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Re:Zero , The Witches Child by OribaNS
Re:Zero , The Witches Childby OribaNS
This is an action, harem-ish story about, the child of the 7 witches of sin after they combined their powers into one entity. After his creation, Seren is sent into a wo...
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Re:Zero - The great sage returns by fucku69696969
Re:Zero - The great sage returnsby egg
As the witch of envy finishes gathering her energy, an individual under the name "Subaru" is suddenly transported into a parallel world as memories start to fl...
Re:VisualN by EnoshimaYuno29
Re:VisualNby ジェイロン
When Emilia first introduced herself as Satella things became much more complicated in her already complex life. In which the half-elf just registered for a name change...
re:zero (forgotten adventures) by abyssalpotato
re:zero (forgotten adventures)by abyssalpotato
I really liked other authors rezero forgotten stories so I thought why not give it a try and see how it turns out doing it myself. Hope you enjoy your time reading
Isekai Quartet (my version) by GrantAmadeusLee
Isekai Quartet (my version)by GrantAmadeusLee
This is isekai quartet in my version. If you don't know what is isekai quartet, well, it is an anime crossover of four animes (Re:zero, Konosuba, Overlord and Youjo Senk...
SUBARU has failed in clearing the Pleaides tower and died. After losing all hope he was thinking to give up however, he found himself in a black void with 6 people stand...
Re Zero:Flugel IF by KamikiHaruki
Re Zero:Flugel IFby Daniel Pendragon
Natsuki Subaru had failed again to conquered the Pleiades Watchtower.Once again,he was killed by Reid Astrea.But instead being teleported to the last checkpoint,he find...
Re:Zero Casts Reacts to Earth and (Mostly) It's Military History by strangerwager
Re:Zero Casts Reacts to Earth anonymous stranger
After viewing Subaru's life, and the possible realities, everyone needed a breather and decided to view Subaru's homeworld. Particularly, it's history. Thanks to the mil...
Memories (RE: Zero) by Thy_Nekomancer
Memories (RE: Zero)by NekoMancer
Subaru Natsuki, The Silent Martyr, Everyone says they would die for someone, but he's made good on that time and time again. Only for no one to remember his sacrifices...
Follow the fallen stars by GreenWarrior291
Follow the fallen starsby Ronaldo A Amaya
After having dealt with the challenges of the Pleiades watchtower, Natsuki Subaru is summoned by an unknown deity to help fix some worlds from the fallen Natsuki Subarus...
Re:Zero Hour by Sora101Ven
Re:Zero Hourby Sora101Ven
**Story Includes Original Artwork!** --- AU-Fiction. Forgetting his most recent meeting with Echidna, Subaru is approached by Satella at his absolute lowest point. Being...
Natsuki D. Subaru: Pirate In Another World. by Kingkari_vines
Natsuki D. Subaru: Pirate In Kingkari_vines
Natsuki D. Subaru, son of Natsuki D. Kenichi and Natsuki Naoko. He dreamed to be just like his father, a powerful pirate. He wants to travel around the world and become...
Re:Spirit Arts User by Nothing1334
Re:Spirit Arts Userby Black48
Subaru has a very high spirit affinity and a certain greedy woman helps him out. Remake of the Original Re:Spirit Arts User. Plot is a lot different from the original. S...
Witches of Sin (Highschool DxD x Male Reader) by BigBlackChris
Witches of Sin (Highschool DxD x Sin Archbishop of Serafall
Y/N L/N was just a normal shut-in trying to make it through life. For some reason, a certain group of witches take intrest in him, inadvertently making his life a whole...
Naruto X Re:Zero - The Life Of A Shinobi That Can Change The World! by ReflexiousXV
Naruto X Re:Zero - The Life Of A Angry Kiyo
(Re:Zero X Naruto IF story) On his way training from his home, Naruto is suddenly brought to another world and he tries to figure out what has happened. No reason why is...
fools insanity by nekoshiroinu
fools insanityby
experiment another re forgotten spinoff subaru with jevil power doing for fun
Re : White Weaver. by Queen_Draco
Re : White Prinz_Charming
Hirro Wakaba. Just your average highschool girl has been Reincarnated into the world of Re: Zero. As a spider ofcourse!
(Being rewritten) Re:ZERO Lemon Harem (Male Insert) by Bobdudeisverycool
(Being rewritten) Re:ZERO Lemon Bob dude
As the name says it's a male insert about YN's sex filled journey through the world of Re:ZERO. Will be one long running story, however I might do oneshots. If that hap...
Saitama vs Evil Saitama by MrFanficX
Saitama vs Evil Saitamaby Mr Fanfic
Continuación del fanfic "Saitama y Rem en el mundo de Overlord". La bruja Satella transporta a Saitama y Rem a un mundo donde existe una amenaza que no será na...
soft deku x yandere re-zero by izukuharem
soft deku x yandere re-zeroby storys
P. S just read it 😉👌