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The Wings of Love (Ereri/Riren boyxboy) by AttackOnRiren
The Wings of Love (Ereri/Riren boy...by AttackOnRiren
Levi Ackerman; humanity's finest, in more ways than just a soldier. Petra Ral has a massive crush on Levi Ackerman, and all her friends agree that they should become a c...
The king's Omega by Human_weeb_trash
The king's Omegaby ‌
Eren is a 17 Omega who is looking for his mate. He lives with his abusive father and adoptive sister. Erens father Grisha allows Mikasa (his adoptive sister) to rape him...
"So Levi, who you texting?" by Ember6812
"So Levi, who you texting?"by Ember6812
Levi goes to a party at Hanji's apartment and keeps receiving texts throughout the night. The others get suspicious and during truth or dare they dare Levi to invite ov...
Wings (Levi x Eren)||Attack on Titan Soulverse AU by AnimaX_07
Wings (Levi x Eren)||Attack on Tit...by It's AnimaX
Everybody is born with a single wing. One can only be truly free after they grow their second wing, if and only if they finally meet their soulmate. Attack on Titan Soul...
The New Teacher by kawen14
The New Teacherby ig||yaoismex
I really wasn't looking forward to having another teacher since I knew I would be the one to get picked on and guess what? It did happen.
In Cloudy Waters (Ereri/Riren)✔️ by OfficialVibes
In Cloudy Waters (Ereri/Riren)✔️by Find Yourself
"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind" Eren gets through each day by having his world be described to him. Nothing is better than having...
Alarm Clock - Ereri/Riren (Re-uploaded) by anywaysshiperemin
Alarm Clock - Ereri/Riren (Re-uplo...by Andrea
Eren Jaeger struggles to move on from the events of his past, 5 years ago. Though his life is relatively happy at the moment during the beginning of his senior year, he...
[Ereri] The Screams that Saved my Sanity by Pinklion7152
[Ereri] The Screams that Saved my...by Pinklion7152
Ereri/Riren/LevixEren Yaoi (boyxboy) You don't like-don't read. "I used to never cry. Crying showed weakness. If I cried that would make me vulnerable. If I cried t...
RiRen Oneshots  by Anime_Weeb2222
RiRen Oneshots by Angel/Anthony
I love RiRen I will only do Seme Levi and Uke Eren and that's it One Shots or Small short stories are about it...
The Cruel Life Of An Omega by Dead-dread
The Cruel Life Of An Omegaby Dead
What happens when fated wolves meet? {read the description to see if it's to your liking} Levi Ackerman , alpha of the scouting pack , cruelest alpha and unmated for the...
Promise (Ereri / Riren) by Otashi_03
Promise (Ereri / Riren)by Otashi_03
Status : Ongoing (Prince! Levi x Mute! Eren) Mmm...let's see. Levi Ackerman was born as a prince. He's cold like fuck, glaring to his servants, keep 'tch'ing here and th...
2019 years (Slow Update ) by devilfromhell1
2019 years (Slow Update )by devilfromhell1
When Eren open his eyes again. Everyone was already gone. *Started on 10/4/18* This is my first Riren book. Slow update...
Touch my baby feel my wrath by creoleereri
Touch my baby feel my wrathby creoleereri
PLATONIC CRACK Levi is known as the angel of death for a corporation ran with his step cousin Erwin Smith. He's strong, he's ruthless, he's awkward and doesn't talk to a...
My Beloved Wolf  by nothingspecialhere4U
My Beloved Wolf by Ashy
Omegaverse))This is a rewrite from the same story it's just that the other one was acting dumb. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Same height) Eren Jëagar 18 years old and an...
One Last Kiss {EreRi/RiRen} by heichoulevii
One Last Kiss {EreRi/RiRen}by heichoulevii
Attack On Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin Eren x Levi EreRi/RiRen *boyxboy* [ Setting: Time of the Titans ] Levi and Eren experienced feelings for each other that they had ne...
Forever Mine [RIREN] {✔} by MyLoveEren
Forever Mine [RIREN] {✔}by ⚠️INACTIVE ACCOUNT⚠️
Eren is a single parent omega who owns a tavern in his home town, shiganshina. He struggles to keep both his son's and his true identity hidden from his ruthless mate wh...
Growing up too fast by Crazyshipper154
Growing up too fastby Crazyshipper154
After being abandoned by his mom at the age of sixteen (For a reason that will be revealed in the story), Eren Jaeger is left taking care of himself along with his two s...
We meet yet again (Eren x Levi) (BoyxBoy) by CeceliaOwen2001
We meet yet again (Eren x Levi) (B...by Cecilia Owen
Eren is 17 and good at drawing and writing. One day he drew a character who he calls Levi and in English class includes him in his story. Little does he know that him an...
{SnK} Bonds by MoonlightSonada
{SnK} Bondsby MoonlightSonada
Eren Yeager, Humanity's last hope. Is reverted to that of a 5 year old? Having lost his memory Eren clings to the first person he sees which happens to be his commanding...
Levi Has A Wife!?||Riren by LushiSushi
Levi Has A Wife!?||Rirenby Lushi
this is inspired by 'levi has a wife' by ebdangel Hello this a continuation of 'Levi has a wife' I tried asking permission but the author hasn't answered if in future th...