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My rejected Assassin by Littlest_Mikealson15
My rejected Assassinby Little wolf
Hayley BloodFallen is a shy and awkward girl. Or so people thought. She goes to an all werewolf school, everyone mistreats her when her pack isn't looking. She is from...
One Alpha's Trash is the Alpha King's Treasure by ShaSha53
One Alpha's Trash is the Alpha ShaSha53
Prologue Baila is a 17 year old werewolf and hides in the shadows of her sister, Bella who treats her like she's a nobody. Baila wears thick glasses and oversized clothe...
The Alpha's Unknown Sons by Miss2005Kamba
The Alpha's Unknown Sonsby Miss2005Kamba
Addison left her life and family behind 18 years ago when her mate rejected her after mating with her for another woman. Now her twin sons are back to get justice for...
Behind Crimson Eyes [Complete]  by ruyawrites
Behind Crimson Eyes [Complete] by Ruya
WEREWOLF/ FANTASY "I, Peter Hale, soon to be Alpha, reject Ruby Johnson as my mate and future Luna. You are weak and not worthy of being my mate and this packs Luna...
The Alpha Next Door ✓ by popclouds
The Alpha Next Door ✓by popclouds
Dee Evans is only 16 years old when she finds out she's mated to her best friend, Dominic-- The charming Beta of their small pack in the summery town. Dee's always been...
The Alpha's Mistake by gigiroze
The Alpha's Mistakeby G I G I
"B-but we... we're m-mates..." "Look. You were a good fling but I hate even the slightest thought of you being my mate and The Lunar Moon Pack's Luna. Whi...
The Elevator by CamillaBarceilla
The Elevatorby Camilla Barceilla
To the world Loretta Romano is a strong and independent woman who took the business world by storm. She is the wealthiest and one of the most desirable woman in the worl...
She Runs With Wolves by ellarose12
She Runs With Wolvesby ellarose12
Mate. For the shifting community, this is the term applied to the one person who is yours and yours alone; a soul mate. So imagine the shock Bianca faces when at the you...
Once Rejected Twice Stronger by PuleTshego
Once Rejected Twice Strongerby Tshegofatso Pule
Alexis is a teen wolf and her pack treat her badly. Her parents died in a car accident and everyone blames her, including her two brothers Charlie and Nile. She still ha...
A Never Noticed Mate by ElsaQuinn
A Never Noticed Mateby ElsaQuinn
Soul mates An invisible force that ties the fate of two people together in a strong unbinding red thread of love. The person with whom you fall in love at first sight. E...
Rejection Broke Her by OfficiallyAmused
Rejection Broke Herby OfficiallyAmused
(COMPLETED) * "Look, Mavis, you're a beautiful girl with lots of potential and I'm so sorry about this but I reject you, Mavis Anders, as my mate." My bo...
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Artemis by shayschiesler
Artemisby shayschiesler
Artemis Lily is a witch in a werewolf town, and it seems like she's the only one that knows that. Running from Hunters that slaughtered her entire family, she enters a...
Just that rejected mate by vicstaco2
Just that rejected mateby I'm hungry
Amy was a rouge since she was born. She never met her parents or had any family. She has been with her best friends all her life, they were a family to her. She has alwa...
The Rejected Mate by raelinnrivers
The Rejected Mateby RainRain
Names, places, situations and etc are all from my imagination. The media and other reference materials are not mine so I do not take any credit for that. This is a work...
My cruel Alpha, my sweetheart by Frost_s3
My cruel Alpha, my sweetheartby Frost
Step into a world where deceit and destiny collide .Rebecca, a Cinderella in her own right, finds herself thrust into a dangerous game of thrones when her own stepmother...
Archangel's Kiss by AnnaSantosAuthor
Archangel's Kissby Anna Santos
Archangel's Kiss ▬▬▬▬▬ Book 1 of The Cursed Angels Series ▬▬▬▬▬ Angels and Vampires are deadly enemies. An Angel Prince looking for his fated mate to break his curse. A...
The Alpha's Rejected Mate  by InfamousSixEyes
The Alpha's Rejected Mate by Satōru Gojo
I stood there frozen in shock as my own mate glares at me. I can see the way his jaw clenched and how those irises of his, swirls to different color. And for once in my...
The Pack's Weirdo : A Mystery to unveil by Muditaupreti
The Pack's Weirdo : A Mystery to contentsoul
Being an outcast is something that Aadhya have already accepted a while ago, well you can't blame her when she is the only human living in the pack of werewolves. She ha...
The Kings Assassin (The deadly mate). by hazenight1
The Kings Assassin (The deadly hazenight1
What happens when a polite dominant prince meets his mate; a loud, equally as dominant rebel? Full on war. Phoenix and the gang of rebels wanted the Prince dead. So, w...
Unchanging Destiny by XxVegas-ValentinexX
Unchanging Destinyby Vegas💘Valentine
Reina Garland is a 24 year old unmated werewolf that is running out of time to find her forever. With her birthday fast approaching she begins to prepare for a future wi...