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Alessa Aberrian and The Hidden Life of the Stellians by ElizabethCTheWriter
Alessa Aberrian and The Hidden ElizabethCTheWriter
Alessa Aberrian is a member of the ancient species: Stellians. The Stellians live hidden among the humans while the humans believe to have rid the world of the Stellians...
Living in Fear - Getting Back Together by Cleo_fan
Living in Fear - Getting Back
A young girl, Zoe Cleo Chow, wakes up one night to yelling. Everything seemed fine at first, but then her life was falling apart... all of a sudden... slowly. Betrayal t...
The quest  by HeidiLuckhoff4
The quest by HeidiLuckhoff4
Three teenagers set on a quest fall in love
Lilliana and the Wishing Star by kawestic_mavie
Lilliana and the Wishing Starby _snowy_
-Remake of Arabelle and the Wishing Star- Lilliana has been craving adventure her whole life, and one day it finally happens. A fairy guide comes into her room, telling...
✨ Epithet Erased RPG ✨ by JakkurinFanfics
✨ Epithet Erased RPG ✨by Jakkurin Jactender Jakala
Have you ever thought what it JelloApcalypse's webseries "Epithet Erased" were actually an epic quest with its Season 1's eight main characters being the heroe...
Tale of quest by IvanBalderas
Tale of questby SrPenguini
Not my best take on writing a story but this has just been on my head for awhile
Rowan → Ethan Nakamura by abouttoexpplode
Rowan → Ethan Nakamuraby exie
In the West, gods and men are divided. The only beings to walk the line are demigods, offspring of Greek and Roman deities, with mortal and immortal blood. But in the Ea...
The Path Of Glory (Annabeth Chase x Male Reader) by Antovirlou
The Path Of Glory (Annabeth Antovirlou
"You will be glorious. You will be my glory." Y/N's life was quiet before that day. What day? The day a giant snake tried to kill him. Then it became really we...
The Hufflepuff Athenian (pjo hp crossover #1) by christinapearl1
The Hufflepuff Athenian (pjo hp Christina Pearl
Christina Pearl thinks she has a normal life, but when she sees a demon-lady, and a boy in her class has goat legs, she realizes that everything has changed. Her time at...
Starrlings 2: House of Winter by ellekirks
Starrlings 2: House of Winterby elle kirks
FANTASY TRILOGY SERIES ✩ This is a sequel. Book 1: HOUSE OF FIRE Book 2: HOUSE OF WINTER Book 3: HOUSE OF NIGHT After the events of the Midwinter Championships, our hero...
A Quest of Blood and Rubies (DISCONTINUED) by _indigomango
A Quest of Blood and Rubies ( Azyla
When fourteen-year-old Marie gets transported to the magical kingdom of Terrebentha in place of a long-dead saviour to fulfill a world-saving prophecy, all she wants to...
The Survivors by Percabeth2828
The Survivorsby Demigod4Life
I never asked for any of this. I never asked to be a hero. To be the chosen one to save the world. Everybody has secrets in high school. Mine could destroy the world...
World of Warelvain: The Quester by NathanFrost_WP
World of Warelvain: The Questerby Nathan Frost
Enter the world of Warelvain, a perilous land rife in resentment and depravity, corruption and violence, and slavery as a way of life. The power-hungry Mortals emerge fr...
The Journeyman by williamsj292
The Journeymanby J Williams
As man has taken a step back in the world, magic, monsters, and adventure return. Modern man vs. the monsters of old who have re-entered the world. A group of men and wo...
Doodle Champion Island Journeys! by NickelBeryllium
Doodle Champion Island Journeys!by Dreamy Jess
A Doodle Champion Island Games fanfiction! Being an athlete is more than competing in sports, and being a heroine is more than just being super heroic. It's also about w...
Broken || Nico x female!oc by fandom_hub
Broken || Nico x female!ocby A
Ayla Jen has been on the streets for the past 6 years. She has been through a lot already only for the gods to send another curve ball her way. Ayla doesn't know what it...
Walk With the Shadows [ Percy Jackson ] by Silmarilz1701
Walk With the Shadows [ Percy J | Julianne
[ dark comedy, family, adventure ] Loyalty. What did it mean? As the Second Titan War raged across the United States, Half-Bloods began to pick sides. To some Half-Bloo...
Fate/Reverse Side by Ringrad
Fate/Reverse Sideby Ringard
You know dying wasn't so bad what was bad was what came after.....the absolute nothing least I got Elizabeth out of it........she's nice.......I...
Only Chance by Elaina78
Only Chanceby Janne
-All Adelphia wanted in her life was to have a mother who cared, sisters who pitied, and someone to love. Unfortunately, life in the empire isn't what it all was meant t...
The Rogue Emperor (A Percy Jackson Literary Universe Story) by mostspirited
The Rogue Emperor (A Percy mostspirited
Taking place after the Trials of Apollo, Hazel is sent on a quest to weed out any additional emperors that New Rome doesn't know about. Everything is going well until Fr...