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A Saint's Love (Saint Seiya) by reganmf
A Saint's Love (Saint Seiya)by rayofsunshine
Mari's life was normal, until one day, everything changed. After making a wish one night, Mari wakes up in a world not her own, and she has changed alot in this new worl...
The Pisces Lost Canvas Story (Albafica x OC) by LadyViolet_212
The Pisces Lost Canvas Story (
Carrying destiny as a Pisces Gold Saint, in order to protect, Albafica was fated to inherit the Pisces blood from his Master and live in isolation among the poisonous ro...
RWBY X Neglected Abused Male Reader  by Alphamon52
RWBY X Neglected Abused Male ranger gamer
I know in the Saint seiya world athenas reincarnate after she dies but this one the title Athena is passed down so can be more than one at a time just for the sake of th...
Naruto Caballero  Dorado De Virgo by Rlallana84
Naruto Caballero Dorado De Virgoby Rlallana84
Un crosover entre dos de mis mas fantásticos fics Naruto y Caballeros del Zodiaco * Los padres vivos * Naruto tiene tres hermanos * no habrá masacre *Danzo Hiruzen y...
Me rechasaste  Saga X Tu  by JulioCesarBritezBar1
Me rechasaste Saga X Tu by Mikasa Ackerman
Tn___ brows fue rechazada a sus 16 años y ahora tiene 22 y ella juro que jamas volveria con su manada y con su familia ya que estos también la rechazaron Saga Geminia...
Lazos de sangre by Flisslete
Lazos de sangreby FLISS_LETE
Los lazos de hermanos son forjados atravez de la convivencia? O tal vez ahí algo más escondido por ahí tal vez un tipo de instinto o será cierto que la sangre llama? Ikk...
Gold Saint of Excalibur in new world (Capicorn Shura x High School DxD) by GrimDemonFace
Gold Saint of Excalibur in new BloodDemon
This Story takes place after Shura died at Wailing Wall with other Gold saints. His body travels through dimensions and gets to live again in new magical world, where fa...
Saint Seiya Soul Of Gold Hilda X Male Reader  by Alphamon52
Saint Seiya Soul Of Gold Hilda X ranger gamer
I've never done a soul of gold story so I said do enough to do my research on this character so I hope you enjoy
The King of Sanctuary  by GoldenCosmo_
The King of Sanctuary by GoldenCosmo_
(Gold Saint of Leo male reader x Saint Seiya Females) This story takes place after Saint Seiya Omega season 2. After Pegasus Koga defeated Saturn and brought peace to ea...
A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol. 3: A Ride In Hell (x Saint Seiya) by DaniloCiak
A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol. 3: Danilo Ciak
It had to happen one day, but not in the way you thought. The lord of the Underwold, Hades, plans to destroy the Earth. Will the Ghost Rider be able to stop him with his...
Tu eres mi caballero by AliceSIWF
Tu eres mi caballeroby Alice
Seiya se molesta al oír a Jabu decir que Seiya no seria una chica linda, sin saber que....Seiya si es una chica!! Asi queda decide vengarse de el, planeando hacer que Ja...
Campus Sanctuary 1 by CSIcommittee
Campus Sanctuary 1by CSI Committee
The story of courageous five Bronze Saints living in a dorm begins! Takes place after the Hades saga. No Next Dimension. CURRENT CHAPTER: May week 4 [PART 1 - SPRING AN...
Stuck Together | Aries Mu (Saint Seiya) by rndmgrl002
Stuck Together | Aries Mu (Saint -anonymus.
After the end of the battle against Hades, Seiya is still deeply injured, but he is slowly healing and the other bronze saints are safe and sound and happy. With her gr...
Into Saint Seiya by KCTessa317
Into Saint Seiyaby KC de gimini🌌♊🌠
Galaxy,is a normal 16 y/o girl bulliedshe didn't have friends,nor parents or family,she was alone all her life,one of the things she wished was to went to the Saint Seiy...
To Defy Ones Fate( A Saint Seiya FanFiction) by Ashe_Hime
To Defy Ones Fate( A Saint Seiya Synclaire Battle
Readers Note: This story is an O.C and Pegasus Seiya love story. I hope you guys enjoy! She was a Saint who was wished into existence by a forgotten Goddess; who begs t...
Rwby: knights of the zodiacs ( rwby x male Pegasus reader x Saint Seiya harem) by Arthurpendragon285
Rwby: knights of the zodiacs ( Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n Xia long, adopted son of taiyang Xia long and Summer Rose, they adopt him since age of 8 and thinking he Will have happy life, but in reality they bully him all day...
Devil Slayers in Remnant (Saint Seiya/Fairy Tail x Rwby) by RoseSaiyan2
Devil Slayers in Remnant (Saint Novaflame6 Badal
A mysterious group of siblings from a neighboring country is sent to Vale in pursuit of Salem and her allies. But what's this about an enemy even more deadly than the qu...
TODO CAMBIA DE COLORby Emilia Estarellas De Haro
Hola este es mi primer fanfinc, no entiendo mucho de Yaoi pues acabo de entrar a este mundo y me encantó, decidí hacer una historia con los personajes de Saint Seiya, am...
The Little Mermaid (Saint Moon Version) by CrossoverLover101
The Little Mermaid (Saint Moon CrossoverLover101
A rebellious 16-year-old mermaid Michiru is fascinated with life on land. On one of her visits to the surface, which are forbidden by her controlling father, King Poseid...