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The story of a mercenary. by Totally_Not_A_Bot
The story of a mercenary.by Totally_Not_A_Bot
Massacre, arranged by a mercenary at the university over terrorists, forcing him to work with the Rainbow team ... (P.S. I do not know English well, so I write stories i...
Rogue Anxiety: A Rainbow 6 + The Division (FanFic) Crossover by AlexKrad
Rogue Anxiety: A Rainbow 6 + The D...by Alex Krad
Rainbow 6 is experimenting with new gadgets that can potentially change the world. However, Division agents from New York believe the Rainbow squad is inadvertently help...
Caught. (Rainbow six siege Male white mask x Iana) by lIamaman
Caught. (Rainbow six siege Male wh...by lIamaman
(This is my first story so it'l be bad.) Paul "Titan" Jones was a white mask that was forced to do his last mission before retirement, it was easy, just make s...
Scp:Hunter Of The Resh-1 by TheRavenPrimarch
Scp:Hunter Of The Resh-1by Corvus Corax
(Rainbow Six Siege X Call Of Duty X CrossfireX XScp) Resh one the personal bodyguard of the administrator of the scp foundation was task for 10 year to join the Rainbow...
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Who Lives  Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story (Twitch X MR by Oftenot616
Who Lives Who Dies, Who Tells You...by Oftenot616
Yes, yes, the title was stolen from Hamilton. Y/N is just an ordinary guy, expect he's apart of a top secret anti terrorism organisation, called Rainbow, we will find ou...
Spanners & Sprockets | Mira x Female Reader | R6 FanFic by Astr0ni
Spanners & Sprockets | Mira x Fema...by Astr0ni
Y/N has been recruited to the ranks of team rainbow, Serving as the new lead R&D supervisor for future projects. She's quickly found to be a useful asset due to a forwar...
Silent Flames (OC x Twitch R6 Story) by FlameNinja420
Silent Flames (OC x Twitch R6 Stor...by Inferno
Logan "Inferno" Walker is the new recruit to Team Rainbow. Since he's new, nobody will talk to him, but he keeps to himself anyway. But, operator Twitch took...
Game imagines headcanons and preferences  by mrs_floyd
Game imagines headcanons and prefe...by mrs_floyd
Games I include- Assassin's Creed- •Edward Kenway •Eivor (m and f) •Alexios •Kassandra •Jacob Frye Dragon age- •fenris •Cullen •Alistair Overwatch- •reaper •Jesse (now...
One way or another by kikispeachdelivery
One way or anotherby Kiki
Glaz tries to court Kapkan. Key word being "tries", since the hunter doesn't seem to get the hints. And then gossip starts spreading about Glaz being after one...
Rainbow Six Siege | Bandit X Reader by Astalamat
Rainbow Six Siege | Bandit X Readerby Astalamat
This is a gift for my friend there are no pronouns used on the reader :)
R6s x Reader by ThiefinDaylight
R6s x Readerby Mike Flanker
Idk I guess I'll just come back to this?
Bruised but not broken by kikispeachdelivery
Bruised but not brokenby Kiki
Cover art by @Jeff_Kapkan on Twitter, this was the piece that inspired the story! Kapkan is having a bad day, or more accurately, this is the last one in a series of bad...
A Recruit To Passion| Reader Recruit X Female Operatives [Rainbow 6 Fanfiction] by Feather_dark
A Recruit To Passion| Reader Recru...by Featherdark
Only Recruit can save the world. Desperate to beat the White Masks, Team Rainbow has decided on hiring who can only be described as a living myth. This monster, known a...
Those Beautiful Scars - Rainbow Six Siege Fanfiction by TheArtOfRoleplaying
Those Beautiful Scars - Rainbow Si...by TheArt OfRoleplaying
This stories main plotline shows the tales and travels of a new operative who just joined Team Rainbow. It'll cover from the operative being a recruit, to being a full...
Operation: Infected by CursedTouch
Operation: Infectedby Ali
With the mysterious parasite infecting innocent civilians of New Mexico, Team Rainbow must deal with the devastating problem. Specialists Olivier "Lion" Flamen...
R6s Gsg9 Stories by UncleRook
R6s Gsg9 Storiesby *Inserts Quotation Mark*
Some Gsg9 Stories that I made...? This is mostly about Blitz. Turning mature on for some strong language or some other things. I mean its not really 18+ just a 'Regular...
The AfterMath (Blitz x IQ) by Tachunks
The AfterMath (Blitz x IQ)by Lord and Savior Tachanka
I don't own any of the art used in this FanFic, Nor do i own Rainbow six seige Ok, now that the licensing bullshit is out the way, this is a story about, well, Blitz and...
Team building exercise by kikispeachdelivery
Team building exerciseby Kiki
A team exercise to practice survival skills? What could go wrong? Prompt from discord (2018): Some ops are trapped in the woods. You can write how they got there and if...
The Oasis(Rainbow Six Siege) by ThermiteMain456
The Oasis(Rainbow Six Siege)by CopingMechanisms
Trauma comes in many forms, emotional, physical, and physiological. How well does that mix with a soldier? However, Thomas, is no regular soldier. Hope you guys like th...