy. Mihra has come of age and m...
Primal Cabin "Run Bunny" Part 1 by DaintyLittleAlpha
Primal Cabin "Run Bunny" Part 1by DaintyLittleAlpha
We took a trip to the cabin in the woods, like we did every weekend. Suddenly he rolled to a stop on the dirt road, unbuckled me and opened the door.... "Run Bunny...
Dino Jurassic squad: Redemption by Tacidiacon
Dino Jurassic squad: Redemptionby Tacidiacon
With the timeline reset back to 2015 with differences from the original with major differences for certain events but some are exactly the same. Jurassic world is still...
the new Oval Frontier  by 0valeyes
the new Oval Frontier by 0valeyes
A new entry in the Oval memoirs series that going into the new frontier who know what will be over the Horizon. Start date June 26th 2022
Pokemon X and Y : A New Trainer Adventure by Heroman23
Pokemon X and Y : A New Trainer Heroman23
Pokemon. The mysterious creatures that are around the world. People and Pokemon live together. Some live alone and some just live in the wild. We meet a trainer named Na...
primal loud. by sliverdagger
primal @silverdagger
after having their tribe destroyed, lincoln and ronnie anne, and lincoln's siblings and their female friends are the only survivors to a t-rex pack attack. but as they...
Hope Valley by DarkWitch314
Hope Valleyby Ray Dread
There isn't much to tell about, so I don't know why you would all want to know. Hope Valley is . . . it is a place where the ravens go to die, the place where waters run...
SuperMarioLogan: Future by crunkymonkey
SuperMarioLogan: Futureby crunkymonkey
The further adventures of Mario and his friends but this time, they realize they were never alone.
Regular Show - Primal (ON HOLD) by NemoLZ
Regular Show - Primal (ON HOLD)by Carmen
Rigby Starts to feel his Raccoon instincts take over, and he tries to hide it and stop it himself. I DO NOT own Regular Show. EVERYTHING belongs to the RIGHTFUL OWNERS.