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Chained Together (Rusame) by KenopsiaDraws
Chained Together (Rusame)by KenopsiaDraws
Due to Russia and America's mutual hatred and clashing personalities, contentions are high. However, an unfortunate event causes them to become handcuffed together. How...
RusAme  by YaoiFansOnly
RusAme by YaoiFansOnly
THIS IS A SMUT BOOK!!! 18+ please!
America's Secrets by WorldsSmallestHuman
America's Secretsby SmallHuman
America is a liar, half the things he's told any country are most likely a lie, America's children are secrets and no one knows of them, but what happens when Russia is...
Pangea Academy's Number One! by VenusBuggie
Pangea Academy's Number One!by on hiatus
[RUSAME/COMPLETE] (plz dm me if u know the artist so i can give credit) What happens when a dangerously charming and bitterly sweet boy is pushed to the limits? Hell. A...
A childhood secret... by phoenix_lola
A childhood phoenix_lola
Russia, America, and Germany are best friends. They were told not to be friends with each other, but when they asked why there was never a reply. One day the teacher mad...
The Aftermath of War [Hetalia RusAme] by big-oofing-nerd
The Aftermath of War [Hetalia big-oofing-nerd
After World War II, America's life was thrown off. After an... eventful night, he's now dealing with a child fathered by the very same country he's supposed to be fighti...
[ How Many Kids?!] -Rusame by L4ZY_1D10T_XD
[ How Many Kids?!] -Rusameby 1D10T
America is the egotistical, lazy, ignorant, careless, capitalist. Russia is a cold, lonely country who is enemies with America. An incident happened at a meeting where A...
Handcuffs (RusAme) by RaccoonMania
Handcuffs (RusAme)by Im a raccoon-
Yeah... ok, so, Russia and America get in a fight, UN cuffs them together for a month in hopes to make them get on a friendlier level, or just to teach them a lesson. So...
Say I Love You (Hetalia RusAme) by Independent_Skies
Say I Love You (Hetalia RusAme)by Kuro Menou
(Warning kind of gory) Russia absolutely can't stand the sound of America's voice. When America comes over uninvited with a couple of drinks Russia unexpectedly slits Am...
School of Secrets {Countryhumans School AU} by An0nymousUser
School of Secrets {Countryhumans An0n
Cover art by @AnAttractiveTrashCan The castles of Pangaea, an ancient abode of mystery which had recently been repurposed as an academy of sorts to train young nations i...
I Am Fine (Completed) by ERROR_32
I Am Fine (Completed)by ERROR_32
America was the most unpopular kid at school. He was quiet, obsessed with space, and most of the other countries builed him. Yet he's always smiling. Russa didn't like n...
I have kids so what? by River364
I have kids so what?by River
America has kids, and no one knows about them. He always comes to meetings with less than an hour or so of sleep, Ame is forced to house Canada, Mexico, France, United K...
Learning about ourselves (Hetalia) by JoeWHY
Learning about ourselves (Hetalia)by JoeWHY
The nations of the world find themselves in yet another world meeting. Everything is going as normal, unfortunately for Germany that means "wrong", when sudden...
The Safe Haven  by ImNotMentalyStable
The Safe Haven by Ded Inside
There's facilities around the world that kidnap and experiment on their kind. America happened to escape from one of those facilities. He is told that there's a safe ha...
The Things I'd Rather Forget // Countryhumans AU by Sel_va_
The Things I'd Rather Forget // Selva
America has it all: fame, friends, allies, a supportive family- everything a country could ever want; but, when America's past and guilty conscience catch up to him, Ame...
♧ Revealing The Hidden ♧【America fic】 by Coughing_Flxwers
♧ Revealing The Hidden ♧【America 𝓪𝓷𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓼𝓲𝓪
It's about America having wings. This story is big cringe- Guys I'm gonna make a remastered version when I have time.
!Stripper! America x Russia fanfiction by SupersonicJadesuu
!Stripper! America x Russia Jade
America is a stripper (as said on the title) and works at a strip club (no shit). I came up with this idea from Hazbin Hotel (guess the damn character) and thought I mig...
America is way to tired for this. by The_cheese_is_alive
America is way to tired for Officially_cheese_god
America has no idea what happened. One minute he was sitting at a meeting, the next he was looking at one of his children. Now, under UN's orders he has to house some of...
RusAme- To much, not enough Time by JustUrAverageAngel
RusAme- To much, not enough Timeby JustUrAverageAngel
America looks and acts normal; he's late, lazy, barely pays attention in the world meetings, you know, the normal. But after America passes out on his way to his car, Ru...
Rusame - Lets Fuck  by Ivans-Vodka
Rusame - Lets Fuck by Orewa-Luffy
I hate you, I hate you not. I HATE YOU. Fuck me in the ass