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The Hypersexual by Oh_Yum
The Hypersexualby yummy girl
Ano ang meron kay Stacy? Why can't she stop the urge to have sex? Is it normal? You! Yes you, are you like Stacy? Read on......
𝐕𝐈𝐓𝐑𝐈𝐎𝐋 bonten by azintifanix
𝐕𝐈𝐓𝐑𝐈𝐎𝐋 bontenby  
"love's gonna get you killed." pairing: bonten x fem! reader criminals against criminals. Oct 2022 ©azintifanix
McHelrer Obsession (ABANDONED) by plngrc17
McHelrer Obsession (ABANDONED)by plngrc
Xion Zayn McHelrer the scariest mafia and the ruthless CEO. He doesn't give sh*t. He has a short temper. He can kill you without any hesitation, because he is known as t...
Blame It On The Moonlight by pb___nj
Blame It On The Moonlightby Nikki Pandan
Earth and Mix just wanted an evening stroll on the beach but things ended up into a more pleasing turn of events.
Kim Lawrence The Ultimate Playboy  by RosellaEferegbo
Kim Lawrence The Ultimate Playboy by RosellaEferegbo
Kim Lawrence,a 24 years billionaire,also a big manwhore,and playboy,whose life changed after an assualt from his nanny when he was little. Eva a 22 year old rare beauty...
If you meet your destiny you can't do anything kundi Ang tanggapin ito. Lalo na kung Yung taong kinamumuhian mo ay Yung taong nagpapabilis ng tibok Ng puso mo at ito ri...
The Killer by oblivious_author
The Killerby Sebastian peter
A story of a killer and a girl
TIME CAPTURE by ladylabyrinthe
TIME CAPTUREby Kyreen Snow
Here's a time travel story with a twist. A not so bright but a gorgeous young lad has experienced a once in a lifetime event of her life and that's the privilege to go...
BLOODSTAINED by apocalypticforyou
BLOODSTAINEDby cantwriteryan
An Outlaw's life was torn from him twice, first in 1878, then again in 1901. First, his beloved mother and father including his baby sister when he was just five years o...
Fox's punishment  by TriggerTheFox
Fox's punishment by Three Strikes 🇺🇦
This is a warning: it is kinda gonna be a Lemon but if u don't like it that's fine but if u wanna read it that's ok anyways it's a WIP
False Worship (Endorphins Tale: Book 1) by LocalAreaNetworking
False Worship (Endorphins Tale: Bo...by L A N
The most beautiful sound I ever heard is your moans. Moan louder. Ah, I'm at peace.
 𝓐𝓰𝓮         𝓖𝓪𝓹 by Tonedton
𝓐𝓰𝓮 𝓖𝓪𝓹by eLeL
It's obviously about tony labrusca, I really like him and I don't see stories or fanfiction about him so here I'am making one so the story goes like this. So this studen...
Got7 Yugyeom/Jealousy smut by Trybree
Got7 Yugyeom/Jealousy smutby Bren dean astacks
Please let me know who you want a story about You and yugyeom went to the club he went to the bar to gey you a drink a man came up to you and started grinding on you you...
Partner XX (ManXMan) by chinchann
Partner XX (ManXMan)by Chin-chan
We were half animal and half human.. this world was formed where the ancestors of our clan maintained the process which animal and human must be combined for the equalit...
The Undeniable Love by atengsheme
The Undeniable Loveby Ateng.Sheme
Aenna Claire Lobrigo meets this guy named Enoah James Nerez. Gwapo, matangkad, matangos ang ilong, kissable lips pero SUPLADO. Aenna don't like his attitude being a supl...
Trapped in the City by TomiCrackers
Trapped in the Cityby Tomi
How innocent are you? Are you willing to stay inside the box or explore and pay the consequences? Anong gagawin mo kapag mapunta ka sa lugar na bago palang sayo? Lugar...
Reach the Skies, Attorney.  by Winoneyyy
Reach the Skies, Attorney. by Winona Bacani
( This is not a part of the law series. Stand alone story po ito. :) ) Because of work, Alianna Mendoza decided to leave her life in Manila to support her mother for a w...
Um, I'm Pregnant by MotherNdStudent
Um, I'm Pregnantby SuperWoman
"Um, I'm Pregnant" is a story about a woman named Jazmine, who catches her married best friend Paula, in bed with her boyfriend, Kenny, and then ends up pregna...
The Hare. by -Gamora-lies-
The Hare.by -Gamora-lies-
After the death of Leigha's father and being stuck in the hospital for months, she sets out to find herself. Although fate has another answer for her, she realizes that...
Mornings "I Love You" [HQ- TsukkiYama ONESHOT] by Mocha_Flavor
Mornings "I Love You" [HQ- TsukkiY...by Mocha_Flavor
Waking up to your lover's I Love You... Haikyuu!! TsukkiYama FanFiction