Promiscuity Stories

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Taming Cameron (COMPLETE) by Juette_Curtina
Taming Cameron (COMPLETE)by juju
Meet Cameron Crawford: She smokes and considers sex a sport. She doesn't have sex with one man twice, but she engages in sexual activities more than twice a week. Meet...
The Phantom Queen by StellaStarMagic
The Phantom Queenby StellaStarMagic
Rose Potter craved power. When offered to take the place of an ancient Goddess, she figured she'd found the fastest way, but it turned out she still had a long way to go...
Promiscuous by jazmennn_
Promiscuousby jazmennn_
pro·mis·cu·ous prəˈmiskyo͞oəs/ adjective 1. derogatory having or characterized by many transient sexual relationships. "she's a wild, promiscuous girl&q...
My Sexy science teacher: a tale of privacy and scandal by WholesaleMilk
My Sexy science teacher: a tale WholesaleMilk
Think of your gentleman of a science teacher. His stout body and flabby arms. His dark greasy hair with far too much dandruff. Think about the sweat stains under his...
Winter in June by CrimsonTower95
Winter in Juneby CrimsonTower95
A young lady's proud attitude leads her to turn her back on everone and pursue her selfish interest. As days go by, her agenda begin to reveal. In attempt to cover her w...
WarZone by jenzinooo
WarZoneby Jennifer❤️
A story portraying the streets of london with a little bit of love!
Yu-Mi-Po by freudian69
Yu-Mi-Poby freudian69
Hi all, this is a small effort to describe myself in a few words. I hope to find friends and less hatred.
Life As We Know It by mynthsss12
Life As We Know Itby M.
Margaux, a 20 year old girl sharing about her life full of ups and downs, battling with mental issues and other struggles in life.
The Hanging Sick by KDNorth
The Hanging Sickby Katherine North
Feel the raw, unedited, and uncensored despair of a heart that has antecedently broken.
Keeping it in the band by platinumnib
Keeping it in the bandby platinumnib
Monogamy is a useless social construct designed to keep Sharon from sleeping with Ruud; thankfully, she doesn't fall into the trap.
Oleander by Windexcasey
Oleanderby Casey :P
There are many evils of the world, as of lately, and I've not so gracefully stumbled upon them. And they've been cooped up in the house in which I've been asked to stay...
"Family Friends" by dave_is_elite
"Family Friends"by dave_is_elite
"Are you calling me a liar, Vee? I'm telling you it's true. All that time we were seeing each other it was strictly at our favorite motel and nowhere too personal f...
Kiyotaka, Jack, and Byakuya are stranded on a beach island full of zombies. They will do whatever it takes to kill the zombies, reveal the island dwellers secrets, and f...
Misunderstood by TaylahLea
Misunderstoodby Taylah Lea
Second Year University student Jayden notices beautiful and intriguing young First Year Sienna across the courtyard on her first week at Uni. His confidence gets the bet...
- portland. 🌬 by duttykoko
- portland. 🌬by duttykoko
a sad promiscuous hoe's journey to self love and appreciation through many tests and trials. read and enjoy. 🙂
Blood and Chocolate by VanessaParkins
Blood and Chocolateby Vanessa Parkins
A lustful king takes an earl's wife and, ignoring his own court, plays a most elaborate game of love. But when the Earl's anger catches up to him, everything the king on...
The Road I'm On.  by CharlotteKade69
The Road I'm On. by Charlotte Kade
A depressed girl goes in search of a life, love, an existence.
Promiscuous Girl, wherever you are... by ChellaXO
Promiscuous Girl, wherever you CHELLZ
Story of a promiscuous and troubled young adult navigating through life while also dealing with trauma, heartbreak and addiction.