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Original Writing Prompts  by Imaybeshook
Original Writing Prompts by Imaybeshook
Some writing prompts/story ideas from my brain. If any seem familiar to others it's probably just my brain being weird and not realizing that I didn't come up with it. ...
Times with You [FT. UserGalaxy and Boboiboy Ice] by ImLonely11307
Times with You [FT. UserGalaxy simp sand of the potatoes
Ten chapters, two innocent souls, one crazy author. What's the worse that could happen with that combo? Warning: May contain many dick and sex jokes. Consider yourself w...
100 Colours by makingmywaves
100 Coloursby makingmywaves
This is a collection of 100 short stories, around 100 words each, inspired by 100 colours. The link to the list of colours will be provided in the first chapter, as it w...
Writing Prompts by NickTacToe
Writing Promptsby Nick Tac Toe
I have many ideas, more than I could ever use. So hopefully they are more help to you than they are to me. Cheers!
Rain's Short Stories by RainOfOreos
Rain's Short Storiesby Rain
A collection of random short stories that I write or have written. Some will be ideas for fanfics, others will be similar to oneshots, and others will just be based arou...
my favorite things in stories. by malabuj
my favorite things in malabu jones.
a collection of story prompts from my tumblr blog @ malabu.
~ ART CHALLENGES ~ by That_Quirky_Girl
~ ART CHALLENGES ~by ✨Quirky✨
Hello artists! This is a collection of 30+ Day prompts list I made up myself, or from suggestions. Including ideas for MerMay, Inktober, etc*. ~Quirky
Halemadge Week 2022 by CraftedByIndi
Halemadge Week 2022by Indi
I'm hosting Halemadge Week this year! Here are the rules and information to participate! My full entries to this prompt list are on Ao3 (link to my profile in bio). Her...
Writing prompts for those who are interested but can't find any.
MCYT prompts by despairing_rage
MCYT promptsby Althea
Hello! Some friends and I have compiled some MCYT prompts!! Anyone can participate, regardless of skill level!! These prompts can be for writing, art, or whatever else y...
Autumn's eNd by deiska
Autumn's eNdby Dei
"There is a house with a peach tree in the garden" Ro has a list. A list that's written in pink, green, black, crayon, texta, pencil. A list which has things a...
Various Fandom One Shots by hmc2506
Various Fandom One Shotsby hmc2506
Send me a message with your requests by either: 1. Making something up entirely. 2. Referencing a prompt from my prompt list. Check my profile to see which fandoms I wri...
Prompts from Tumblr, Fanfiction or others by piliarquitect
Prompts from Tumblr, Fanfiction piliarquitect
Soooo I decided to make an experiment on Tumblr. On chapter 1 you have a prompt list. I'll try to write a oneshot with the sentence you request to me. You've to chose a...
Tiny Stories by makingmywaves
Tiny Storiesby makingmywaves
A collection of 100 word stories, based on two prompt list challenges. The first 100 stories will be based on general themes, the last 100 will be based on a list of 1...
fanfic prompt lists by iamanawesometaco
fanfic prompt listsby cat
yo, I've been writing these lists so here aLSO if u use one pls pm me/lmk that u used it so I can read the thing, these are the fanfics I want to read. there are crossov...
Prompt Lists by Rei00135 by Rei00135
Prompt Lists by Rei00135by Rei
Even though it might say it's copyright, anyone can actually use this. It's just an ideas prompt list. Upload for new chapters of topics on the Prompt list book will be...
Various October Prompts by AvengersEndMeOwO
Various October Promptsby Welcome To IHOP.
Dear gods why do I do this So yeah I'm taking things from various prompt lists and instead of drawing them I'm going to be attempting to write Haha fun