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Breeding House by snookialmighty
Breeding Houseby Gabrielle Nicole
When Bryan flies half way around the world, will he find the perfect women to give him his heir? The copyright of the material contained on my wattpad is owned by me, Sn...
Taming Jane by littleLo
Taming Janeby Laura
Jane Alcott was raised on a farm and is more at home milking cows and birthing foals then she is dancing with London's most eligible bachelors. She had her first season...
The Alpha's Rogue Mate (1st bk of Rogue Series) (Completed) by RissaleWriter
The Alpha's Rogue Mate (1st bk Rissa, Rissy, Riss
"Why are you doing this? Why did she put me up with some slut?" he snarled getting in my face. "You are no fit to be a Luna. I should just reject you righ...
Rejected, Replaced & Forgotten by AbbyLynneWrites
Rejected, Replaced & Forgottenby Abigail Lynne
Alpha-to-be Cole Emerson loves his laid back life and will do anything to keep it that way; even if it means rejecting his soul mate. Livy Holden is the quiet girl who...
Pinky Promise || Wolfstar by defective-talos
Pinky Promise || Wolfstarby defective-talos
[Written with @Huffinglepuff! (check out her instagram!)] Remus Lupin was an observant professor. He knew how it felt to be ignored, so he gave special care to pay atten...
The Scout  by mikehurleytamy
The Scout by Shattered Dreams
'The Scout' is a post apocalyptic storyline, a little Twilight Zone alternative dimension, and most of the current CBC Heartland characters. My favorite characters; Amy...
You're Still The One, Book 2- COMPLETED (#2Rescuing,#6Compassion-26April2019) by MarlyJimera5
You're Still The One, Book 2- Marly Jimera
'You're Still The One, Book2' is the sequel of my first book 'The One'. This is the love story of Ashton and Andrea Nicole after their wedding. A life together was ever...
Rescuing Lily (Harry Potter/Marauders Fanfiction) by swagridpotter
Rescuing Lily (Harry Potter/ swagridpotter
Their final year at Hogwarts has begun and James Potter is certain he will finally win Lily Evans' heart. Though while James is lusting after Lily, Sirius has found his...
A rainy night, a couple hugging neither planning letting go as guns surrounded them. Red lights aiming at the Couples body "My Raven" "Yes my cherry bloss...
Gang leaders Princess by mycatdaisy
Gang leaders Princessby mycatdaisy
Aria is abused by her mother and step father. Ashton is the head of the mafia. What will happen when they meet?
Believe In Me by Agarciarondon
Believe In Meby AKirkman
Harry's life is not what we believe it to be. When he makes a drastic choice at the end of HBP he unknowingly changes the entire course of the story, sparking new flames...
The Return Of Nancy Bobofit by Idontwantthistoend
The Return Of Nancy Bobofitby Aesthetic Teenage Mess
What happens when you combine two people who've known each other since they were twelve? What happens when you combine a car, Percy Jackson and a demigoddes whose the d...
Beauty And The Beast (Tae FF) by gukkies-n-cream
Beauty And The Beast (Tae FF)by gukkies-n-cream
Kim Taehyung. A 10 years old boy, who was deprived of love whilst being the son of the biggest business man in Korea is now in love with a 7 year old little girl...
Living In This Place We Call Home (Falling Skies FanFic) by AllOfTheAbove
Living In This Place We Call Legitly
"I was in school when the ships came. They were really big. They blew up Army Bases, all of the Capitols, Then they came.."-Matt Mason "We're fighting for...
Twin Fate (One-shot) by thedoctorgonepale
Twin Fate (One-shot)by Thedoctorgonepale
A tyrant king wielding a blade once belonging to a hero sets out to conquer the world, but upon having twin sons, the king learns of their destiny... To battle and destr...
My Dog Of War by VoidVesper
My Dog Of Warby VoidVesper
The cataclysmic first encounter between the lovers who became Wez and Golden Youth. A hurt comfort Mad Max-universe slash (M/M), taking place before The Road Warrior.
Roxy The Rescue Dog by KylieCampbell054
Roxy The Rescue Dogby Kylie Campbell
It's a story about a dog that helps people in need and loves with a caring family. She does good deeds and ends up becoming a famous hero dog.
Codeline by Ginersnap2010
Codelineby Gingersnap
There once was a man, whose body was cursed if he dared to concive a child of his own it would die before it's birth~! The man was from a family of wealth, however his p...
(Re-edited) Living Amongst The Mustangs by KDS95Books
(Re-edited) Living Amongst The Kimberly
Inspired by Pete's Dragon A 9-year-old boy survives the plane crash in the desert and he encounters a herd of wild horses. 5 years later, a mustang-lover photographer na...