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The Other Cullen's || discontinued  by loosetailsss
The Other Cullen's || discontinued by alec
In which, there were triplets.
I'm Back (Discontinued) by No-Thats-Not-Me
I'm Back (Discontinued)by Anna
Alex was the first human love of Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. He left her to "protect" her but He didn't come back. Instead he and his family moved place to...
Protector (Sam Uley x reader by ShadowGirl1996
Protector (Sam Uley x readerby ShadowGirl1996
My name is (Y/n) Cullen. I had a pretty bad life until the Cullens found me and took me in. I was only 9 and now !'m 18. I knew about Vampire and the shifters. I knew al...
Cameron Cullen by QueenofOTPS
Cameron Cullenby SilverQueen
I am Cameron Jazsalie Cullen the daughter of Edward Cullen and Isabella Cullen nee Swan. I am also the sister of Renesmee Carlie Cullen and Mackenzie Emmalice Cullen, we...
Renesmee's Twin Sister by aintgotntltc
Renesmee's Twin Sisterby Samantha
What if Bella had twins? Beautiful baby Renesmee and who else Read to find out. Please read my book All credits go to Stephanie Myers except her twin Please no hate this...
The Grey Wolf [TWILIGHT/LEGACIES] by calanthemavis
❝I've never fallen from quite this high, falling into your ocean eyes.❞ - "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilish [The Twilight Saga: Post-Breaking Dawn] [Legacies: Seas...
Newest Addition To The Family by fandomnationwhore
Newest Addition To The Familyby mood: tired
Ever since the birthing of Renesmee, Rosalie has been feeling an empty feeling in her chest. Maybe it was due to the fact that she always wanted her own little family, o...
Rosalie's Lily by Cherrybomb9824
Rosalie's Lilyby Cherrybomb9824
Just a rewrite of Reborn in Twilight.
Unwanted Cullen (Book #1) by xxBellaArmyxx3
Unwanted Cullen (Book #1)by Kal
Roslice Camilla Esme Cullen.. Reneesme's twin sister. Ignored most of her life by the ones She wanted and needed most. Blamed for almost everything, and unwanted by the...
Renesmee Cullen's Little Sister by itsoundsreallygood
Renesmee Cullen's Little Sisterby Caroline
What if Bella had two children, not one like she expected? This is the story of Mercy Cullen, the unwanted child of the Cullen Coven.
Renesmee's Twin  by LittleEternal
Renesmee's Twin by LittleEternal
Renesmee was not Bella and Edwards only child. She has a graceful, beautiful, kind, and lovely little sister. Everyone loves her she's the heart of the family. She has E...
Bella's Older Sister by Mysterywolfmystic
Bella's Older Sisterby Vampirewolf2004
Bella never told anyone she had a sister. What happens when her sister comes to Forks Washington? How will everyone feel about her? Especially a certain doctor?
𝐃𝐇𝐀𝐌𝐏𝐈𝐑 by xKol_Mikaelsonx
𝐃𝐇𝐀𝐌𝐏𝐈𝐑by xYuta_Nakamotox
Pheobe Elizabeth Masen Cullen is the younger twin to Renesmee Carlie Cullen and the daughter of Edward and Isabella Cullen. When Pheobe was born she was very ill because...
Renesmee's Twin by GoDIEASSHOLE
Renesmee's Twinby Gabby
On hold for now sorry guys i have writers block but if you could give me some ideas I can whip something up Rosalice cullen, renesmee's twin the "fragile" one...
Fire In My Soul | Renesmee's Twin by RainstormofRoses
Fire In My Soul | Renesmee's Twinby RainstormofRoses
When Renesmee was born, a miracle in herself, she had a beautiful twin sister with her. The baby was named Raelynn, and became a sassy, bold and beautiful child. What ha...
The hated to loved *EDITING* by HarryPotter4292009
The hated to loved *EDITING*by angie
Bonnie Anne cullan is bellas second daughter twin of renesmee bonnie gave herself her name because no one named her she had a small room renesmee was the favourite every...
Reborn in Twilight  by Cherrybomb9824
Reborn in Twilight by Cherrybomb9824
Best friends and foster siblings Alexis and Jamie adore the Twilight series more specifically Rosalie and Emmett. They desperately wish that the vampire couple were thei...
The adopted Cullen by Chrysa-Hiyama
The adopted Cullenby Kiyana
Maya is 4 years old and has had a very disturbed past. Being a rape victim which she doesn't know what it means make her very sensitive to people helping her change or b...
The Lioness's Heart  by TwilightXRandomGirl
The Lioness's Heart by TwilightXRandomGirl
Lion King X Twilight Au (Weird I know. But it'll be great) Follow this lioness to find her mate. And become something new. Pre-Twilight-Breaking dawn pt2
Crysis Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Crysis x Twilight) by ArkScorpion669
Crysis Breaking Dawn Part 2 ( ArkScorpion669
(This is my first twilight story) Alcatraz finds himself in a vold after jumping in the ceph hive as he suddenly awakened to find himself in a different world filled wit...