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Sans AU Oneshots by 1NimNoms1
Sans AU Oneshotsby nimmy :)
Smut = 🍋 Fluff = 🌸 Angst = 😔
30 day OTP Challenge (Sanscest) by Teriyaki_Sauce
30 day OTP Challenge (Sanscest)by Teriyaki_Sauce
I'm not even on a 1st of a month but oh well time to finish this book!
Yandere Everyone x Dream by itwillallendsoon
Yandere Everyone x Dreamby hi :]
Something happened, and Dream doesn't know what. But soon everyone has become a yandere. And they are all after him. I saw something like this with Error and wanted to...
What are you hiding by fallenmemes
What are you hidingby Undertale dead memes
Sans has been distant lately and sorta distracted... and he's extremely jittery you've caught him talking to what seem's to be thin air so you have decided to get to the...
HorrorFarm- A Love That Grows by CaptainPluffer
HorrorFarm- A Love That Growsby CaptainPluffer
It was a normal day for Farmer Sans, the sky was clear and blue with the sun bright and warm. The animals in his and his brothers farm were roaming about as the plants g...
Killermare (I can't think of a title-) by avxntxrime
Killermare (I can't think of a avxntxrime
Completed: August 8th, 2020 Killer is nightmares right hand man. Doing everything nightmare pleases. (That sounded wrong. Not in that way- Anyways-) though errors secon...
Եհҽ աíӀԵҽժ ցӀíԵϲհҽՏ {Old} by ScaraScribbles
Եհҽ աíӀԵҽժ ցӀíԵϲհҽՏ {Old}by Svet
Peace is was all there is now in the multiverse. Both sides of the balance, the Yin and Yang, finally made a truce after eons of dust and blood scorching the battlefiel...
Goopy Love -Old by KamiSteinward
Goopy Love -Oldby KamiSteinward
1.A Shight / Dreammare story - a Nightmare x Dream story. - a Shattered Dream x Nightmare story - a Octopussest and Sansest story 2.My sucky attempt at fluff ...
☆ Sancest Oneshots ☆ by Omlifes
☆ Sancest Oneshots ☆by left already.
Hello! I'm writing oneshots now >:3 I'm a multishipper sO GO AHEAD AND REQUEST ANY TYPE OF SHIP! GIMME ALL THE SHIPS AND MAYBE A SCENARIO- Also, I can't write lemons...
Bad guy Sans's  by NotATeenDemon
Bad guy Sans's by NotaTeenDemon
Dust's fiance is Blueberry Cross's husband(/wife) is Dream Nightmares boyfriend is Killer Horrors boyfriend is Lust Errors husband(/wife) is Ink Samuel, Scrooge, and Dar...
killermare. {Started Up Again!!) by iwovemoipuppers
killermare. {Started Up Again!!)by iwovemoipuppers
my friend requested this so I'm going to make it up as I go! enjoy
I don't want 1.. by KillerSD23
I don't want KillerSD23
Killer is a speechless guy he wasn't always speechless he developed speech loss when he was 20 he now is 35 just figuring out his life he refused to learn sign language...
A blend of disasters  (Naj Paperfresh) (Completed) by BrightGurl22
A blend of disasters (Naj Crystal L.
Pj is a jock. He does things that he never proud of and never could find hope or the light.... at least yet. That all changes one day when 1 particular nerd named Fresh...
Why shouldn't I love myself  [Nightmare x passive nightmare] by Death_very_wish
Why shouldn't I love myself [ Lil Timmy
■Updates monthly■ who else is better for nightmare then himself
Connected by a String by KillerSD23
Connected by a Stringby KillerSD23
(Error x Classic Fic) Every heard of the 'Red string of fate'? There's an old story in Chinese folklore about a magical connection between two people that are destined t...
Sancest one shorts ~(love yourself before you love others)~ by NotATeenDemon
Sancest one shorts ~(love NotaTeenDemon
[requests very much colsed] I decided to make a sancest one short book just so I can write what ever I want without having to worry about it to much. I might write a few...
He's my best friend!(Crescent x Gradient)NOT DONE by Riatheravenclaw1
He's my best friend!(Crescent x Inotria888
Crescent (Killer x Nightmare ship child) and Gradient (Error and Ink ship child) have been friends since they were 6, They only really understand each other and most peo...
My Servant, My Queen  (Nightmare X Classic)- Modern Au by Eryna_Eclipsee
My Servant, My Queen (Nightmare Rynn_
This story is about a skeleton named Classic/Sans. He's new to the city. He got a job from a fancy restaurant... He has made many friends in the city. Until one day, his...
𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐈 𝐚𝐦... by ScaraScribbles
𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐈 𝐚𝐦 Svet
Error, The god of destruction was isolated in the majority of his life, no hope, no life, no friends... his only purpose? is to Destroy universes, but what if I said tha...
Book of undertale au oneshots (on hiatus) by 284zunblo
Book of undertale au oneshots ( Zunblo
Requests are open Just a bunch of oneshots of your fav sans au ships Will be very gai, don't like it? Don't read it horrible upload schedule Apparently I REALLY like wri...