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Demiwitch daughter of a Titaness by QueenofWinter36
Demiwitch daughter of a Titanessby QueenofWinter36
It's rare for a peaceful titan to have a child with a mortal. Even more rare for one of the original titans. So how does this change when a titaness has a child? And tha...
Sayans Academy: School for Magic by Faerytailsfail
Sayans Academy: School for Magicby Synon WP
Sayans Academy is a hidden school for those who has different power and characteristics. School for those who are descendants of Vloderence, Claresse and Clyde. For thos...
S.A.N.E. by Elias6286
#3 S4L3MS_L0T
This story is from my old Acc UndueDiagram and is inspired by RedactedASMR and Pxstel_mxshrxxm!
The Forces by kylahjerome
The Forcesby Kylah Jerome
There's a maze. And an ocean, a great big, beautiful ocean, and it's just on the other side of the maze. I think that's all I remember about where I was. I think I could...
Songbird by meomiicake
Songbirdby meomiicake
Sparrow has lived all twelve years of her life completely devoid of any oddities. She spends her days singing for the villagers, munching away at croissants and pastries...
Pandora Cooper and the Enhancement Gem by Arrie-Brennan
Pandora Cooper and the Arrie
Pandora Cooper is different from most kids her age weird things happened in the Cooper house growing up. When she ten she found out she was a witch and her parent hid it...
THE DARK ONES [ SUMMER 2020 ] by blackroguex
THE DARK ONES [ SUMMER 2020 ]by lexa
Everything started with Blake Foretria. He was my first friend and the first I killed. Amazing Book Cover by | @arpeggio- The Dark Ones © 12.2018
Nico and his Quest to Recover Thanatos' Mental Stability by JoJoDragons
Nico and his Quest to Recover JoJo Dragons
Sometimes, Nico really hates the Gods. He had only just started to settle down and enjoy life and being with Will when some prophecy is sprouted that he's supposedly the...
Heroes Reversed by Maxolotl_123
Heroes Reversedby Max
At the Wisteria Academy for Gods and Goddesses, where everyone has powers and magic and charm, its hard for Starling, the new student with the weird name and upbringing...
Secretly Witch by SilverSwan_676
Secretly Witchby 𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖊
Alana Winters knew she was different. But when she is kidnapped and brought to a secret school for witches and wizards, she knows her life is changed forever. Alana find...