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Where'd You Go, Daddy? by GirlWhoKnowsHerWorth
Where'd You Go, Daddy?by Jasmine 💕
Song about Daddys not being real Daddys, not being real Hubbys to Mommys... --new cover!!--
ART (requests are open) by JoeSepticEye1987
ART (requests are open)by I'm_super_gay
hello everyone, I am creating a new book and it's all about your oc's! just go to the comment section and give a discretion of your OC and I'll draw it for you and put i...
You've Been Warned by Llisona
You've Been Warnedby Queen of Hell
If anyone ever tags me again, I will murder you. Slowly and with indescribable amounts of pain. I will make you beg for death...
I hate my crush!(Vent thing. Probs only one or two chapters) by user51254427
I hate my crush!(Vent thing. Kenzy Temmie
Yeah.. title says it all (0~0) OOF Srry children
My DICTATOR BOYFRIEND }} a fanfic starring our favo dictators and trump-chan by jupiter_underscore
THIS IS PURELY HILARIOUS HAHAHAH When Trump-chan's bf, Kim Jong Un-senpai, breaks up with him for Putin, things get rough? Shit goes down? hell idk what this is about th...
post it (SEQUEL TO BITE) by uncrownedbillie
post it (SEQUEL TO BITE)by chrissy
a series of post it notes left in the room of billie in the beaumont asylum. read along with rowan as her love for a girl she'd only ever met in a medicated state, grows...
Sayings, quotes and shtuff like that.  by KittyMoriarty
Sayings, quotes and shtuff like ꨄ❦
One word can have a thousand meanings. Have a bunch of them.
Mommy's Little Angel by less_than_a_person
Mommy's Little Angelby Ronnie
I wrote this because my mother and I have a very big fight and she asked me "Where did I go wrong with you?" So I wrote this to kinda tell her what happened wi...
Screw you. by GeeXBee
Screw GeeXBee
When Anastasia and Elijah first met nothing could prepare the two of them for the metaphorical sh*t about to hit the fan. However In 21st century London, this stuff se...
from rides to rituals by hannahcuthelk11
from rides to ritualsby hannahcuthelk11
she was just hanging about in the carnival. then she goes to hanging. what kind of ritual is this exactly?????
From the Heart | © SAMPLE ✔️ by footnoteofhappiness
From the Heart | © SAMPLE ✔️by 𝐸𝓁𝒾𝓈𝒽𝒾𝒶 𝒞. 𝒳𝒶𝓁𝒻𝒶...
📌 PLEASE NOTE: SOME POEMS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FOR MY DEBUT BOOK IN 2022 📌 A collection of poetry that details the inner thoughts and fears little kids have regarding th...