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Love Shades- Moran OS by Kriya00004
Love Shades- Moran OSby Kriya
Wrote for os contest before...some may have read it but..just thought to publish it now.. but I love writing some description so yeah.. Love has to whit...
My unusual Book of nightmares  by MohammedRajab
My unusual Book of nightmares by MohammedRajab
As we know it , Nightmares are considered to be a very scary experience for most of humans , But what if I told you , it's also a fact that most of humans loves to hear...
Descent by Aragravier
Descentby Aragravier
As a killer reigns terror on the city, another comes for him. Who will become the hunted
The Devil Wears White by JorjaNah
The Devil Wears Whiteby Jorja
River Heart believes normal is a thing, but how does she know if shes never felt it? And can she be bothered to try? From pain to insane, River doesn't know how to contr...
MIRAGE PARADISE: reality lies beyond vision by shreya_roushan
MIRAGE PARADISE: reality lies Shreya Roushan
Story that demands existence......A ignored plea to god....
GAMBLING UNIVERSITYby Lorenzo candilado
Unlike many schools, attending Gambling University prepares students for their time in the real world. Since many of the students are the children of the richest people...
Batman: Darkest Depths by CollinJacobClark
Batman: Darkest Depthsby CollinJacobClark
A fan made story about Batman descending into the darkest depths of not only his mind, but also his arch nemesis, the Joker.