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Uchiha Saori - Itachi Love Story by laurenlopes67
Uchiha Saori - Itachi Love Storyby laurenlopes67
Come and get to know Uchiha Saori! She's funny, happy person and gets extremely aggressive when people trash talk the people she cares about. She has no family left, her...
Girls und Panzer x Reader Scenarios [DISCONTINUED]  by Curseblood17
Girls und Panzer x Reader Curseblood17
I haven't found any of these and this is one of my favorite animes so I thought I should make one then. The reader is whatever gender and age you want them to be. Reques...
Issei of Lyre Silver Saint by lipeghoul
Issei of Lyre Silver Saintby lipe ghoul
Issei managed to prevent the end of the world by defeating Trihexa and Khaos Brigade but he used so much power that he was in a coma for a year and everything changed in...
Sarada: The Forgotten Child  by _Forever_Lisa_
Sarada: The Forgotten Child by 𝚇𝚘𝕃𝕚𝕤𝕒𝚇𝚘
Sarada didn't need a dad. She has her mom and that was enough for her. She didn't need anything or anyone else. That's when, she met her dad, her real dad. And him and...
Saint Seiya The Heaven Saga (FANFIC)  by RhezaAlvarez
Saint Seiya The Heaven Saga ( RhezaAlvarez
"After the death of Hades, Athena and the Saints had to face the wrath of Heaven for their actions that dared to oppose and kill a God. The conflict between Athena...
izuku de virgo by toumasama
izuku de virgoby toumasama
izuku fue abandonado por no tene kosei y maltratado por su amigo bakugo cuando un dia un hombre de cabello amarillo con los ojos cerrado lo encuentra
Persona 3: Spring of Rebirth by YellowFlame2711
Persona 3: Spring of Rebirthby YellowFlame2711
He remembered dying. It was the only thing he remembered clearly. The boy woke up in a monorail, with fuzzy memories, and a sense that something wasn't quite right.
Silent love (Sasori fanfic) COMPLETED by heartbeatangel
Silent love (Sasori fanfic) le
Kiko, Deidara's sister, is a mute due to a traumatic incident with Deidara's explosions. Joining Akatsuki and being placed in a team with Deidara and Sasori, Kiko starts...
¿mi hijo por la paz? (zeus vs kogay tu)(yaoi) by blackprincesslucifer
¿mi hijo por la paz? (zeus vs LUCIA
Zeus se enamora del hijo de athena y seiya, no tenía el valor de decirlo, veía cada vez a los tres felices junto a koga, Zeus decide hacer un trato con athena a cambie d...
Especiales Tn/Gilgamesh One-Shot -- [ SOLICITUDES Y ACTUALIZACIONES CERRADAS] by MarinaUzumakiz-a-100
Especiales Tn/Gilgamesh MarinaUzumakiz-a-100
Aqui hay especiales de mis historia de Sain Seiya "Tn el rey de los heroes" Con los personajes de Saint seiya, Tn/Gilgamesh en diferente situaciones de amor y...
English Version Angels Battle 1 (Spirit Awakening) by RichardSutopo
English Version Angels Battle 1 ( Richard Sutopo
Before the Creator Father creates mankind, He creates heaven with 9 Arch Angel and Ygdrasil Tree in heaven's garden. After Archangel Shen Long which called Red Dragon an...
el regreso del dios del tiempo (portada temporal) by kdjuusjw
el regreso del dios del tiempo ( kdjuusjw
esta historia esta inspirada en una película que vi y quiero aserla pero con los personajes que decida XD parejas: Hades/Alexxseiya
Contestshipping One-Shots and Two-Shots! by Melody-it-Up
Contestshipping One-Shots and
A collection of oneshots and twoshots I write over time when I get bored! I'm not good at descriptions so yea. Hope you like it!
.・Shall faith be told.・{ saint seiya omega x f!reader } by scaramuchebodypillow
.・Shall faith be told.・{ saint Free
me and my friend made this cuz ye we rarely see seint seiya stuff and we rewatched it whole anime and yes we simply simp and ofc we gotta have to do it so we ye🗿👍and y...
Run, DJ, Run! by Irhaboggler
Run, DJ, Run!by Irhaboggler
A flustered Tsubaki has run away from Aoi once again. Saori, overwhelmed by Rika's compliments, does likewise. And poor Haruna still can't bring herself to face Miyu. Ri...
The Nishizumi Chronicles by Krishna132453
The Nishizumi Chroniclesby Krishna Karan
Oc(Takagi Nishizumi) and Miho are twins who were in both Kuromorimine and Ooarai where Oc is one of the few male participants due to rule changes. It follows the anime f...
Gay Girl's Guide to Picking Up Chicks by Irhaboggler
Gay Girl's Guide to Picking Up Irhaboggler
When Rika's little charge, Lena, asks how she met M4, Rika takes it upon herself to play the part of Big Sis Seto and give Lena super suggestions on how to make friends...
Transport to a different dimension by Aquariustsundere
Transport to a different dimensionby Go and do your best
After the Holy wars, the sanctuary of Athena was in peace. The gold saints, the Specters, the Mariners, and the other warriors of the other gods were getting along very...
Saint Seiya la malédiction d'Andromède by Camille3822
Saint Seiya la malédiction d' Camille
Un matin au sanctuaire où tout semble normal, un cri va résonnai et quelle sera la surprise de nos trois dieux et de leurs chevaliers en trouvant a la place de leur peti...
Blazing Skies: The Escape by TheGayRevolutionary
Blazing Skies: The Escapeby AKM 7.62×63mm
Just a new crossover between Strike Witches, Girls und Panzer and Alt WW2 and Great Escape, Bring the hate cuz death exists, cope motherfu- Anyway enjoy this crossover...