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Scarred by loumey
Scarredby loumey
Whoever heard of a scarred vampire? Keeping to the shadows, Michael has spent hundreds of years hiding the scars left on his body when betrayed by a former love. Will he...
Scarred (Scorching Soldier's #1) by lanasdaddy
Scarred (Scorching Soldier's #1)by petal.
"Your lips burn and soothe me at the same time." "Maybe you can soothe my heat for you..." Broken ex-army officer, Gage Mayard, yea...
Kaash Mai Tumse... by AnonymousMe91
Kaash Mai AnonymousMe91
*Ranked #26 in love-hate(15-5-18) *Ranked #76 in angst(12-5-18)* __________ Book 1 of KMT series! Genre: Angst, Drama __________ Arnav asks Khushi to chose between him a...
Escaping Tartarus-A Percy Jackson fan fiction-Out of HELL by 552266Wisegirl552266
Escaping Tartarus-A Percy wisegirl_818
A scream rang through the air of the Argo 11. The seven demi-gods were torn from their sleep as screams illuminated from inside the infirmary. The screams belonging to...
Scarred, But Not Broken[BNHA]  by Angel_Dust_16
Scarred, But Not Broken[BNHA] by Angel_Dust_16
In a horrible accident Deku gets scared, that's all im saying, if you want more just read it, or don't your choice
Scarred (Lucas Coly) by Baddieeetingz
Scarred (Lucas Coly)by G.Janayy
Alyssa Rein have a horrible past with her ex. After dating him, she swore to herself she wouldn't put herself through that pain again. She decided that it's best for her...
Scarred (Naruto Fanfiction) [On Hold?] by soul_mikz
Scarred (Naruto Fanfiction) [On SoulEater Mikz
Misaki a girl who traveled all over the lands ever since she can remember. Ever since she was young she already saw the cruel reality of the shinobi world. Not to mentio...
From Scarred to Healed by DawnOfOtter
From Scarred to Healedby DawnOfOtter
Arya just turned 17 years old. She's been abused throughout her childhood. Once she is finally released she has to go into hiding. But just like every other love story s...
Scarred <Ion #2> by CherylVylona
Scarred by 🥀
COMPLETED • • • She was so brave. He couldn't understand how she didn't hate him. He did this to her, he was the reason of her scar. Had she not meet him that night, her...
Emotionally Scarred  by Zarannxoxo
Emotionally Scarred by 💕🖤 Zarann 🖤💕
She is young She is lonely She is different She is hurt All because of her past She is... Emotionally scarred
Chasing The Clouds by lilywaters0309
Chasing The Cloudsby Lily Waters
This is a poetry book that contains poems which can be very relatable. These poems are about the ups and downs of lives, our desires, about the times when we are frustra...
Elliot and the Fire by Superloser06
Elliot and the Fireby Call Me K
Book 2 in the Graveyard Universe A story about a boy in Lab Rats who finds out she has siblings?? He can't believe it one bit but hey, at least he has his routine with F...
Glass Hearts by midnightsun1114
Glass Heartsby midnightsun1114
Suffering from years of mental and emotional abuse, love becomes a painful memory for Samantha Campbell. Burying herself in her work at the wealthiest publishing compan...
The Damaged Hero by Jaroo0707
The Damaged Heroby Devine Intervention
All Izuku wanted to do was help. He had a major disadvantage compared to everyone else. He had known that since he was 4, since he discovered that not all men are made e...
*Being Rewritten*Running Back Home  by marichat939
*Being Rewritten*Running Back Home by marichat939
Rosalinda Cornilla Becker looked out her window as she drove to the little town in Oregon. Everything looks the same nothing has changed. There is still the crooked sto...
Tainted Souls by AlizaJabri
Tainted Soulsby Aliza Jabri
When Alia left Taimur and came to Switzerland she didn't have the least idea, she would meet someone as broken and scarred as her. Leonardo Bianchi had given up all hop...
His Darling by _nessiex3
His Darlingby Vanessa
[SLOW UPDATES] "That's what I'm best at--running. I will always run." I spat. But the beating of my heart elevated painfully in my chest when he came closer an...
Leave Me Lost & Lonely (Demi Lovato Fanfic) by hiddenmeaningoflife
Leave Me Lost & Lonely (Demi hiddenmeaningoflife
Demi seems to have it all together, but overcoming addiction is harder than she thought. When Demi gives up her daughter, the young girl needs to learn how to fight for...
Scarred (Divergent Fanfic) by Dauntlessrenegade
Scarred (Divergent Fanfic)by Shirley Cheng
AU. Maybe one day, I will be safe. Maybe one day, I'll be free from Eric, the drugs, the cigarettes, and the alcohol. 'Maybe one day' is today. Tris Prior leaves everyt...