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Kookie the Pet by MarthaBug0192
Kookie the Petby MarthaBug0192
_archived from AO3_ A traumatized Jungkook is cared for by the members as he recalls the most miserable time of his life. Including Jimin and Taehyung getting taken care...
Experiemental Luna by YoursTruly-Kris
Experiemental Lunaby Kris Marie
She was an experiment and a prized fighter, tested on daily and never given freedom of her restraints. To them she was nothing, nothing but a lab rat to find what could...
Red Flags by Nightmare_Watson
Red Flagsby Cooper Watson
Sweet as he is, dating Steven means you have to be willing to ignore a few red flags along the way. Or alternatively: You get to use that ankle restraint on Steven and...
More Than A Backrub |COMPLETED!!| by bigxxgirlsxxcry
More Than A Backrub |COMPLETED!!|by Cat
In the middle of the night, he blindfolded her and restraining her arms and hands above her head then prepared himself for what he was going to do to her;)
For the Love of Tickle Torture by WellUhYeahHaHa
For the Love of Tickle Tortureby Summer’s Tickle Acc.
A not-so-fluffy story about a girl named April who kidnaps a boy named Jake for her tickle amusement.
Reqa's Enslaved Adventure by RanmdoFerur
Reqa's Enslaved Adventureby Ranmdo Ferur
The presence of magic in this world was discovered 1000 years ago and now this world has started to develop faster than before......creatures like vampires, werewolves e...
Merlin: The Depth of Secrets by Mag_Writes_Stuff
Merlin: The Depth of Secretsby Mag-is-here
Arthur notices Merlin acting strange and later that week on a hunting trip everything changes. And after that more unfolds.
A Fiery Sword In The Darkness by AbigailErickson5
A Fiery Sword In The Darknessby Abigail Erickson
Sometime after her twentieth birthday, robotic castle royal Princess Wind Bolt, the sole child of Scottish monarch King Ultra Magnus, leaves home in the early summer of...
Experiment 009 by GlitchX97
Experiment 009by Glitch X
My name is Charlie, just an average street kid in a starving poor country with no family or friends, until that day I heard a gun click followed by a pain in my neck the...
The Restraint Love | ✔ by its_sanjh
The Restraint Love | ✔by Sanjh
"Thank you, bhaiya." That melodious voice and that beautiful smile made me remember her. That innocent soul in front of me was completely a resemblance to her...
Fixation and desire by KNOCKS1998
Fixation and desireby Knock Out1998
Knock Out had always been like this. As far back as he could possibly remember. There were many different words used for this sort of thing. Fixation, desire, fascinatio...
The Demon's Sin by Redondoqjy
The Demon's Sinby Redondoqjy
The High Heavens Council has a new prisoner. When torture methods prove useless, the Angels and their servants must find more creative ways to make the sinner speak. Ja...
One Wish - Draco Malfoy fanfic by samantha_muirhead
One Wish - Draco Malfoy fanficby Sam Ravenclaw
It's Miri's first time at Hogwarts, and she's intrigued by the tall, handsome, blonde Draco Malfoy she meets on the train. But Miri has a secret, one that the Malfoy's h...
Short stories that might become more by Justaboringgame
Short stories that might become Lil Jen-Jen
Basically I'll be putting a bunch of single chapter concept ideas for story candidates here... There will be all kinds of stuff in here so please be aware of any trigger...
Broken Hearts and Strange Girls || Shivika AU FF by kismat-fate
Broken Hearts and Strange Girls || 𝐊𝐢𝐬𝐦𝐚𝐭
"Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable." ~°~°~ He was a breathing body, a lifeless soul, a tortured zomb...
How to train a dog by KionKoko
How to train a dogby KionKoko
Your punishment brought to you by the Umbrella corporation. ~A risqué oneshot~
Multiple Spicy Nights With Liv 😉 by _delasoup_
Multiple Spicy Nights With Liv 😉by _delasoup_
Liv gets freaky in bed 😏 Side note: THIS IS PURELY FOR SHITS AND GIGS and if you're reading this Liv, sorry for the torture of this book 😭 and I know you like women, I...
Too Sexy for the Naked Eye (BxB One Shots) by msgabbygarcia
Too Sexy for the Naked Eye (BxB Gabby Garcia
"I'm starting a fire that you can't quench." One-shots that will light you up like fire and it will be too sexy for the naked eye.
EX0L8: The Experiment by DracoWyrm
EX0L8: The Experimentby Blake Price
EX0L8 is a sci fi novel, based in the distant future. The story begins with the kidnapping of a girl, leading up to the creation of 'EX0L8', a scientific experiment crea...
Restrained(ကန့်လန့်ဆန်သော) by SuriJexi
Restrained(ကန့်လန့်ဆန်သော)by Jexi
Bl(own creation ) Unicode &Zawgyi အက္ခန့်-ခါးသက်ရှား