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Mr and Mrs Hamato by CT-2103
Mr and Mrs Hamatoby A-dan-na
After the Krang invasion of NYC, Hamato Donatello learns of his future self and the life he has made, from Casey Jr. Donatello is even more intrigued that the future him...
an  O N L I N E  thing || Donatello x Reader by qmintea
an O N L I N E thing || [[archived]] (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡
The shit you end up telling strangers online is unbelievable. INCOMING MESSAGE FROM Bootyyyshaker9000... . . . "My brother just deemed Trixie as best pony. Disgusti...
~Rottmnt texting~ by XStarVibezX
~Rottmnt texting~by Local Spicynoodles shipper
Enjoy these lovely characters from ROTTMNT, and yes, there's Leotello. :> ___________________ __________________ #14 for Rottmnt
Seeing Double (TMNT) by ImAbitFruity
Seeing Double (TMNT)by ImAbitFruity
This fic takes place straight after the ROTTMNT movie, where instead of staying in their dimension, mikeys portal takes the rise!turtles to the 2012 universe!
Rottmnt meets tmnt 2k12 by The_Myth_Ruler
Rottmnt meets tmnt 2k12by The_Myth_Ruler
it's been three months since the Krang invasion. everyone is healed and well. but one day when the brothers are goofing around, Mikey's newly discovered mystic powers go...
Gaming.. [DONATELLO X READER] by mixkyuru
Y/N ,the high schooler who is a streamer, the common parent friend, advise but doesn't take their own advice, different personalities with different people, alive during...
Rottmnt headcannon/One shots by Hellova_paw
Rottmnt headcannon/One shotsby Hellova_shot
Here you can find headcannons and oneshots of all the characters from the series/movie "The rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles". Enjoy!
Draxum's son (an ROTTMNT AU) by LedoraMomo
Draxum's son (an ROTTMNT AU)by Momo Amy
at the day of the explosion in Draxum's lab, Lou Jitsu left in a rush and accidentally dropped the small box turtle on his way out, Draxum saw the little creature laying...
"Mama's Boy" by Septiplyierfangirl
"Mama's Boy"by Septiplyierfangirl
Baron Draxum attempts to create First Generation Yokai with four baby turtles and a powerful human from the Battle Nexus called Lou Jitsu. He succeeds but Lou Jitsu rui...
A demon in New York (ROTTMNT x Nezuko! Reader) by steplam402
A demon in New York (ROTTMNT x Gemstone
Credit @AnimeLoverirl111 for the book idea In Taisho Era, Tanjirou had become a demon slayer to avenge his dead family and to save his sister Y/N that became a demon. Du...
~Asleep~ ROTTMNT x Younger human brother reader by Oliver_isnt_emo
~Asleep~ ROTTMNT x Younger human Magic
ROTTMNT human male brother reader insert! Woohoo. I didn't see any so I made one, your welcome😍 Anyways I'm bored tired and tired. yes I'm double tired. Backstory to be...
Rottmnt Memes! (Some Cursing) by OfficalLesbianIdiot
Rottmnt Memes! (Some Cursing)by R4nd0m
DISCLAIMER: None of this is my art or Idea I just think it's a fun thing to share and I really like these! Unfortunately I cannot remember the creators but go to the 'Ri...
ROTTMNT x Reader Oneshots and Headcanons! by supersleepyaxolotl
ROTTMNT x Reader Oneshots and Mari
What it says in the title :3 I don't really have an update schedule, but I will try my best! I'm pretty bad at writing other tmnt oneshots so I'm sticking w/ rise for no...
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the bad guy doesn't get the girl. (donatello rottmnt x reader; megamind au) by ct-mxrie
the bad guy doesn't get the mxrietxch
so, one day i was thinking about something unrelated to tmnt and suddenly, this wonderful idea of an megamind story with donnie. this is that. this is a complete y/n sto...
You Just Got Portal-Chopped (???) by Pachinko_lessons_101
You Just Got Portal-Chopped (???)by Pachinko
Leo's still in recovery from the Incident with the Krang. So, of course, it came as a surprise when he walked into Donnie's lab for the first time in weeks to find an in...
Rise Up (Child reader insert) by Snow_Wolf9
Rise Up (Child reader insert)by The Snow and Shadow Wolf
Y/n's mother is one of the keepers of the Dark Armor to keep out of the Foot Clan's grasp. The piece her mother holds is one of the fingers, (the proximal inter-phalange...
☼♡ The Distant River ♡☼ by Anais_Lavandula
☼♡ The Distant River ♡☼by Dezitello♡
After the battle with the Kraang, Leo had to be bedridden in the hospital for a while, while Donnie and Raph did their best to help clean up the city. Mikey was stuck at...
tmnt one-shots by Awkward_Muffin64
tmnt one-shotsby Amelia Franklin Dyer
various tmnt x reader stuff fluff, angst to fluff, comfort, drabbles... pls request I barely know what I'm doing half the time ^^ Started: July 6, 2022 Ended: (not yet)
Volume 1: The Mystic Turtles and the Hero School (ROTTMNT x MHA/BNHA) by PhantomWebhead
Volume 1: The Mystic Turtles and PhantomWebhead
After the TMNT defeated the Shredder and saved the world and NYC, famous pro heroes from Japan came to America to recruit newbies for U.A. High School. The Turtles wish...