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Ms Ruth's Little Doe (a MDlg story) by LetitiaRosee
Ms Ruth's Little Doe (a MDlg story)by LetitiaRosee
It's the 2400s and the world is run by vampires. This is the story of human Zadie becoming vampire Ms Ruth's Little Doe. Zadie is naturally a little who was born into a...
Daytime Accidents (Finished) by AshSharky
Daytime Accidents (Finished)by Ash
After two accidents earlier this week, Mandy's brother had enough. She then gets surprised when he pulls something for "protection" out of the shopping bag.
The Three Wishs by BabyCandy3716
The Three Wishsby Candy Playz
A girl named Liberty finds a weird looking thing on the ground. It contains 3 wishes. What 3 wishes is she going to make? Will she regret them? Read the story to find ou...
Jack in nappies by diaperboy1222
Jack in nappiesby diaper boy
Jack is a 14 year old boy that wets the bed and occasionally has accidents during the day. After he wets himself at school he ends up having to wear nappies. TW: messing...
The family's baby by AgeregressionKitten
The family's babyby Kitten is little
When Grace returns home from college, it doesn't go like she thought it would. With her past still haunting her everyday choices, she discovers a side of herself kept hi...
When A Big Sister Looks After Her Brother by diapernet
When A Big Sister Looks After Her...by diapernet
Lisa looks after her younger brother, and she turns him into a baby girl
Witness protection by HD19903030
Witness protectionby HDR3030
This is a story about a 14 year old boy named Sam and his life before and after he is left with no choice but to testify against his dad, whom has been caught laundering...
Little Princess by AgeregressionKitten
Little Princessby Kitten is little
Princess Nymeria is well aware that her kingdom is in decline. It has been for hundreds of years after all. Unlike her ancestors, she's willing to reach out to try and g...
caught by pawpatrolpullups
caughtby sammy diapered
This is about a girl named Sammy who ends up getting caught wearing one of her little sisters pull-ups. Then her sister decides her life now.
Diapered Vacation by Samueldddef
Diapered Vacationby Samueldddef
Patrick gets jealous after seeing his cousins in pull-ups
Hold My Hand by gourab2005
Hold My Handby GP
Cam is a seventeen year old. That's what his birth certificate says. But due to some medical reasons, he stopped growing, leading to him only 3ft1. He lives with his gra...
Mila's accidents  by ilikesoopyay
Mila's accidents by ilikesoopyay
Mila has been having embarrassing accidents at school and she doesn't want anyone to find out. Luckily her mom has an idea. This is my first story! I'd love to know what...
Diapered days  by billibob123
Diapered days by billibob123
A teenage girl, Moya tries on a drynites just to see how comfy and discrete it is. Read more to see how the story escalates
Cathy by RICK4111
Cathyby RICK4111
A slice-of-Life story
Step Father by bedwettingboy173
Step Fatherby bedwettingboy173
Follow along as Justin's mother dates a witch of guy, causing Justin's bedwetting to worsen. Read to find out what happens. Comments are appreciated
The Diapered Road trip by DiaperloverKyle
The Diapered Road tripby DiaperloverKyle
(SHORT STORY) (Finished) Skye and her Family headout on a roadtrip to their Great Grandmothers house but on the way Skye has a little accident
The Remote by maurento786
The Remoteby maurento786
A 15 Year Old Comes Into Contact With Remote That Makes His Wildest Fantasies Come True. *update: not really sure how to continue this book as its extremely similar to a...
Ballet camp disaster by Sparkels12
Ballet camp disasterby ✧*̥˚ s p a r k e l s *̥˚✧
Ella is excited to try ballet this summer for the first time! But will she stay in the older girls beginner group or get moved down with the under 7's?
The Principal is a baby?! by Foxxwashere
The Principal is a baby?!by Froggy
Louis Rosebery, the principal of Rosebery academy, is known for being the perfect man, he's kind, smart, handsome etc but what if 10 years ago something bad happened to...
Omutsu/Omorashi and Messing Stories! (One shots) by VeggiesforDessert
Omutsu/Omorashi and Messing Storie...by VeggiesforDessert
please be 18+ to read the things in this book! Though not everything will necessarily be sexual on it some thing might have sexual undertones. Lots of messy and wet acci...