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You Belong With Me (Pinedez #1) by roosseeey
You Belong With Me (Pinedez #1)by — rosey —
YBWM | epistolary novel. 1/4
I'm Drunk, I Hate You (Drunk #1) by roosseeey
I'm Drunk, I Hate You (Drunk #1)by — rosey —
Because of the drunken mistake Ziara accidentally chat the guy she didn't know. Ziara Villa An Epistolary Novel 1/3
the note saying "i love you" they mean it by roosseeey
the note saying "i love you" — rosey —
Because of the instagram notes trend Yarah seeing on tiktok she wants to do it with her bestfriend but for some reason her bestfriend deleted her ig account so she did i...
What Are We (Kitmatch #1) by roosseeey
What Are We (Kitmatch #1)by — rosey —
WAW | epistolary novel Catriana Zaveri met Last Maniego on the app called 'KITMATCH' She doesn't care about him at first but every MIDNIGHT their conversation becomes de...
SEVEN DAYSby Meshell Lyn Ybanez💜
What if one day you were fighting with your ex and suddenly a handsome guy came out and said he was your boyfriend?? What will you gonna do??
Playful Heart by unlovejaniee
Playful Heartby unlovejaniee
"Playful Heart" pusong mapaglaro, dadamdaming nagloloko, ngunit puso mo ang iyong niloloko. Paano kung yayain kang maglaro ng greatest enemy mo? Papayag ka ba...
Love's a Game (Game #1) by roosseeey
Love's a Game (Game #1)by — rosey —
LAG | epistolary with narration. Game # 1: Jiedazer The playboy Jiedazer Varano dare by his friends to play with Scylla Sarmiento the jejemon girl with big glasses who...
Are You Drunk, Basher? (Drunk #3) by roosseeey
Are You Drunk, Basher? (Drunk #3)by — rosey —
A conversation between a basher and not so famous singer song writer. Drunk #3 3/3