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Re: Zero -Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan in Another World- by Kiyoshi_Kato
Re: Zero -Thus Spoke Kishibe KatoWorks
Following the events of Part 6: Kishibe Rohan, widely known as a successful professional mangaka, finds himself roped into another world following the reset of the univ...
☆ JJBA ONESHOTS ☆ by enihilo
☆ JJBA ONESHOTS ☆by enihilo
{ Requests are currently: CLOSED } ☆ No minors here, please, thanks ☆ Read {REQUEST PAGE} for more info ☆ Don't own any of the characters or artworks mentioned in the...
Destiny🌉 "Her Fate" by saayaz
Destiny🌉 "Her Fate"by Saba anjum
Zindagi ne khela hai uske sath khel kya wo ghamo ko bhulake khushiyan dundh payegi kya likha hai uski kismat Mai janne ke liye phadiye yeh kahani
Witch: Aragorn  by queenofQueen-45
Witch: Aragorn by Freddie is my Queen
(Y/n) (L/n) has been on the run her whole life. Where she is from, she is considered a witch. Gondor would not welcome her any longer. She was a nuisance to society. Cas...
JoJo's Bizzare One Shots and Preferences (Requests OPEN!) Jjba X Reader ❤️ by emeraldjoestar
JoJo's Bizzare One Shots and splish splash ✨
✨ JoJo's x reader one shots! ✨ 💖Requests always open!💖 ✨I will pretty much do any character!!!✨ some rules!~ No smuts please! I'm so bad at writing that kinda stuff (v...
Dragon Rider in Middle Earth  by Maria555556
Dragon Rider in Middle Earth by Maria555556
Arya Lorawynn is the human child Eragon Bromsson had found centuries ago on the island in which he had been raising the dragon eggs when she had washed up on the shores...
blackmailed : the actress (Completed) by Niharfiction1
blackmailed : the actress ( Nihar
First collaboration mature content story. Story is about how a famous actress of india facing a lot of problems in her life.
JoJo x fem!reader one shots by PrinceOfMorioh
JoJo x fem!reader one shotsby Cereal Dust☆彡
Requests are open! I don't own any of the characters
Jewel In The Palace(Lord Of The Rings Fanfiction) by Corinne_May
Jewel In The Palace(Lord Of The Corinne_May
*WATTYS 2015 WINNER* A woman has been living with the corsairs for centuries, she could only see the outside world through a window. But when given an opportunity to esc...
Another Love by XXLilyFlower112XX
Another Loveby X X Lily Flower X X
PREVIOUSLY 'Pulchritudinous' "So, you're the legendary wandering wizard? I must say, I'm a little disappointed." "Well, that's nice. I wasn't really tryin...
My world is in your love by sweety-27
My world is in your loveby sweety27
Riddhima is an orphan and a girl with a lot of dreams. Riddhima is a physiotherapist, a nutritionist, an event manager. She is trying to find her identity. Will she find...
☆P.Y.T.☆ (josuke x black!fem reader) by sweatyapples
☆P.Y.T.☆ (josuke x black!fem Josuke's bff
《"I wanna love you, pretty young thing"》 ♡ ☆ ♡ Y/N is 15 year o...
Shine Like A Diamond {Diamond Is Unbreakable X Male Reader} by Evander_Ley
Shine Like A Diamond {Diamond Is Eveley
Because of one thing and another, (Y/N) is forced to come with his nephew who's 12 years older than him to the small yet beautiful town, Morioh. To be honest despite sc...
💜HomieSexual💙. Josuyasu Oneshot Collection. by The_Fujoshi_5
💜HomieSexual💙. Josuyasu The Fujoshi
Oi Josuke come check this out, were being talked about in this book, ain't that wacky?
कृष्णसखी by nehacreatioms
कृष्णसखीby Ardi
Story about Princess of Panchala, Druapadi who secretly hiddenly as a commoner in Hastinapur. She was epitone of beauty and Prefect warrier. Hastinapur's Prince Arjun c...
On the Wings of the Storm by LiaPatterson
On the Wings of the Stormby Lia Patterson
The year before the Ring War, Princess Lothíriel of Dol Amroth is sent to Rohan by her father to seek shelter from the storm brewing in Mordor. There she meets Éomer, Th...
ninety-nine balloons  (part 4 x fem!reader) by Cactusperson12
ninety-nine balloons (part 4 x Trash author
Hypothetically, what if all the masks weren't destroyed? Also, hypothetically, what would happen if you found one, and, per se, used it on yourself by accident? *jjba di...
Daughter of Rohan [Lord of the Rings | Eomer] by DarkLadyAthara
Daughter of Rohan [Lord of the DarkLadyAthara
*Complete* A Lord of the Rings FanFiction A Daughters of Middle Earth Story Story Formerly Titled "A Warrior's Heart" As the daughter of Rohan's Captai...
JJBA headcanons and one shots by Weebaboop
JJBA headcanons and one shotsby Weebaboo
Title says it all :) None of the JJBA characters belong to me, they all belong to the creators of JJBA!
JJBA memes I think about in school during a ✨💗❤️math test ❤️💗✨ by JOHNNYSMOVINGLEGS
JJBA memes I think about in JOHNNYSMOVINGLEGS
This is where I'm going put many memes ,funny photos and comics because 1. I want to play around with it 2. I have WAY too many memes saved And 3. I'm bored. I will...