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Male Reader Time Breaker X Dragon Ball by Silver_B657
Male Reader Time Breaker X Silver_B657
+ After a great fight he had, he had no choice but to sacrifice himself for his family and friends but instead he arrives at a place he does not recognize, due to this...
Yin Xiao Long, twin of Yang Xiao Long and older brother of Ruby Rose enters Beacon Academy a school that prepares the next generation of Huntsman and Huntresses. But dur...
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Down to Earth (Vegeta x Bulma) by kaylafiee
Down to Earth (Vegeta x Bulma)by kay
What if Bulma and Vegeta met when they were teenagers? How will their developing romance change the story that we're all so familiar with? -Takes place during the origi...
God Killer Vegito Male Reader x Date a live by Confate
God Killer Vegito Male Reader x MkCr
Y/n is a Fan of ArJ's Fan fiction series Ultra Vegito the God Killer But He has died and isekaied to the world of Date a Live. -Disclaimer I do not own Date a live or Ar...
Future Gohan in Yokai Dimension(A Rosario+Vampire And Dragon Ball Z Crossover) by SuperSaiyanJayden
Future Gohan in Yokai Dimension( Bullet Clears
Age.762 Gohan was battling the Androids. Once the Androids were about to kill Gohan, a black hole appears and takes the Saiyan-hybrid in the Rosario+Vampire universe...
Oneshots about your favorite dbz or dbs characters! You can request anything you want, except lemon. I won't be writing that, so don't request it. The photos and songs...
A Saiyan in Young Justice by Seraphina0901
A Saiyan in Young Justiceby Seraphina
I used to be a regular human, on a regular Earth, with a regular life. Until one day I was given a chance to do something great. I am now a Saiyan, being transported to...
Pyra&Mythra x male abused saiyan reader  by bruhbruh10o
Pyra&Mythra x male abused saiyan bruhbruh10o
You are the same as Goku but everyone just beat you for no reason and it kept going until you left the planet(End of cell saga)then ended up somewhere that looked like a...
Reincarnated in Dragon Ball?! (Male Reincarnated Reader x Dragon Ball Z/Super) by Saiyan_Of_OOF
Reincarnated in Dragon Ball?! ( YourSenpaiz_69
A young man died. The current God allowed him to get reincarnated into a new world and this world is Dragon Ball! Watch him as he struggles against the Evil of the Drago...
The Prince's Daughter {Vegeta x Daughter Reader} by aishavity
The Prince's Daughter {Vegeta x 𝑪𝑼𝑹𝑺𝑬𝑫
This story will not follow any of dragon ball events (movies, anime or manga). It will be a whole different story with added OCs (not alot OCs anyway) and with other eve...
Challenge the Unknown: Dragon Ball Super x Male Reader by Ryuu_Tsukima
Challenge the Unknown: Dragon Ryuu Tsukima (Comeback Arc)
The universe is big. Humans have always wondered what could be found there, all they knew was there was one sun, seven planets, and lots of stars. But it was only the kn...
Dragon ball  Super New Generation by RagnaRose17
Dragon ball Super New Generationby Ragna Rose
Y/N is the first son of prince Vegeta and Bulma. Y/n was born after the Frieza saga. At young age Y/N has been striving to become a powerful saiyan warriors stronger tha...
Female Gohan & Videl X Male Saiyan Reader by Silver_B657
Female Gohan & Videl X Male Silver_B657
+Female Gohan & Videl X Male Saiyan Reader [I didn't know what to put here so I'll just say the obvious, I hope you enjoy it :) ] +Dragon Ball belongs to Akira Toriyama...
Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader REMAKE: The Definitive Edition by BSGNetwork
Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader BSGNetwork
In Age 759, Son Goku and Chi-Chi had their second child, a boy they named Son Y/N. Unlike his brother, Y/N trains with Goku, growing stronger than Gohan or even Goku. Af...
𝗔 𝗦𝗮𝗶𝘆𝗮𝗻 𝗪𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗼'𝘀 𝗣𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿 by Laurentiino
𝗔 𝗦𝗮𝗶𝘆𝗮𝗻 𝗪𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗼' 𝑳
In a cruel twist of fate, Bron, a mild-mannered accountant in his mid-thirties, met his untimely demise due to a rather absurd mishap. One seemingly ordinary morning, as...
The Saiyan Rose by EpicDCGuy334
The Saiyan Roseby Ian
(Y/N) Rose, a Saiyan raised on Remnant has married Summer Rose and has a child, Ruby Rose. The death of his loving wife unlocks a power known as Super Saiyan. Now, he ha...
Female Goku x Vegeta by creativemindinspo
Female Goku x Vegetaby creativemindinspo
{ Currently Writing } In an alternate Dragon Ball universe, the Saiyan warrior Kakarot is a courageous female named Goka. After Goka defeats King Piccolo, her life ta...
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Raza's Beginning (DBS X God OC) by Seansyt8
Raza's Beginning (DBS X God OC)by King of Gold Hair
This is the real beginning of the Saiyan god by the name Raza. His early life and his relation to the Z fighters.
RWBY NEXUS by TeamFambuskix
RWBY NEXUSby Fambuskix
RWBY NEXUS Kota Suko was a Super Saiyan Inspired Bounty Hunter before getting the opportunity to join beacon academy to start his path on the right track. But as he is i...
The Saiyan Warrior and The Betrayed Spider by PatrickEstvo
The Saiyan Warrior and The Patrick Estêvão
(Female Saiyan Reader X Betrayed Spider-Man) After the events of "Superior Spider-Man", Peter Parker's life was no longer the same. The Avengers, X-Men (except...