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Time Sensitive Target by Paige0Turner
Time Sensitive Targetby Paige0Turner
Two spirited, young and beautiful aid workers are taken hostage at gun point and smuggled in to dangerous territory. Their only hope is a merciful death, or to be rescue...
Don't Resist Dobe by Time2live101
Don't Resist Dobeby Time2live101
Neko Naruto a new student at the Ninja Academy... He is a very innocent, shy a very sweet kitty. What's happens when he meets the Hot non-innocent, smutty Sasuke Uchiha...
the untouchable princess by tanjirofanforever
the untouchable princessby Idalia
Jennette gets reborn over and over until she's had enough and doesn't care about anything
Here for you ~ starkbucks (winteriron) by FunkySpaceWizard13
Here for you ~ starkbucks ( Navy
Book 1 in the safe and sound ~ Starkbucks (Winteriron) series. Tony Stark and Bucky Barnes. It doesn't work does it? No. But what if it did? When Tony is introduced to B...
Protection- Alex Rider fanfic by KageHunter
Protection- Alex Rider fanficby Nobody
Following events that involved K-unit protecting him, a bunch of 17 years old at BB, and a mission involving a certain assassin, Alex found himself in front of a man he...
AWOL by dalekchung
AWOLby dalekchung
It started with Alex Rider's disappearance. It continued when unassuming SAS soldier, Lynx, surfaced. It ended with a mission and the downfall of an espionage empire. (A...
Alex Rider - Rich kids by Remus_Letalis
Alex Rider - Rich kidsby <3
the great teenage spy (alex rider) finished a mission too... be sent off back to Brecon Beacons SAS camp. The first time he went there, it wasn't a nice experience, the...
Alex Rider by Rider_007
Alex Riderby Rider_007
Alex is a 13 yr old working for MI6 and is sent to Breacons Beacons for protection. Then Brooklands, Alex's old school, is sent to Breacons beacons for protection. How d...
Together forever~ Starkbucks (Winteriron)  by FunkySpaceWizard13
Together forever~ Starkbucks ( Navy
Sequel to 'here for you~ Starkbucks (winteriron)' so read that first! This is book 2 in the safe and sound ~ Starkbucks (Winteriron) series. Bucky Barnes and Tony Stark...
Roach by American_Glory
Roachby That Girl Glory
"I promise I'll come back in once piece." After the death of his father, Gary "Roach" Sanderson thought that he should join the military just like h...
Alex Rider: Back in Beacons with the SEALS by Rider_007
Alex Rider: Back in Beacons with Rider_007
Sequel to 'Alex Rider'. Don't have to have read that story though. Alex returned to Wales to recover from his injuries on a mission. What happens when coincidentally Na...
SILENCE IN WONDERLAND (#AStormOfFanFiction) by JMFelic
Winning first place in Sir Rob's Storm and Silence fanfiction contest, here is my entry for all of you to enjoy. ~ 0 ~ Five possibilities in one. Which would you ch...
Alex Rider & SAS  by spy4ever
Alex Rider & SAS by Amal
This my first story and I hope you guys enjoy it. I'm also "Aussie" so sorry if some of the words seem to be spelt differently. Alex Rider has just...
Alex Rider's secrets by Rider_007
Alex Rider's secretsby Rider_007
Alex was assigned to be at Breacons Beacons by MI6. Will they fully accept Alex and will Alex trust them?
Her Storm and Silence (S&S Series One Shots) by burgersforbob
Her Storm and Silence (S&S Allie
This will be a collect of one shots about the Storm and Silence Series by Rob Thier! I assume you're here on a non-wednesday day and I am here to provide you with some f...
Alex Rider/ Hawaii Five-0 Crossover: Found by dpw750
Alex Rider/ Hawaii Five-0 dpw750
Alex travels to Hawaii on R&R. Alex see a death and is now being babysat by the Five-0 task force as a witness. This all happen a year after Jackie's death. He never vis...
Tawog/ GumRob/ don't forget me (Discontinued Look For Full Story On New Profile) by oneraincloud
Tawog/ GumRob/ don't forget me ( oneraincloud
Okay, so this is probably a crack ship and I'm really sorry. Warning: Updates are Random the story sucks I'm bad at this Homosexuality I'm sorry Also the cover art is fr...
Alex Rider pays a visit to Brecon Beacons... by Em0W0lf
Alex Rider pays a visit to entity
Alex rider is twenty, and is permanently training with the SAS as a Sniper in between missions. Alex was pulled out of high school a couple of years ago and has been tra...
Alex Rider: Broken by Rider_007
Alex Rider: Brokenby Rider_007
WARNING: Contains some homosexuality. So if you can't stand it, don't even read it. I don't want to see any hate shit. Alex is captured by Scorpia and they broke him. A...
Don't leave me here alone~ Starkbucks (Winteriron) by FunkySpaceWizard13
Don't leave me here alone~ Navy
Read 'Here for you~ Starkbucks (Winteriron)' and then 'Together Forever~ Starkbucks (Winteriron)' Before reading this story since it is book 3 in the safe and sound ~ st...