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Mr. and Mrs. Hearts and Guns. by thegirlnextdoor7781
Mr. and Mrs. Hearts and thegirlnextdoor7781
Sagarika Sharma - The redefinition of diamonds are a girl's best friend because her best friend is her gun and she trusts in more than she trusts people. Serving her nat...
The story of Royal Love ( Final)  by divyasinghparihar78
The story of Royal Love ( Final) by divyasinghparihar78
Three years Ago, Randhawa's lost everything. The day was still very much alive in their memories. The only thing left with them was ashes of their dream, love and relati...
Butterfly of Hatred  by teenstoriesbykoko
Butterfly of Hatred by teenstoriesbykoko
Butterfly of Hatred |Enna Miller| Lives in her world but she has to ever since she was sent away by her family to the other side of the world. Enna lives in her world e...
Undercover by ms_writer_ac
Undercoverby ~ac~
His face is leveled to mine and I can see tiny droplets of water on his face and lips as he draws closer to me, my anticipation is crazy as he moves milimeter by milim...
Sombre by bitttercakess
Sombreby Rhea cooper
When thirteen year old Alicia's marriage is fixed to a sixteen year old boy called Preston, she thinks nothing about it.But when she meets him on her twentieth birthday...
Vladimir [Completed] by 0Omega
Vladimir [Completed]by E.Z.K.
The story of a werewolf king and a hybrid vampire. • KING • || a supreme ruler, sovereign over a nation or a territory, of higher rank than any other secular ruler. || ...
Lust and Revenge by ReginahShadreck
Lust and Revengeby Reginah Shadreck
Shhh don't raise your voice at me dollface",he says and fists my hair pulling it tightly."your family ours is too much, your brother will substitute for Federi...
In the Name of Love | ✔ by ni19534
In the Name of Love | ✔by Nia
For Riddhima, her family is her LIFE. What will happen when her very family is snatched away from her? Will she break apart or manage to stay strong? Vansh likes to stay...
Cry of menace by bitttercakess
Cry of menaceby Rhea cooper
Amelia and William are happily married for 4 years . When their daughter Posie is killed, William blames Amelia. William turns from a lovely husband to an abusive one a...
Loving the Bodyguard by ValerieGreyson
Loving the Bodyguardby Valerie Greyson
After she's sold to the mafia, she never thought that love would come in the form of a sizzling gray-eyed bodyguard. *** Hailey Kings enti...
Light In My Darkness  by Huldahades
Light In My Darkness by Hulda
Ian Agnelo Ocean Longwood is recognized for his ruthless, and merciless behavior. A man whose heart was frozen cold. No one could have ever imagined that a cold-hearted...
A Dangerous Game by AugustLikeTheMonth
A Dangerous Gameby August
The year is 1942 and Europe is at the height of World War Two. Mila Goldstein, a Dutch Jew living in occupied Holland, has signed on as an informant for the British Secr...
Riansh FF : Sukoon  by MaxRight4
Riansh FF : Sukoon by Max Right
A story of Riansh , when Riddhima parts her way from Vansh and goes missing one fine morning without any Trace .
●MY MUTE WIFE● by korako65
●MY MUTE WIFE●by karoka
"Strip..." he commanded . His gaze pierced into hers. Eyeing her up and down She squirmed under his hard gaze . The tears won't stop cascading down her cheeks...
පිපිරුන, කැඩුන...බිදුන... ඉරි තැලුන...වියලුන හිරෝශිමාවෙත් පිපුනා නම් යලිදු සකුරා මල්... රිදෙන... රිදවන..., විදීමක් නැතිවම විදවන..., හදවතක කවදාක හෝ පිපේවි වසත් මල්...
Vincenzo - Redemption by Lacrym0saa
Vincenzo - Redemptionby Lacrym0sa
Epilogue of what happened after Vincenzo and Hong Chayoung met again at the art gallery. A year after, Vincenzo is back at the same spot waiting for their reunion but Ho...
Mystery Of Love l Taekook FF  by Purple_drop3112
Mystery Of Love l Taekook FF by Purple_drop3112
For the last few months some gruesome murders are taking place in the city of Seoul.The stern officer Jeon Jungkook, has been asked to investigate the case. But what ha...
The story starts from March 2009, when Riddhima Dasgupta, the lead character, was a 15 year old girl. At a very young age she faced the real world, but rather than getti...
Tangled hearts in love by sweety-27
Tangled hearts in loveby sweety27
He's like a forest fire, ready to consume everyone who comes into contact with his enraged gaze. She had the consistency of river water. She enjoys forging her own way...
Fooled (Larry Stylinson) ✅ by larry_love_ED
Fooled (Larry Stylinson) ✅by larry_love_ED
Louis is an angsty, awkward twenty something living in New York City, where he's a part-time journalism student and works as a waiter in a restaurant. He meets Harry, a...