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HorrorFarm- A Love That Grows by Insane_4_Anime
HorrorFarm- A Love That Growsby Insane_4_Anime
It was a normal day for Farmer Sans, the sky was clear and blue with the sun bright and warm. The animals in his and his brothers farm were roaming about as the plants g...
Sancest oneshots by Paint_Mikumi
Sancest oneshotsby Paint_
cover image by me if you don't like the ships, don't read it. any hate comments will be deleted <3 This book will mostly just consist of head canons but I'll try to...
I Wish I Were........ (Cross Sans x Epic Sans) by AmethystMoonAishi
I Wish I Were........ (Cross VioletRain1707
Epic and Cross have been best friends since who knows how long.. But Epic felt as if that's all they'll ever be. It wasn't until Cross started dating Dream that he reali...
30 day OTP Challenge (Sanscest) by Teriyaki_Sauce
30 day OTP Challenge (Sanscest)by Teriyaki_Sauce
I'm not even on a 1st of a month but oh well time to finish this book!
Killermare (I can't think of a title-) by avxntxrime
Killermare (I can't think of a avxntxrime
Completed: August 8th, 2020 Killer is nightmares right hand man. Doing everything nightmare pleases. (That sounded wrong. Not in that way- Anyways-) though errors secon...
Good Can Be Bad- An Errorink fanfic (CRACK-ish) by That_Random_Ship
Good Can Be Bad- An Errorink •ImRandom...?•
{The way how I portray all characters in this book isnt how I actually see them. Everything in this book is separate from any of the AUs I've ever made so please stfu an...
Yandere Everyone x Dream by itwillallendsoon
Yandere Everyone x Dreamby hi :]
Something happened, and Dream doesn't know what. But soon everyone has become a yandere. And they are all after him. I saw something like this with Error and wanted to...
killermare. {Started Up Again!!) by iwovemoipuppers
killermare. {Started Up Again!!)by iwovemoipuppers
my friend requested this so I'm going to make it up as I go! enjoy
{NightxKiller} forbidden love by UmePh9
{NightxKiller} forbidden loveby EggShapedHearts
Before you get into reading, here some few things you should know:; • this will include only Nightmare x Killer ; Outer x Killer. No, there's no 3p and this story will o...
Why shouldn't I love myself  [Nightmare x passive nightmare] by Death_very_wish
Why shouldn't I love myself [ Lil Timmy
■Updates monthly■ who else is better for nightmare then himself
Strings attached by wriedonumber3
Strings attachedby Ren
soulmates are real, you can see who it is if it matches the tattoo that magical appear on your wrist. problem? you soulmate Is Sdream himself. The ruler of the sun king...
Raining Love~ Sancest Multiship by AriCatts20XX
Raining Love~ Sancest Multishipby •*~Aria~*•
After a downfall of rain starts up in almost every au the star sanses are forced to seek the 'bad sanses' for shelter. What seems to be a painfully long-stay begins to t...
Take off your mask (Error X Blueberry) by 1-800-BL00DC0RE
Take off your mask (Error X Arden 💖
Error had always been forced to wear the mask of a destructive monster. He wasn't letting his emotions show so his enemies didn't know how much pain, emotional and physi...
yay art book  by A_June_Bug
yay art book by Duncle Mila
•°ALL ART BY ME DO NOT USE UNLESS I SPECIFICALLY SAY YOU CAN•° this is my art book, I make a bunch of art, anyways this is made for a little bit older children, nothing...
When The Line is Crossed ~A Sancest Storyline~ by Sansy1202
When The Line is Crossed ~A Sansy1202
Much can be said about different people and their lives. The lives of which can change them so much that it is almost unreal. One by one, the story changes. And one by o...
Edacious ( A Story Based On Nightmare Sans)  by inkmaresoup
Edacious ( A Story Based On inkmaresoup
This is a very dark story. It has angst and very kinky smut. Baii
A blend of disasters  (Naj Paperfresh) (Completed) by BrightGurl22
A blend of disasters (Naj Crystal L.
Pj is a jock. He does things that he never proud of and never could find hope or the light.... at least yet. That all changes one day when 1 particular nerd named Fresh...
The Music Room [Errink] by Virus_Night
The Music Room [Errink]by Kat The Glitch
Ink is a young junior at Underverse Institution Of Arts And Design, or as they call it UVOA. He is a smart and talented student, even though he is a bit clumsy and forge...
Undertale romance by 10BlueBell01
Undertale romanceby 10BlueBell01
I take requests for sancest. Will do sin.
Dysfunctional ( A Swadmare Fanfic ) by Amber5848
Dysfunctional ( A Swadmare Fanfic )by
So this story will contain alot of abuse and strong language. It contains NSFW and violence. Enjoy 👍🏻