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Everything I've Needed (A Jacob Black Love Story) by Asnowfallkindoflove
Everything I've Needed (A Jacob Bl...by Asnowfallkindoflove
Lucy Clearwater was born and raised in LaPush, but had to leave it all behind when she was fourteen to go to a fashion design internship in New York. Three years later s...
Dusk: Seth Clearwater Love Story by 420Ringo
Dusk: Seth Clearwater Love Storyby 420Ringo
Seth Clearwater. You may know him as the fun optimistic guy from Twilight, but in Dusk Seth finally finds his other half, his soul mate, his imprint. Will he be able to...
The Unexplainable (Twilight Fanfiction) by candycanesodapop
The Unexplainable (Twilight Fanfic...by The outsider
Cassie Swan has always been different. No one knew how this happened. Everyone thought she was weird. She finds people who can explain why she's the way she is, but they...
The Other Cullen Sister {Book 1} *Editing* by ScarlettVolturi
The Other Cullen Sister {Book 1} *...by Scarlett
Amelia Rosa Cullen has always been the troublemaker of the Cullen family. But then again when Renesmee is your twin sister, you have high standards to keep. Living with...
Driving Force by bubblegum865
Driving Forceby AK
A mix between a new book/ sequel . Based and focused on a new character but old characters make a return. Madison Marshall is a force to be reckoned with. Strong and res...
Chris Evans's Characters Preferences by Chiara_Drysdale
Chris Evans's Characters Preferenc...by Chiara_Drysdale
Preferences on : Frank Adler (Gifted) Andy Barber (Defending Jacob) Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out) Chris Evans (actor) Curtis Everett (Snowpiercer) Nick Gant (Push) Ari...
My Haiku Poems by ShayShayRian
My Haiku Poemsby ShayShayRian
This is a compilation of my Haiku Poems.
A Rogue Imprint (Seth Clearwater Fanfic) by HayHalsey
A Rogue Imprint (Seth Clearwater F...by Hayley
Faye thought everything was in her life was perfect until one night when she was six, her pack was attacked. Everyone was killed, including her mom and dad. Left alone...
Paul Lahote love story by Unknown40416
Paul Lahote love storyby Read...
This is the story of how Paul Lahote finds his beautiful imprint name Cordelia Sam's sister. A fiery hotheaded and soft girl that comes to live in La push with Sam.
She Will Be Loved (Jacob Black) by haemiwrites
She Will Be Loved (Jacob Black)by haemiwrites
Quinn Hurley-Cullen is not like the rest of her family. She's average, she's scrutinized, and she's not a vampire. Having been adopted into the family at the age of five...
Spitfire (2) by Katherine101
Spitfire (2)by ♔Mɪss Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ♔
Part 2 to "Backfire" . Please read that one first. Kate Mason is the sister of Edward Cullen . She's been through a lot and she has a history with the original...
Property of the Quileute Wolf Pack (1) by Katherine101
Property of the Quileute Wolf Pack...by ♔Mɪss Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ♔
Welcome to a small rainy town in the middle of nowhere . That town is called Forks . Forks was already full of secrets and mystery but those secrets become harder to kee...
Eyes On Fire by vboudreau
Eyes On Fireby Valerie
What would you do if you move away from everything you love to a whole new place? To find yourself thrown into a world of supernatural creatures. And to find out you've...
Superstar (Seth Clearwater Love Story) by CruzJaime
Superstar (Seth Clearwater Love St...by Cruz ♥
Alyssa Crystal-Marie Black is her real name, but known to the world as Alyssa-Marie, her stage name. Veronika has been after her; her whole life because she's ... differ...
When I'm In His Arms by EllieKDirectioner
When I'm In His Armsby EllieKDirectioner
Sabrina Callway thought her life had no more meaning. But one day, she meets someone who flips her world upside-down and backwards. As she struggles with her bipolar dis...
Beautiful Destiny (Jacob Black fan fiction/love story) by Jacobs_Imprint
Beautiful Destiny (Jacob Black fan...by Jacobs_Imprint
Veronica Uley is Sam Uleys half sister. After being betrayed by everyone she loves she decides to sell everything and go live in La Push. She has a lot that she needs to...
Still ANYTHING for me? ~Seth Clearwater Love Story~ by wspg23
Still ANYTHING for me? ~Seth Clear...by wspg23
This is a sequel to Anything for YOU (Seth Clearwater Love Story). Kaya moves back to La Push finding herself in very sticky situations. She has a lot on her hands than...
Anything for YOU ~Seth Clearwater Love Story.~ by wspg23
Anything for YOU ~Seth Clearwater...by wspg23
A different girl moves into La Push and imprints. But the thing is, when she finds out her imprint, already loves someone else. It broke her, but she doesn't give up on...