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Its J.u.s.t Us (a Klance Mpreg Omegaverse AU) by beboRose0
Its J.u.s.t Us (a Klance Mpreg Savvy~
When the pack finds out Keith is an Omega, they all start to stray away. The pack was full of Betas and Alphas. They all thought Keith was a Beta until his heat stirred...
Racing Heartbeats by Zoepolyoly
Racing Heartbeatsby Zoe
When the Reader and Tony Stark get into a argument about a movie and bring their friends into it they had no idea one of them was about to start their rut. And the Reade...
7 days with Keigo  by _keigos_songbird_
7 days with Keigo by yiyi
♡ Keigo Takami x Reader
🧬𝗗𝗡🅰 // Hybridtan OT7 by pandorablesofia
🧬𝗗𝗡🅰 // Hybridtan OT7by ✨𝐏𝐀𝐍🌙𝐎𝐑𝐀⁷✨
#SliceOfLife A story where Seokjin, a human, grows up with six hybrids, and they share a lifetime of adventures while also going through a lot of obstacles together. OR...
★Voltron Omegaverve★ by xX_crybaby_Xx_
★Voltron Omegaverve★by xX_crybaby_Xx_
✨warning the first 10 chapters are actual word vomit so please keep reading for better chapters✨ ★This is an omegaverse voltron story taking place after coming home from...
Little Omega 2//vminkook  by Softyjiminshi
Little Omega 2//vminkook by Hajoon
Remake! Have you read my shitty story that called 'Little Omega//vminkook' ? Well I'm hoping that you didn't read that. Because i will definitely delete that story soo...
Reversed Roles by Aerotically_Written
Reversed Rolesby A͟e͟r͟o͟
With most packs the omegas are females and the alphas are male but this time it's different. When a pup is between the ages of 8-13 they go through their first rut or...
It's a Family Thing.... by OcarinaofTime413
It's a Family Izzy
Shifting Shadows Part 7 (Linked Universe) AU Wolfie was about to die... that shape shifting monster was going to kill him.... and then a portal opened, and someone took...
The Alpha, the Omega and their Beta. (bxbxb) by IhavetherightTowrite
The Alpha, the Omega and their ThePanHusky
******************************************************************************** There are two major sub genders in this world. Alpha's and Omega's. Omega's a...
The runt  Bambamxgot7 (on hold) by brandinash2003
The runt Bambamxgot7 (on hold)by Minghaos nunchucks
This book contains : Smut Fluff Ships
Beneath the ash  by Unholymess
Beneath the ash by Jin's manager
How old are we little omega ? older than those whose footsteps are long vanished. many years. I remember them all. Kookjin A/B/O verse.
There's No Place I'd Rather Be - Larry Stylinson A/B/O Smut by GrindOnMeLarry
There's No Place I'd Rather Be - Rei
Harry comes home early in rut, that's basically it, shameless PWP
The alpha (kookv) by RavenYoongi
The alpha (kookv)by Izzy
Jungkook, a pure bred alpha returns home to meet his mate, a supreme omega. Contains: Male pregnancy Character death
Persuasión by arandano66
Persuasiónby arandano66
Autor: Havokftw Traducción autorizada Resumen Jihoon necesita prestar atención.
Mythology Creatures by LovelessSea
Mythology Creaturesby LovelessSea
Want an alternative to werewolf or vampire story? A different supernatural being? Well do i have it for you just take your pick. (Non of this art is mine nor do I claim...
Recondite by twyce93
Reconditeby Pari Can
Recondite ( /'rekəndaıt'/ ) : Not Known About or Understood By Many People 🏷
Circus Freaks by Blobfish_University
Circus Freaksby ~Coyne~
~Most of the time, I am the sole member of a marching band~
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My Little Omega || l.s by dontkillmehes_
My Little Omega || l.sby gwen
In the world where people fear the Alphas and the Omegas are oppressed by their weak characteristics, there is a few on the loose from under the government's rule. Niall...