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Dc Super Hero Girls: El villano de color Carmesí (Lector masculino x villanas). by PaoloRamrezMarav
Dc Super Hero Girls: El villano DragoKnightBlack21
Tn/Ta es el hermano menor adoptivo de Carol Ferris y es 2 años menos que las demás chicas. Asiste a Metropolis High School y un día encontró un anillo de Red Lantern Cor...
Green Lantern's Return by TheSpiffyWriter
Green Lantern's Returnby TheSpiffyWriter
Five years has passed since Cyra Brion jumped on the bandwagon straight to space, leaving her team, family, and friends behind. Since then, she has had her fair share of...
Where? || Razer x reader by AkitasStories
Where? || Razer x readerby Akita
(Y/N) (Y/L) is a Green Lantern from Earth. She lives alone with her cat Lucky but everything changes when she gets dragged by Hal Jordan, a good friend of hers, into Fro...
Green lantern and the Rainbow princess by Fahemalillianaltaee
Green lantern and the Rainbow Luna ping
I don't own the green lantern animated series but I do own my oc's and there will be some songs you guys might like hope you don't mind
Red Hood - Vengeance  by The_Pugg
Red Hood - Vengeance by The_Pugg
Y/N Todd was the second Robin, taken under the Bat's wing he was taken off the streets and pushed into a life of a vigilante, he met many others who fought crime as he d...
Earth 824's Green Lantern Hal Jordan by TheBrittaCorn
Earth 824's Green Lantern Hal Brock Mcguire
The story of this Earth's first human Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Based off his origin from the comics and The Green Lantern animated series, Hal has been chosen by the r...
Wrath of the Red Lanterns by RavynsLand
Wrath of the Red Lanternsby RavynsLand
The Red Lantern Corps receives a re-imagining -- a new roster, a new direction, a new story. This diverges from Blackest Night and follows a different path than the path...
Crimson by zazid2416
Crimsonby .
(This takes place in the arrowverse)The ring chose me. a glowing red ring came from the sky and hovered over me. It slipped onto my finger and I could feel it channeling...
Beware My Power(Oc x Green lantern) by Omnipotent6116
Beware My Power(Oc x Green lantern)by Sonic67 2.0
This is a story about Jaden Austin a young boy was depressed after his mother died. He wants to move on from the past but ends being chosen to be part of the Green Lante...
The Lanterns Of Mobius  by tok-kun5045
The Lanterns Of Mobius by tok-kun5045
For the first time in Lantern Corps history. Never have we thought that there would be Mobians to be part of the lantern corps. The main character of this story is Simon...
Lantern Corps RP by princejuniper
Lantern Corps RPby juni
After every Lantern has died off, there is only one ring left from each corps. Green, with the power of will. Blue, with the power of hope. Star Sapphire(Pink), with the...
Green Lantern Animated Series x Male Reader by UltramanWhoLaughs
Green Lantern Animated Series x UltramanWhoLaughs
After finding an ancient alien artefact on his home planet of Daxam. (Y/N) (L/N) finds himself dragged into a intergalactic war between Green and Red Lanterns. On this j...
Oceans Fury by MobKing605
Oceans Furyby MobKing
Living day to day without Annabeth had taken its toll on Percy. He had only himself to blame or so he thought. With the truth about Annabeth's death revealed to him, Per...
Green Lantern: The Good Rescuer by RedKnight21K
Green Lantern: The Good Rescuerby YugitoYaguraRoshiHanUtakataFu
The story took place after Hal Jordan becoming Red Lantern and killed Atrocitus and his fellow red lanterns and now planning to destroy the Red Lantern Core all by himse...
The Unexpected Mermaid       (Razer Love Fanfic) by Sukurachiidee
The Unexpected Mermaid ( ☆༒𝕾𝖚𝖐𝖚𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖊༒☆
I'm not gonna say cause it's gonna ruin it. So yeah 😁 And you know the warning people's. (I'M GONNA FIX THIS STORY SO IT CAN BE BETTER)
Killer Moth and the Red Light by MadHatterofStarWars
Killer Moth and the Red Lightby MadHatterofStarWars
The students at super hero high are surprised when Killer Moth becomes a successful criminal. Meanwhile, red lantern Vera has gone missing. Sequel to Red Lantern at Supe...
Lantern Oaths by smbdy24
Lantern Oathsby smbdy24
All in the title A compilation of lantern oaths Disclaimer : I don't anything. Not even the cover.