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hotline | k.nj ✔ by scribble_bunnie
hotline | k.nj ✔by Gyunmi
❝hello, this is the school hotline for advice. how may i help you?❞ ❝what areas do you offer help in?❞ in which, a guy calls the school hotline, only to be met by a girl...
The Rebellion (BTS Rap Line x Reader) by FireTiger8
The Rebellion (BTS Rap Line x Read...by Deidrea DeWitt
Hoseok: That's why they call me Master, sweetheart. Now it's your turn. Say it. Yoongi: If you want my help that badly, you need to give me something in return. Somethin...
𝓢𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓷 𝓡𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼 by kookie_dough97
𝓢𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓷 𝓡𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼by N|E|C|K|S|L|A|P|S
Y/N is the princess of the thriving country of Kohan, along with her sisters she peacefully and happily rules the throne, Marriage isn't something on her mind, but that...
Silent Love {Slow Updates} [Hybrid!Namjoon X Reader] by SugaMonzPanda
Silent Love {Slow Updates} [Hybrid...by Panda? 🐼
Adopting a Hybrid... okay, let's see. Name: Namjoon Age: 12 September 1994 Hybrid: Lynx/Human Traits: Silent, will rather use body languish. Hides a lot, likes to be up...
Write my love // Namjoon x reader: Soulmate Series by Academicdork
Write my love // Namjoon x reader:...by Jazzy 🎶🎹
"I'm independent." Your voice sounded small in his presence. This one thought was what fueled you your whole life. You never wanted to rely on anyone. Yet, onc...
Pied Piper (Kim Namjoon x Reader) by Mono_l1sa
Pied Piper (Kim Namjoon x Reader)by Lisa
"Surely Seokjin told you that I was sick." the Prince said, "You wouldn't leave a sick person by himself, right?" He leaned forward, hands on the des...
Clandestine by jetaimethenight
Clandestineby Ava-Ruth Connelly
Namjoon has always made leading his members his top priority. That is until he met her. Now he has to figure out how to keep the love of his life secret from his not so...
Bonded by JungFayZay
Bondedby Fay
Soulmate Someone, who's been made just for you. Like you've been made for them. Someone only a handful in every million were lucky enough to find. Kim Mishil (You) found...
Love Maze (Kim Namjoon x Reader) by Mono_l1sa
Love Maze (Kim Namjoon x Reader)by Lisa
"Namjoon, what am I to you?" your voice came out weaker than you wanted but you stood your ground. "What? Y/N, you're being ridiculous. You're my girlfrie...
Plastic Heart - Namjoon x Reader by bts-insfired-writing
Plastic Heart - Namjoon x Readerby bts-insfired-writing
When you get the highly-anticipated BTS dolls for Christmas, your life gets turned on its head in a way you could have never expected...
Waste it on Me (Kim Namjoon X reader) by Mono_l1sa
Waste it on Me (Kim Namjoon X read...by Lisa
"You're a coward, Namjoon. If she is the person you love, then go to her. Tell her you love her, hold her like she's your world." "Y/N," he said, try...
House of Cards (Kim Namjoon x reader) by Mono_l1sa
House of Cards (Kim Namjoon x read...by Lisa
"Namjoon, I get that you don't feel anything towards me and I respect that, I truly do. But that doesn't stop me from feeling something for you. I know it's dumb, a...
Love (Kim Namjoon x reader) by Mono_l1sa
Love (Kim Namjoon x reader)by Lisa
This is literally the most cheesy story you will ever read from me. I was feeling really stressed one time so I wrote a very low-key and low stake story for you all to f...
MY EXPENSIVE GIRL(Completed) by devilspouse
MY EXPENSIVE GIRL(Completed)by devil
This is the story of a badass girl y/n and a soft hearted boy namjoon.two people with two different world's and different behavior will destiny help them to became one...
It's Love - Namjoon X Reader by missinsomnia02
It's Love - Namjoon X Readerby Miss Insomnia
Loneliness can be a difficult thing to deal with, but once you find someone who feels the same way it starts to fade away, however they don't know that yet. Endless sce...
Heartbeat (BTS x Manager! Reader) by LazyLoli18
Heartbeat (BTS x Manager! Reader)by LazyLoli18
"If you were not there then, would we, who were just like a lonely island. Shine as bright as now? . . . See you there again. Where we met in 2012." BASED ON T...
Sin Embodiment (mafia bts x reader) by RyleeBlackwell
Sin Embodiment (mafia bts x reader)by RyleeBlackwell
What happens when you get kidnapped by a rival gang? What if that gang is none other than BTS? A gang that is fighting for the top. Meaning their after your families gan...
The Story of Us by MagicChim
The Story of Usby ChimTaeKook
Hybrid Au! Book #1 in Hybrid Series. Kim NamJoon Fanfic A young wolf Hybrid, raised by a wolf Hybrid parents, Kim NamJoon is a Biochemist. Smart and Intelligent but al...
Management// Jimin x reader by yoongoii
Management// Jimin x readerby yoongoii
Jimin smirked. "Or I could get naked as well" #1 In JinxReader #19 in jiminxreader #26 in btsxreader Cover by @livie_marie1
Destiny  by SpectaclesofBTS
Destiny by Spectacles of BTS
It was arrange marriage, falling for a guy at first sight, whom you've never met, never known but only heard of. Was he really the guy who'll fall for you? Will you ever...