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Slut Meets Satan by Ang_ela_23
Slut Meets Satanby Angel
Seylah Thomson moved into town with just one goal. To take over as the queen bee. She's been at the top all her life so this time wasn't going to be different. At least...
My Mysterious Girl by princess_rohania
My Mysterious Girlby Mimi Hunnie
A Cold Mafia Woman who named Fuchsia Karma known as Lady Black meet the Handsome Slave of Her Enemy. But what if someday they realize that they love each other? What wil...
Mean Girls by sorryarewefriends
Mean Girlsby She_fvcking_lovesYOU
Bitchy Mean Sassy Undeniably beautiful Those are the words you could use to describe Monica Montgomery. In other words,she's a mean girl who will stop at nothing to ge...
~Dynasty~ {18+} [COMING SOON] by Lesslie_Writter511
~Dynasty~ {18+} [COMING SOON]by Lesslie
She inched closer to him and grabbed a hold of his jaw. "You belong to me," she growled, "You're my toy." "Then stop treating me like a killing...
Heart of Glass / Z.M  by frannyverse
Heart of Glass / Z.M by ✨
*Female Robbery Sequel* Abandon a women in hell and see how she becomes queen of it. No hate. No love. No longing. No suffering. Just power. Written by @frannyclouds I...
Prom Queen by CammiKenny
Prom Queenby Cammi Kenny
The story behind the Queen B from that one story that everyone hates. ~~~ Mariah London is the blonde haired, emerald eyed, cheerleading Queen B of Westview high. Everyo...
The Badboy's crush by LeoneighM
The Badboy's crushby Leoneigh M
Michael Williams is your typical badboy. Well built,motorcycle,popular in high school, A Mafia leader and rich. Although he is everything all the girls want he has a sec...
Queen Miss bala  by JulieLC12
Queen Miss bala by JulieLCDC16
What would have happend if Gloria did not kill Lino.
Dare Devils (Bad Bitch Series #1) by KManunulat167
Dare Devils (Bad Bitch Series #1)by CutieePsycho
"Miss?" The guy finally asked dahilan para mag angat ako ng ulo. Fucking fuck. Napakagwapoo. Totoo ba 'tong tao? Baka naman namamalikmata ako. Tinitigan ko sya...
The Guys Next Door by CammiKenny
The Guys Next Doorby Cammi Kenny
Maybe it was embarrassment or maybe it was fear. The fear of finding you on top of Joanna, the same way you were on top of me less than a 4 hours ago. Hearing your muffl...
Siren by BLUER0Sie
Sirenby Blue Rose
These two sisters were myth, so are real. Many believed that they exist many don't. But the question is do they? What actually are they? Siren and Banshee. One is bru...
Trap City by Rix_Here
Trap Cityby Rix Whitaker
RingTown, is a city where everyone is successful. Yet you can't say the same for the ones who live across the bridge in Trap City. A place where every coin has a crime b...
Blood Thirst by AthenaAlaister
Blood Thirstby Athena Alaister
What happens when The Throne has hidden too many secrets within itself? What happens when the hero sides with the "villains"? What if, they twist the hero int...
Lizzo x Taylor Swift (steamy) 😏 by tizzoforlife
Lizzo x Taylor Swift (steamy) 😏by tizzoforlife
This story was originally created by the queen herself, Lizzo, on Instagram live 4/7/21 :) ALL CREDIT GOES TO LIZZO ❣️let's try and get her to see this, luvs❣️
Lynn's Revenge by ExtremeBeauty
Lynn's Revengeby ExtremeBeauty
Lynn a 17 year old teen moves, to North Carolina with her family and enrolls at Preston high. She is faced with problems concerning Ashley the schools "Queen Bee&qu...
Quarantined with the Mysterious Guy by janhaviwaikar
Quarantined with the Mysterious Guyby Janhavi
Josie is your regular 16 year old with a happy life and hard working parents. During pandemic she gets extremely bored being an only child in the house until one day, a...
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐍𝐄𝐑𝐃 (GXG) (INTERSEX) Immortals Series 3 by eunwoo_bluedust
SOON... The story of Xizusthrus Linus Morpheus Cepheus Hendrickson- Ragriel and Savannah's 10th child.
How to be a badass [completed] by the_mendes_army
How to be a badass [completed]by kim✨
Leather jacket? Check ✅ Sunglasses? Check ✅ Boys head over heels on you? Check ✅ Badass girl? Double check ✅
Cassandra McAnderson  by Elsie_Victoria
Cassandra McAnderson by elsie😍
Cassandra McAnderson, forced to be something that she wasn't just because her mother was never the cool kid in school. With a father that rained money and a mother that...
Once upon a really fun night by bright_star_29
Once upon a really fun nightby Jojo
A CINDERELLA RETELLING: *WARNING: MATURE , EXPLICIT CONTENT.* As her father's last wish, Alexandria Russo moves to a new town with her best friend, Jude to start a new l...