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Wednesday: Nevermore Academy  by vanessamarquez20
Wednesday: Nevermore Academy by Vanessa Marquez
Wednesday returns to Nevermore Academy With a new task at hand finding the stalker that had send her a text after leaving Nevermore Academy and had sent a few more afte...
He Is The Mafia Boss by Yang1434
He Is The Mafia Bossby Yang Zouh
"HE IS THE MAFIA BOSS" Tagalog Version Flights Story And some of the word is SPG
Morituro - Book 1 by I-H-Bella1013
Morituro - Book 1by I-H-Bella1013
Morituro {m} A person about to die, the doomed one Layla Montgomery wasn't looking for trouble in New York. She certainly wasn't looking to get tangled in mafia ties. B...
ten dozen hearts in the bag  by Purplecil202
ten dozen hearts in the bag by Purplecil202
stanley uris, a serial killer, who finds his victims through dating apps has finally chosen his next target. his name is bill denbrough. he's been texting him for a whil...
Lucathy (One shot) Vocaloid song BOOK 2 by mixy_mix11
Lucathy (One shot) Vocaloid song girlie May
My Senpai Academi  by Son_Mono
My Senpai Academi by Son Mono
Elissu_smith also known as the psycho killer had thought she found love for a boy she loved to call senpai she finally kidnapped him after month's of trying to get him t...
Change [A certain Scientific Railgun]⚡️ Shoujo Ai/Yuri by Rokuro-Sama
Change [A certain Scientific Roku-San
This is the prologue to the Lucifer Saga: Himawari, a Kunoichi from naruto is reincarnated after death into a world of technological advancement and science. Will she ma...
To You Whom I Adored by nll_flowers
To You Whom I Adoredby 𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐲𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐬
Friends? Loyalty? Trust? "It's your own fault for being too weird. Don't blame me. Blamed the society." He chuckles as he said that before living the boy in a...
More Than it Seems by theblackqueen777
More Than it Seemsby theblackqueen777
Random yet interesting story that has more than one meaning. Can you figure out what it is before the end? 888888 Blood.Sweat. Tears. It was all here. Here right in fr...
Adopted by sonachopra
Adoptedby sonachopra
Laksh you didn't understand, this arav is behind all this, trust me . I am telling the truth... Ragini have you gone mad?? How can a thirteen year boy who is blind also...
Let it out  by Han_14358
Let it out by Han_14358
Jared Leto as The Joker What if Harleen Quinzell never accepted The Joker to be her patient? What if HE became obsessed with another girl entirely and The Harley Quinn n...
Maybe Not A Psychopath (TXT ft BTS) by Chriss_babygurl
Maybe Not A Psychopath (TXT ft BTS)by Chriss_babygurl
Y/n the one and only mafia princess but it was only mere a title given to her so she could be of use someway or the other. She felt like she had no reason to live anymor...
Leave Me Be by my_computer_is_mean
Leave Me Beby my_computer_is_mean
"You don't know how much I missed you, daisy." After his best friend Jackson has a breakdown and runs away from town Roman faces the deep reality of who he is...
SHES UNWELL .  - b.e by dragtoIoveyou
SHES UNWELL . - b.eby ❦
⚘ "she wouldn't hurt a fly! it can't be.."
PSYCHOLOGICALLY DRIPPED bxbxbxb by blueforever
PSYCHOLOGICALLY DRIPPED bxbxbxbby blueforever
He's Cody but Cole at the same time...yess. He has every pycho threat you can think about. But yes he's human and since Satan has a lover so why can't he. His wrecked...
Possessive obsession by Psycho__love
Possessive obsessionby Taekook_love_my_life
There were two alpha's who think that they dont have any mates,but what will happen when they meet an beautiful omega boy and find out that his is there mate ☼+:;;;;:+☼+...
Killer lover by h3llkitty__
Killer loverby Euphoria~
Nothing is ever what it seems. Story contains cursing, murder, Gore.SLIGHT NSFW ( I've never written smut before)
psycho ☑️ by Kishu_Aywar
psycho ☑️by 𝒦 𝒊𝒔𝒉𝒖 𝓐 𝒚𝒘𝒂𝒓
" ඔව් , මට පිස්සු " " මෙච්චර කල් ඉවසපු මට පිස්සු , ඔයාව ලබාගන්න මනිශව මරපු මට පිස්සු. පොඩිකාලෙ ඉදන් නොලැබුන ආදරය ඔයාගෙන් ලබන්න ආස කරපු මට පිස්සු. "
Killer Bunny (Season 2) by aescatto
Killer Bunny (Season 2)by angel
❝My plan was way too perfect for your return, but that woman ruined everything. Now I'll do whatever it takes to have you back, Damon Art.❞ This is not a love story.
🥀PSYCHOPATH🥀 by Luna_hmac1
A friend will help you move; a true friend will help you move a body. A friend will bail you out of jail; a true friend will be sitting beside you. Who wouldn't want to...