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Uchiha Saori - Itachi Love Story by laurenlopes67
Uchiha Saori - Itachi Love Storyby laurenlopes67
Come and get to know Uchiha Saori! She's funny, happy person and gets extremely aggressive when people trash talk the people she cares about. She has no family left, her...
Saint Seiya The Heaven Saga (FANFIC)  by RhezaAlvarez
Saint Seiya The Heaven Saga ( RhezaAlvarez
"After the death of Hades, Athena and the Saints had to face the wrath of Heaven for their actions that dared to oppose and kill a God. The conflict between Athena...
izuku de virgo by toumasama
izuku de virgoby toumasama
izuku fue abandonado por no tene kosei y maltratado por su amigo bakugo cuando un dia un hombre de cabello amarillo con los ojos cerrado lo encuentra
Norman (fury) in Girls und panzer by gruzzli
Norman (fury) in Girls und panzerby gruzzli
Norman Ellison the bow gunner/ assistant driver for fury was supposed to die with the rest of the tank but escaped out of a hatch beneath the tank now what if when he re...
Girls und Panzer x Reader Scenarios [DISCONTINUED]  by Curseblood17
Girls und Panzer x Reader Curseblood17
I haven't found any of these and this is one of my favorite animes so I thought I should make one then. The reader is whatever gender and age you want them to be. Reques...
Tu eres mi caballero by AliceSIWF
Tu eres mi caballeroby Alice
Seiya se molesta al oír a Jabu decir que Seiya no seria una chica linda, sin saber que....Seiya si es una chica!! Asi queda decide vengarse de el, planeando hacer que Ja...
Silent love (Sasori fanfic) COMPLETED by heartbeatangel
Silent love (Sasori fanfic) le
Kiko, Deidara's sister, is a mute due to a traumatic incident with Deidara's explosions. Joining Akatsuki and being placed in a team with Deidara and Sasori, Kiko starts...
Persona 3: Spring of Rebirth by YellowFlame2711
Persona 3: Spring of Rebirthby YellowFlame2711
He remembered dying. It was the only thing he remembered clearly. The boy woke up in a monorail, with fuzzy memories, and a sense that something wasn't quite right.
Saint Seiya la malédiction d'Andromède by Camille3822
Saint Seiya la malédiction d' Camille
Un matin au sanctuaire où tout semble normal, un cri va résonnai et quelle sera la surprise de nos trois dieux et de leurs chevaliers en trouvant a la place de leur peti...
el regreso del dios del tiempo (portada temporal) by kdjuusjw
el regreso del dios del tiempo ( kdjuusjw
esta historia esta inspirada en una película que vi y quiero aserla pero con los personajes que decida XD parejas: Hades/Alexxseiya
Sarada: The Forgotten Child [Hiatus] by _Forever_Lisa_
Sarada: The Forgotten Child [ 𝚇𝚘𝕃𝕚𝕤𝕒𝚇𝚘
Sarada didn't need a dad. She has her mom and that was enough for her. She didn't need anything or anyone else. That's when, she met her dad, her real dad. And him and...
Shun x Lectora :3 by RinKagamineHigurashi
Shun x Lectora :3by Rin Kagamine
Una amiga tuya te dió el trabajo que tanto necesitabas en el hospital de la fundacion de Mitsumasa Kido , revisando a unos pacientes te encontraste con 5 que no imagina...
Saint Seiya: The Mirror of Memoria by missShun
Saint Seiya: The Mirror of Memoriaby missShun
(Originally Saint Seiya: Tale of the Forgotten Music Box) It was HER promise that brought them together. No matter how many centuries may pass, the Pegasus saint will su...
Girls Und Panzer: Armed Forces by Karsten2022
Girls Und Panzer: Armed Forcesby KarstenTheCarAndFPSEnthusiast
A retired Tank Commander from the US Army's VII Corps has became a Tank Warfare instructor for the Anglerfish Team of Oarai Academy, and also is the Instructor at Saunde...
Si no fuera de Bronce.. by L__I__B__R__A
Si no fuera de Dasshie
La vida no es tan facil, siendo de bronce, como puede fijarse en mi?. Una extraña situacion que engloba a nuestros personajes preferidos de Saint Seiya, y los hace enfre...
Male reader X Saori: Saori's story by coolguy6267
Male reader X Saori: Saori's storyby coolguy6267
Hello everyone my name is Saori Takebe. My hobbies are cooking, reading, and tankery. My dream is to get a boyfriend and become a bride. And my dream might actually come...
UN AMOR PROHIBIDO by molinamerma
UN AMOR PROHIBIDOby Jhon David Molina Merma
Athena después de tantas guerras que tuvo surgieron varios sentimientos por pegaso , como , ella para demostrar sus sentimientos sabiendo que su hermano Abel le viene a...
Cuestión de Vida o Muerte by Lunalaef
Cuestión de Vida o Muerteby LunaLaef
En la constante misión de salvaguardar a Atenea, hasta el sacrificio de la persona más insignificante podría marcar la pauta hacia la victoria.
Raindrops, Teardrops by Irhaboggle
Raindrops, Teardropsby Irhaboggle
"-fall from old memories. To walk through that rain, hiding 'neath no umbrella. So let it rain a little, these raindrops, teardrops, in my heart! For as it is, we'l...