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Batboys x Reader by CrazyFreckledGinger
Batboys x Readerby CrazyFreckledGinger
What if all the batboys were in love with you? Best ranking: #14 In DC, #1 In DamianWayne, #2 In Batfamily, #40 (out of 4.1k)...
I Love You, I Miss You (Red Hood x Assassin Reader) by Writer_1605
I Love You, I Miss You (Red Hood A. G. Taylor
I am an infamous assassin parralleled only by Deathstroke, the heartless bastard. My real name is (Y/n) (L/n). After my best friend was beaten, tortured, and finally kil...
Soulmates {Jason Todd x Reader} by ashlynnrossetti
Soulmates {Jason Todd x Reader}by Jason Todd
On your sixteenth birthday, a timer appears on your skin, a count down to the day you meet your soulmate. Some people had just a few hours before they would meet their s...
TOXIC, batboy preferences by nikolaislantsovs
TOXIC, batboy preferencesby 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐲
❝I'M ADDICTED TO YOU DON'T YOU KNOW THAT YOU'RE TOXIC❞ -in which haily gives you preferences about the amazing batboy characters! ( requests are open!) ©nikolaislantsovs
Batfamily x Reader {Finished} by MissM2003
Batfamily x Reader {Finished}by Leafy
This story is complete, it will no longer be updated and I am no longer taking requests. :)
Don't leave me again: Jason Todd x Reader by Grayson_Robin
Don't leave me again: Jason Todd Grayson_Robin
"Hey, hey stay awake okay." "Don't close your eyes, come on. Stay with me!" "We are almost there hold on." "It's okay." "...
The Girl's Pack: A DC/ YJ Fanfic by CrazyFreckledGinger
The Girl's Pack: A DC/ YJ Fanficby CrazyFreckledGinger
Ever wanted to be in a love triangle? What about a love... pentagon? Roy Harper x Jason Todd x Reader x Dick Grayson x Wally West Best ranking: #1 In Jason Todd x Reader...
Falling Through The Hourglass | Jason Todd x Male Reader by TinyRaptorz
Falling Through The Hourglass | ♤Dr. Fate♡
"Just his luck." You'd like to say you were just a simple young man, trying to make an honest living. But, being a goon for the Gotham Rogues isn't exactly a...
The Brotherhood | Batboys x Reader by CrazyFreckledGinger
The Brotherhood | Batboys x Readerby CrazyFreckledGinger
In 1400 AD, a secret organisation named the Order Of The Serpents was formed to protect and maintain a balance between good and evil. As its' reign over the country beca...
Batfam x Reader by ashlynnrossetti
Batfam x Readerby Jason Todd
Just a collection of stories from my tumblr
DC x Reader by 1-800-fuck-y0u
DC x Readerby Space Girl
From birds to bats to supers! We've got it all. A collection of x reader stories written by me for you! (i don't own any of these characters and the cover art is not mi...
Escape Death (jason todd x reader) ~ Discontinued by vigophantom
Escape Death (jason todd x reader) Tearing Books
!Discontinued! Escape Death (a Robin/Jason Todd/Red Hood x Reader fanfiction) Okay this is my first fanfiction so it probably is really really bad..... ^^' Please don'...
Jason Todd x Reader by fandomqueen74
Jason Todd x Readerby fandomqueen74
Collection of one shorts and short series featuring Jason Todd.
Batfamily x Reader Oneshots by CanISleepPls
Batfamily x Reader Oneshotsby No Thanks
This will be a collection of all the DC Batfamily x Reader fics I've written, along with some my friend Ella has written. ☁️ - My Fics ☀️ - Ella's Fics Hope you all enjo...
❖ Bittersweet Tragedy ❖ || Batboys X Reader by BrucesThiccThighs
❖ Bittersweet Tragedy ❖ || 🌵 Peter Parker's Bae 🌵
↱ SEMI-HIATUS ↰ Hope? What is hope? Love? What is love? What are they? Hope & Love /hōp an-d lev/ 1. a feeling of expectation and desire to be with someone, a inte...
DC Comics Imagines and One-shots by graysonlover777
DC Comics Imagines and One-shotsby graysonlover777
This is my first book on this account! Yay! This book will start by being simply DC heroes that I have fallen in love with over the years but don't be afraid to send me...
It Takes One to Know One [Jason Todd x Reader] by finch_in_flight
It Takes One to Know One [Jason Leo
Uprooted from Colorado to Gotham City, you make your new life, blissfully ignorant of the crime that goes on around you. Until, of course, you get caught in the middle o...
※Τhε τεαrs σϜ Lσνε (Jason Todd x Oc)※ by raven121_u
※Τhε τεαrs σϜ Lσνε (Jason Todd x Amelia Lightwood
⁐⁐⁐⁐⁐⁐ 💧 💧⚡💧💧 💧 ⚡💧 💧💧⚡💧💧 "I won't say anything." Her voice echoed through the rain like a small angelic melody coming from the rain while lightn...
Murderous by Grayson_Robin
Murderousby Grayson_Robin
"You mean to tell me you've been alive this whole damn time?!" "Amelia..." "Do you even know what the hell I went through?" "Trust me...