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Time of Primo by MewLeopardheart
Time of Primoby MewLeopardheart
Tsuna and his guardians were living their normal lives when suddenly they get transported back to the past where they encounter Primo and his guardians. Will they find a...
Vongola's Yellow Flash by Luna_Uchiha1
Vongola's Yellow Flashby Luna Uchiha
What if Minato Namikaze was reborn as Tsunayoshi Sawada?
Ghost Stuff Lol by blckkittycat
Ghost Stuff Lolby ivy
We Are Vongola by NightofFrost
We Are Vongolaby NightofFrost
A collection of one-shots or pieces centering around Tsuna and his family. Forty-fifth: New Year's Eve has always been a depressing time for Tsuna. But after Reborn's in...
Ghost B.C. One Shots :) by c0piaslittlebrat
Ghost B.C. One Shots :)by c0piaslittlebrat
These stories are all my work but the characters and members of the band Ghost are not mine I do not own any Stories will contain mostly smut but I might do fluff I will...
Second Life by Kurokoki
Second Lifeby Plotting•Vixen
Dying hadn't really been a plan for Bard, a full fledged woman. As she wonders on her past and nothing really, she is confronted by seven good looking guys, much to her...
Secondo's Return by Luna_Uchiha1
Secondo's Returnby Luna Uchiha
What if Vongola Secondo, Ricardo, is reborn as Sawada Tsunayoshi?
The Son of Primo (DISCONTINUED...kinda) by fairyqueenerza123
The Son of Primo ( fairyqueenerza123
What if Tsuna was really adopted? What if Tsuna was a time traveler? What if Tsuna was the younger son of Giotto? KHR Fanfic Disclaimer: I do not and never will own KHR...
Devil's will [GHOST BC] by doumashotpotato
Devil's will [GHOST BC]by Ebony
He used to stare at her. She knew but ignored it. He tried to make her his. She resisted, running off to his brothers instead. But how could the great Terzo let that sli...
khr arc:future & past. by Chocochibi
khr arc:future & choco_late~
this story is completed hibari vs alaude x oc primo x oc gokudera vs G x oc yamamoto vs x oc mukuro vs daemon x oc ryohei vs knuckles x oc plot: the past is being summ...
Tudo tem seu gosto 🍒 Contos 🔞 by Nalaau
Tudo tem seu gosto 🍒 Contos 🔞by Nalaau
Contos adultos Terceira vez tentando postar O livro é destinado a contos eróticos, não denuncie Já adianto que contém putaria, erotismo, nudismo, palavras de baixo ca...
Tag Lines Of KathNiel by moonloverdls
Tag Lines Of KathNielby Jay Kathryn
this is just a one shot but this is facts about the kathniel,also Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla .......
Oh my GHOUL! - Ghost band hc and oneshots by emeritisum
Oh my GHOUL! - Ghost band hc and 𝖠𝗎𝗋𝗈𝗋𝖺 !
Ghost bc head cannons and one-shots of your favorite ghouls, ghoulettes, papas, and seestors. WARNING - nsfw hc's, swearing, sexual themes, sexual flirting, death, bloo...
Vongola Primo's your FATHER?!? //On Hold// by jamelaq
Vongola Primo's your FATHER?!? // Chicken
Warning: very slow update. VERY VERY. You've been warned. The Vongola famiglia is just having a normal day in the vongola mansion when suddenly an enemy famiglia ambush...
Ghost book Ideas by Queen_Nugget17
Ghost book Ideasby Queen_Nugget17
just a lil summthin summthin, si? haha. Your free to take the ideas and convert them into your own. :D Ghost Ideas with all the ghost charatcer and aus' and background s...
KHR: Lost sky by kuroh_akuma
KHR: Lost skyby Yunbin🌸
Tsunayoshi Sawada, right... that was his name. Tsuna was abused, because he was useless.. he really was. He knew he deserve this things he got. He hated everything, incl...
Riunione Generazioni by karly-98
Riunione Generazioniby karly-98
Luego del regreso de la desima Generacion a su respectiva epoca Giotto no podia evitar sentir nostalgia al no tener al pequeño a su lado. Asi que con la ayuda de su vi...
The Truth Behind the Mask by kyokosa2gawa015
The Truth Behind the Maskby Phoebe Tan
This is my second KHR fanfiction. A twinfic. Sawada Tsunayoshi, has a younger twin named Sawada Hiroshi. Tsunayoshi is a dame while Hiroshi is the perfect child....or so...
The Past Meets the Future [Hiatus] by Han_Yura
The Past Meets the Future [Hiatus]by Han_Yura
What happen when Vongola Primo to Nono was brought to Decimo's timeline? Read to find out. This story was originally called 'Vongola Bosses', but I decided to change th...
KHR Another Chance by Arrowgirl051601
KHR Another Chanceby Arrowgirl051601
Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, Ryohei, Hibari, Rokudo, and Lambo are the reincarnations of their Primo counterparts, and all, except Rokudo, has brothers that will take the...