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Fishing // #PlanetOrPlastic by JenniAnneliese
Fishing // #PlanetOrPlasticby 🌷 Jenni 🌷
"When there is no dreams left." ~ Aava My attempt to participate into a writing contest for the first time in my life. The topic is more than just important so...
Daughter of the Sea  #PlanetOrPlastic by BookGirlHabits
Daughter of the Sea BookGirlHabits
My submission for National Geographic's Planet Or Plastic contest. #savetheocean #shortstory
Was it all just a dream? by JF131822
Was it all just a dream?by Megan Nicole
#Planetorplastic Image is used from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Newsroom Website.
Hi!!☺ I hope you enioy my story, I hope it can really help bring awareness to plastic pollution in our oceans🌊🌊
Ocean  by Adalisa101
Ocean by Adalisa
about the ocean andf how we should ave the little sea animal
Ocean Desert by whippedcreaming
Ocean Desertby M
My mother claims that her grandmother could remember a time when the earth wasn't a scorching desert and a complete wasteland. It apparently used to have amazing oceans...
No More Plastic by DaQUEEN234
No More Plasticby Unicorn Queen
We are detrimental. We are the cause to devastation to oceans. Killing millions of sea life and ruining their homes. How would you feel when someone ruins your home? Or...
A Fish For A Wish #planetorplastic by blue0704
A Fish For A Wish #planetorplasticby blue0704
This short story is my entry for the national geographic contest: #planetorplastic.
Planet or Plastic by suplady1234
Planet or Plasticby Mrinalini Murthy
A short story about the impact of pollution on mother earth and how she comes to haunts a girls dream showing her wrath on the human race due to such actions.
Under the sea -Save the planet- by CommanderJeff
Under the sea -Save the planet-by CommanderJeff
Plastic, Plastic, And more plastic, Look at the wonders of the oceans, their all fading away. Because of one big BIG problem, Plastic. Do you want to save the ocean or n...
Buried under #PlanetorPlastic by kivensSainte
Buried under #PlanetorPlasticby kivensSainte
They say we live in world of duality, which means to every good deed there's an evil consequence. The discovery and use of plastic have contributed a great deal in our t...
Out Of Time #PlanetorPlastic by AvocadoToast0909
Out Of Time #PlanetorPlasticby ✨toasty✨
#PlanetOrPlastic We need to save the Earth before it's too late.
The Clean-up by passionbymorning
The Clean-upby Tobias Four Eaton
Our heads are underwater, struggling to breathe while we drown ourselves and drag everything down with us Americans alone use more than 500 million drinking straws daily...
A Sea Of Sadness (#PlanetOrPlastic) by greenaffections
A Sea Of Sadness (#PlanetOrPlastic)by greenaffections
Hello! 🌱☘️🌵 This is my second entry for the #planetorplastic contest by #natgeo. {word count: 499} #nomoreplastic :)
Our Polluted Hearts [#PlanetOrPlastic Entry] ✔️ by BarestThunder
Our Polluted Hearts [ BarestThunder
"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." [Robert Swan] • • • Lila, a diver since birth, has loved swimming...
Planet or Plastic by this-random-writer
Planet or Plasticby this-random-writer
What would you choose. Keep littering or save the planet? !!!WARNING!!! SOME DISTURBING IMAGES. Feel free to criticise and leave comments. There is a video on the page...
Under the sea by Mazikeen18
Under the seaby Mazikeen18
Imagine spending most of your life as a cancer patient and only really wanting one thing, to see the ocean and swim with what's bellow. My name is Melissa and Im sixteen...
The Ocean Hates Me (#PlanetOrPlastic) by greenaffections
The Ocean Hates Me ( greenaffections
Hello! 🌱☘️🌵 This is my first entry for the #planetorplastic contest by #natgeo. #nomoreplastic :)