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REALITY SHIFTING : A GUIDE *:・゚✧ by babydarko
hi! This is a short, simple guide to shifting. I am not highly experienced, but I wanted to create this resource to help others. At the end of this guide, I will include...
Superable by Jordy_Marie
Superableby Jordan Marie
Audrey Powell is a time-traveler-or so claims a sexy and sarcastic Superhero, The Marked Stranger. While still trying to make friends at her new school, Audrey must now...
collide // Spiderman by ItsAnn0
collide // Spidermanby It’s Ann
Thalia Eden was a normal teenager. Yes, was, because after one night she finds herself with a set of strange powers. On top of that, Avengers have set out to find her an...
Self Acceptance (Incomplete) by AStormThunders
Self Acceptance (Incomplete)by Astorm
Carla Mencia is just an average Hispanic college student, who works as a lab assistant to a physicist working in a quantum teleporter. One day, while testing it, she end...
FEDERATION by TonyHarmsworth
FEDERATIONby Tony Harmsworth
Federation takes close encounters to a whole new level. A galactic empire of a quarter of a million worlds stumbles across the Earth. Their philosophy on life is totally...
The World Of Physics by TechNewz
The World Of Physicsby Tech Newz
What is science?, What is Physics?, Scope and excitement of Physics, Branches of Physics and conservation law in physics. Physics is a fundamental science concerned w...
The Science Of Reality Shifting by HelpingPeopleShift
The Science Of Reality Shiftingby Reality Shifting Resources
Challenging the cynicism of determination, both scientific and theological, is a necessity for the inquistive mind looking to break free from the chains of our current r...
Entanglement: A Modern Frankenstein  |  Creation by DrewBixby
Entanglement: A Modern Frankenstei...by Drew Bixby
An evil genius is not the only thing Lexa creates by accident. Her experiments into the uncharted world of quantum computers also create a global pandemic. Amidst the c...
The Destroyer by authorburton
The Destroyerby Scott Burton
NOW COMPLETE! This book is a continuation of my previous book called Time Off. Centuries after Earth has ceased to support human biology, the human species lives on. Lol...
Time Off by authorburton
Time Offby Scott Burton
Humanity has latched on to mathematical equations that appear to describe many of the workings in our universe - the so called "fundamental laws". Now a voice...
Dreams Qf Nightmares by JTHomola
Dreams Qf Nightmaresby Joe Homola
Folks young and old came from near and far, eager to lose their troubles in the surreal diversions of a traveling wonderland. They'd ride the carousel and eat cotton can...
Over The Horizon by agege_queen
Over The Horizonby enemies to lovers>>>
When the world is on the brink of disaster, destruction and despair will Naomi, the newbie scientist, be able to save it or will she just be brushed off like the many wo...
Antman and the wasp  by xxdark_elfnxx
Antman and the wasp by Nimianne
Sequel to antman x reader You are Hank's younger daughter and now newly found about your being still alive and stuck in quantum Realm and finding a way to get her out w...
Whoever Did It by kirk_owens
Whoever Did Itby Kirk Owens
A precious artefact goes missing at the Quantum Archaeology Institute. As the police investigation goes on, the main suspect discovers a shocking truth.
[Toei Company/MCU] Avengers: Endgame x Genome Riders [OC Male Characters] by yvang5
[Toei Company/MCU] Avengers: Endga...by Brave Dragon
What if another characters who obtains the power of a Infinity Stones with the Vistamps and becomes a Kamen Riders that joins the Avengers. Then all the Avengers, Guardi...
Quantum: The First Book by SamAceHarley
Quantum: The First Bookby Arnold K
"Time is so complicated that if you try to interfere its works. You will be intertwined with it."--- by John/Johnny. The protagonist Kevin and Johnny must stop...
Forever Intertwined|| Peter Parker Fanfiction  by simp_for_dirtyhands
Forever Intertwined|| Peter Parker...by simp_for_dirtyhands
There are millions of Solar Systems in a Galaxy, billions of Galaxies in a Universe and trillions of Universes in the Cosmos. We all are a part of a tiny Solar System in...
The Tale of Love: In Search Of Home by ivory_alpaca545
The Tale of Love: In Search Of Homeby IvoryAlpaca
I woke up in hospital, in the same city, with my same close people, the same faces. And yet nothing was the same. It seemed I was lost. I was anxious. Something felt off...
أسرار عرش الملكة بلقيس by amrhamdy2019
أسرار عرش الملكة بلقيسby amr hamdy
هذا العمل يتحدث عن الحدث العظيم الذى حدث فى عصر الملك سليمان نبى الله مع ملكة سبأ الملكة بلقيس ونقل عرشها فى طرفة عين وعلاقة هذا الحدث بالعلم بشكل عام وكيف يكون هذا الحد...