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Plants vs zombies: crayons, paint and trouble by mynaemisboo
Plants vs zombies: crayons, paint...by Boo
A plants vs zombies fanfiction featuring painter zombie who one day leaves work as normal, except something secret has been set up behind her back, and now she's the pla...
EVERYTHING'S RED (A Plants vs. Zombies romance Fanfiction) by oksific
EVERYTHING'S RED (A Plants vs. Zom...by Oksi
All-Star, a zombie with huge enthusiasm in sports, never really look into relationships or attractions, saw the new guy in town, immediately have his not-working heart b...
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, GW2 and BFN: New Heroes, New Teams by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare...by Vector
During the fight between Plants and Zombies, it's an endless fight. Crazy Dave was making an experiment. An experiment on how to make the Plants walk. And it eventually...
Pvz Fanfic: The World We Live In  by Cookies4evry1
Pvz Fanfic: The World We Live In by Cactus Wakus
A rewrite, maybe a lot of changes. In a world where war never ends, where plants fight zombies endlessly. Do you think it's possible for they to become friends? The new...
Chompzilla Is The Principal! by 12151531a
Chompzilla Is The Principal!by 12151531a
Chompzilla is the Principal of Garden Warfare School. But when the Plants and Zombies in Otto Do's class test her dominance over the school, Chompzilla becomes enraged.
PvZ - One Shots and Stories  by Vinejay-Vinewings
PvZ - One Shots and Stories by Vinejay-Vinewings
Just some ideas that come to mind. Mostly about PVZ:GW, GW2, and BfN All art is mine, Plants vs Zombies does not belong to me.
a nit in the night (pvz bfn oc story) by pvz_and_waffles
a nit in the night (pvz bfn oc sto...by pvz_and_waffles
you can go through my oc characters life as an nightcap, with a strange ability that cause trouble throughout her life. (lol, i am bad at drawing and photoshop)
Dandelion's Dillema  by MarcEmmy
Dandelion's Dillema by Marc/Emmy
Dandelions have one purpose. Blow up as much zombies in one go as possible, but thats not what Dee wants. Dee joins the battalion in Neighborville and wants more to life...
PvZ noticias by Soursans888
PvZ noticiasby Soursans888
Noticias de todos los PvZ
PVZ: TEAM SCARF! by Estamtam
PVZ: TEAM SCARF!by Tamara Hanidar
The story about one team in LEAF Organization name Team Scarf, who has member name Cate, Peater, and Denis. their mission it's about spying, investigate, and fighting th...
The L.E.A.F. campaign  by youdidthistoyoursel1
The L.E.A.F. campaign by Gay boi
Apollo is a regular Repeater in crazy Dave's army until the zombies attack Suburbia and destroy most of L.E.A.F. Luckily crazy Dave was able to evacuate most plants but...
Bullies, Drama, and The Two Parents by 12151531a
Bullies, Drama, and The Two Parentsby 12151531a
Electric Slide and Space Cadet go to Garden Warfare School, and seemingly everything is fine. Until they meet someone from their forte who is not happy to be with them i...
Tales from Duty by SkyDiver0
Tales from Dutyby SkyDiver0
The bizzare adventures of Plant Mercenaries doing their jobs- if they only wouldn't encounter problems each time.
Plants vs. Zombies: The Novel by 24bieand
Plants vs. Zombies: The Novelby Andrew Bie
ATTENTION: This story is no longer available on Wattpad or Inkitt, but you can still read it on Archive of Our Own. Visit archiveofourown.org and search "Plants vs...
A New Beginning  by StarFish1555
A New Beginning by Judy
Zomboss is working in his lab building a new robot after having a nightmare. Zomboss then notices a picture of him and Crazy Dave. The picture seems to be taken a long t...
A bunch of random pvz crap by bigsquish99
A bunch of random pvz crapby bigsquish99
Just a bunch of random things related to pvz
thing of it is by rosswastakenwastaken
thing of it isby rosswastakenwastaken
unfinished pvz thing. attempt 2.
Me Rambling on About Citron by SnazzyRoserade
Me Rambling on About Citronby Citron
❤️🍊 O R A N G 🍊❤️
+10 more
Ask or dare pvz characters by bigsquish99
Ask or dare pvz charactersby bigsquish99
Ask or dare pvz characters from the first game PvZH pvz2 gw or whatever game you want
PVZ Zodiacs by Unit-DODM
PVZ Zodiacsby Unit D.O.D.M
PVZ zodiac, weird I know. But since I liked the games, I decided to do this. Also, the plants are humanized. Update schedule is random. This includes: PVZ, PVZ 2, PVZ G...