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زوجتى الخائنة (مكتملة) by RMstories94
زوجتى الخائنة (مكتملة)by N
خانته مع أصدقائه رغم كونه حلم للملايين. الايدول الشهير كيم نامجون تزوج بفتاة من معجبينه و لكنها خانته مع باقى الفريق. إنه ليس اللطيف ذو الغمازة عندما يتعلق الأمر بكبريائ...
إمبراطورية التنين (مكتملة) by RMstories94
إمبراطورية التنين (مكتملة)by N
عندما يقع امبراطور جوسون لفتاة أجنبية أشعلت حبه مع الحرب. "الفتاة ضعوها فى الغرفة المجاورة لى" "ساحرة ألقت علىّ لعنة أتلذذ بها كل يوم ، مع كل قبلة ، و كل...
المحققان 912 • 310 (مكتملة) by RMstories94
المحققان 912 • 310 (مكتملة)by N
عند تكليف محققة مشكوك بسلوكها مع محقق ذو ميول جنسية مجهولة للقبض على تاجر أعضاء مختل. +18 !! لا تضع إبلاغ قبل النهاية ، لا يوجد إساءة لأشخاص.
Namjin oneshots by KangJenShi
Namjin oneshotsby Kang jen-shi
Just a bunch of stuff to fulfill your nasty and beautiful hearts. I hope the title is itself clear to make you understand what it consists off. All the best if you wanna...
الـعَـازِف الْـمَـلْـعُون (مكتملة) by RMstories94
الـعَـازِف الْـمَـلْـعُون (مكتملة)by N
هو فقط كفيف لكنه مُبصر المشاعر. أشهر عازف بيانو فى الأوبرا الفرنسية يونجى. الحب يحتاج شخصان متناسبان ، ماذا إن كان أحدهما يمتلك بعض النواقص؟. +18 قصة رومانسية ، لا يوجد...
Attracted To Your Neck|M.YG| by hskluvrr
Attracted To Your Neck|M.YG|by jhopeandsarah
||ONGOING|| "Don't do that to other girls, it's wrong and hurtful." I said to him. "Don't worry, I'm only attracted to your neck." he said. "Wha...
Always Mine  by siaauthorkim
Always Mine by kim koala 🐨
"Don't talk with me... " He yelled. "I'll" She yelled back. "Don't touch me... " He said . "I'll" She said. "Why sia? &qu...
Life Goes On by Secretive_Trasheu
Life Goes Onby Trasheu
🔞Warning🔞: Not for people with soft and weak heart Bullied, isolated, deceived, robbed, scammed, humiliated, expelled, kick out, framed, fired, betrayed, rape, suicid...
دەروونی من || RM by hajoona7
دەروونی من || RMby rkive🤍
بڕوا بە کەس ناکەم....!
Little did i know by hijk_mango
Little did i knowby hijkmango
A shy guy when meets a girl who seems happy and high on life. Question is are they really like this or there is something more than what meets the eye? Story of 4 frien...
A Dazzle of Art by alboretum
A Dazzle of Artby AL
katakanlah Namjoon kuno, Baginya Seni yang sesungguhnya adalah diatas kanvas. Bukan didalam folder2 digital itu. Seokjin adalah orang yang paling jengah dengan pria kolo...
SÉÇÖÑD LØVË (NJ × Y/N)Smuts💕 by CrissAngel3333
SÉÇÖÑD LØVË (NJ × Y/N)Smuts💕by CrissAngel3333
I'm sorry , I couldn't help myself ,Namjoon said , it's okay , I ,I kinda liked it tho , I blushed . Oh really,he smirks . His kisses where long , sinking and incredibly...
I'm in love with a single daddy (Nammin) by __DScorpio__
I'm in love with a single daddy (N...by __D.ဗြိစ္ဆာ__
Kim Namjoon + Park Jimin #oc #not a translation 20.9.2022
Skinny love /jjk ff by beawareofdoublebunny
Skinny love /jjk ffby beawareofdoublebunny
the story about two people too shy to express their feelings for each other but end up expressing it due to roller coaster events in their life The edits or photos use...
only you by shybugg20
only youby shybugg
a yoonmin au where producer yoongi only has eyes for a very oblivious jimin side 2seok and taekook ceo namjoon
Babysitter | Rm by beulrsseomsii
Babysitter | Rmby SU🌸
Rm x Y/n A rich,spoiled and clumsy girl A well mannered ,mature ,responsible and intelligent boy My first ff DISCLAIMER English is not my first language so If you see...
Convenience Store Fling by srushti_1804
Convenience Store Flingby WinterBear
Where its you and the 7 boys. So who is it going to be ? A goofy crackhead book that you will want to go back to every time.