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Planet or Plastic by this-random-writer
Planet or Plasticby this-random-writer
What would you choose. Keep littering or save the planet? !!!WARNING!!! SOME DISTURBING IMAGES. Feel free to criticise and leave comments. There is a video on the page...
Planet or Plastic  by Emily1626
Planet or Plastic by em 💓
The life of the ocean is in our hands. WE have caused the death of ocean life. WE have caused this plastic pollution crisis. And only WE can fix it
It Used To Be Blue by HufflepuffHorizon
It Used To Be Blueby Disaster Bisexual
Part of the #PlanetOrPlastic Competiton. I skim my fingers just above the murky brown, then shudder and withdraw as it pulses dangerously close to my skin. I know better...
I Was Born Today by KaliHast
I Was Born Todayby KaliHast
This short story is my own submission into National Geographic's writing contest, #PlanetOrPlastic