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I'm An Addict, And You Are My Drug ✔ by slow_learner
I'm An Addict, And You Are My 🖤
He was aimless, she was determined. He was sharp, she was blunt. He had everything, she lacked most of the things. His nights were sleepless, her nights were full of dre...
Sacrifices by hana_hopeful
Sacrificesby Ankita
A story of arrange marriage between Ansh and Avni. This is a story which depicts the sacrifices everyone makes after marriages . 21/06/2017 - #131 chicklit 6/12/2017- #...
Hiding The Architect's Son by lonelyxgoth
Hiding The Architect's Sonby niah.(・ัω・ั)
Caszie Thorie Caro. A girl with a dream's. A girl who have a lot of husband's in Wattpad. A girl with full of boastfulness. A girl who have a crush in architect departm...
My second chance ( Onepiece x reader ) by preciousonly1
My second chance ( Onepiece x preciousonly1
No one knows my story. And why or what I'm doing IT for. But THEY gave me a second chance, even though I'm a screw up. All I want is my family back. She's able to show p...
Search for You (#1 of Foryoutrilogy) by wedontbelongtogether
Search for You (#1 of Happy Virus
BOOK ONE OF FORYOUTRILOFY How does it feel to live, abide and bend to the every demand of an oath for years? The notorious mafia family, the De Luca took a blood oath to...
Passionately Beautiful  by WyByCa
Passionately Beautiful by Macs_StoRey
What will happen if "I wanna Die" met "I wanna live forever" ? How will they thought each other's different perspective of the life? November 24, 2...
ZUMA by Shatuuu095
ZUMAby Ta masu gari
A story of love ❤️ A heart deforming story💔😫 Ban taba sanin kuka yana saka ciwon ido ba se a kaina, na kasance Inada cika baki ko a cikin kawaye akan soyayyar namiji...
unwanted  barriers  by un1-9known
unwanted barriers by single soul
Jungkook ff Hey!!! This is my first story.... Nd wanna say that English is not my first language so...u guys have to compromise SO.... The story is about a girl with som...
A Weakness Called Love: Memoirs of an African Housemaid by glamty
A Weakness Called Love: Memoirs glamty
Follow the intriguing life of 15 year old Ladi, who has been working as a housemaid since she was 8 years old. She found love in the most unexpected places, tries to do...
Sakatariya ta complete(continuation) by Paige_lamar
Sakatariya ta complete( Paige_lamar
Not my book but the Money to be paid is unnecessary. I get that she's trying to earn money but I'm sorry not everyone has the will to pay
A MISTAKE (RIKARA) (Complete) by MickyMajhi
A MISTAKE (RIKARA) (Complete)by Micky Majhi
bhavya... please broke your engagement... his brother is a bad man.. what happen didu... why u say like this... why u crying... please broke your engagement with rudra...
Sonic Boom: The Preference by Frida_Raven
Sonic Boom: The Preferenceby Frida_Raven
Summary: Y/N was a human girl name Tomoka Itoh who somehow transported in a world where anthromorphic animals existed. After being found by Blaze the Cat from a lake and...
angels? by beauty_as_a_rose
angels?by kat
Originally started on @Helpless_Romanticx In this world, there are Soulmates, people destined to be together from the minute they are born. People may have one soulmate...
❣️Unconditional  Love ❣️ by Shekhar6
❣️Unconditional Love ❣️by Shikha
This is a story of a girl who has to face many problems in her life. This is a story of Friendship,Love , heartbreak , breakdowns and what not. Ananya Raichand (18 )- A...
《I trusted you》Ben drowned x GN!reader by aliceiswierd
《I trusted you》Ben drowned x GN! Zeldas Wife
1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes, and 604800 seconds. Was all you had left with your friend, Ben Lawman till his sacrifice by a cult called the moon children. Wh...
SPOKEN WORD POETRY  by HazelCortez967
This work is all about poerty only in Tagalog and English..
Sized Up, Gun Down by Call_meh_tayy
Sized Up, Gun Downby Tay🍃❤️
Life makes you do dumb things. "Love" was never in Zo'Nique vocabulary, she never wanted nor needed it. She believed self love was the best love. Zo'Nique is t...
The Girl With The Yellow Raincoat by StationaryObsession
The Girl With The Yellow Raincoatby Serena Light
Tessa Forbes lived life like the obedient little girl she was raised to be. Always listened to her parents, very submissive attitude, never got into trouble, never did d...
Melody of Love by blurryshade
Melody of Loveby hera
WILL YOU LET OTHERS OUTSHINE YOU? Stella, the dreamer girl who wanted to become a great singer to prove to her dad that she can be good at industry too like her mom, Whi...
 Mafia King And Queen~ Bughead Mafia by xMafiaBitchx
Mafia King And Queen~ Bughead I'm nice sometimes
Thank you to @Softie113123 for the beautiful cover! Betty cooper was tired of being Riverdales girl next door. When Archie broke her heart, she snapped. Full dark no sta...