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Kingdom Hearts: From No One to Someone by Mukuro7
Kingdom Hearts: From No One to Mukuro7
After giving all of his memories to Sora, Roxas was ready to fade away. But an unexpected encounter in the Realm of Nothingness helps rekindle his one wish. To be able t...
Candlelight 2.0 (Axel x Reader) by swirlingIdiocy
Candlelight 2.0 (Axel x Reader)by Axel
Axel saves a new nobody. But this chance encounter may be something that may change his life as he knows it. - This is a work in progress revamp of my old fanfiction of...
𝐒𝐤𝐲𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 (Riku X Reader) by KiryuuRiku
𝐒𝐤𝐲𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 (Riku X Reader)by Sukuna's bitch
Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction [Riku x Reader] Y/N L/N the guardian of the sky. Her sole duty to protect the skies was paused as the earth and it's soil were slowly being cur...
Connected Hearts    (Ventus x  Reader) by CrankMadlyn
Connected Hearts (Ventus x Maddi
Hi, i'm (Y/N) aand i can't remember my past. I only remember when i woke up in my now new room. It's like someone deleted my memories... I couldn't remember anything. I...
Twilight of Beacon  by Lukaiser01
Twilight of Beacon by Lukaiser01
Roxas was a kid who lives with his family in Signal, and then one night changed his life forever
A Nobody... (Axel X Reader) by melzdawn
A Nobody... (Axel X Reader)by Melodramatic
Nobodies cannot feel anything.... Or at least that's what they've been told since they lost their hearts and joined Organization XIII. But Axel is beginning to think tha...
Key To Light And Dark Ventus/Roxas X Reader  by vampire2468
Key To Light And Dark Ventus/ vampire2468
This story follows the original game. Enjoy!!! I do not own any kingdom hearts characters. Credit story to Shiro Amano
Kingdom Hearts One Shots by BlytheHearts
Kingdom Hearts One Shotsby Blythe
These Are Kingdom Hearts One Shots Written By Me! Complete :) go check out the sequel Kingdom Hearts Oneshots Book 2 HIGHEST RANK - #2 In Kingdom Hearts
Perfect In Every Way (SoRiku) [Completed] by Rena_Blanc
Perfect In Every Way (SoRiku) [ Val
He knew damn well he was attractive. He noticed all the stares he got. He purposely did things that caught other's attention. Which made many fall for him, even the one...
Chasing Destiny by mangosherbert01
Chasing Destinyby Alex
In the fight of good versus evil, everyone must take a side. When you're thrown in the middle of a war unlike anything the worlds have ever seen, it becomes a battle for...
Abused Desnity ( RWBY X Abused/Neglected Sora Reader ) by DoctorRoxas
Abused Desnity ( RWBY X Abused/ Dr.Roxas
I made this along time ago but deleted it but now I brought it back from the dead
Reclaiming An Assassin's Heart - Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction! by ThunderbirdQueen
Reclaiming An Assassin's Heart - ThunderbirdQueen
Hana (Japanese pronunciation not Hanna) has always been friends with Lea and Isa. Unlike them, she'd rather spend her time tending to the flowers in Radiant Garden rathe...
Kingdom of Dreams - Kingdom Hearts Fanfic by ThunderbirdQueen
Kingdom of Dreams - Kingdom ThunderbirdQueen
Ten years ago, the Kingdom of Hearts sent the first mysterious bright light out of it. It was seen across all the worlds before it came to rest inside five year old girl...
The Power of a Princess (A KH3 Fanfiction) by FrozenKHFan97
The Power of a Princess (A KH3 FrozenKHFan97
(Book 7) Hikari goes with Sora, Donald and Goofy to embark on a new journey to unlock her true power of the Princess of Kingdom Hearts and help Sora recover the power of...
A Second Chance by mangosherbert01
A Second Chanceby Alex
"Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all; Nothing's like before" Reader x Various
Kingdom Hearts males x Male reader by AlpacaCute24090
Kingdom Hearts males x Male readerby AlpacaCute24090
seme male uke male both male etc, you name it!! My 2nd oneshot book. no smuts or lemons, but I will put some stuff juicy~ I will transfer the x male readers from my firs...
Kingdom Hearts III-Shared Hearts by Slut4Isaacs
Kingdom Hearts III-Shared Heartsby Slut4JIsaacs
May is a young average girl in her world, but what happened when she is strangely transported into a familiar fictional one? How did this happened? And why some people s...
Kingdom Hearts x Teen/Child/Baby Reader One Shots by AlpacaCute24090
Kingdom Hearts x Teen/Child/Baby AlpacaCute24090
Hello everyone! This is my first one shots book, request to your hearts content. And may the keyblade unlock somwthing new for you~ x3 Ps. Book is not ending until it ha...
The Time Traveler (Kingdom Hearts Characters x Reader) by OnyxWolfsbane777
The Time Traveler (Kingdom OnyxWolfsbane777
The reader time travels throughout all kingdom hearts and win the hearts of many characters she comes across! From the original masters, to organization 13, and the hero...