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The Consequence Of Selfishness by ThatPotatoWhoWrites
The Consequence Of Selfishnessby ThatPotatoWhoWrites
Barry gets a letter from Dalton academy, and it doesn't have good news.
She's My Girlfriend by justaquirkyfangirl1
She's My Girlfriendby 𝕗𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝 ♥
Sebastian Smythe x Reader "What are you doing?!" "We knew you guys were up to no good!" "What are you talking about, she's my girlfriend!"...
One At A Time [Sebastian Smythe] [editing] by Rey_Frost462
One At A Time [Sebastian Smythe] [ Reyna Frost
You know it's funny how one little interaction can change you. At least that happened to me. See, my twin brother is a legend at Dalton Academy. A Warbler, and one of t...
When The Past Catches Up (Flash×Glee) by CharmaineMeyer2
When The Past Catches Up (Flash× Leah
Barry Allen is not who you think he is. People would describe him as adorable,awkward,kind even. I mean,He is the Flash afterall. His family and friends thinks that the...
Glad You Came by TeenIdle2113
Glad You Cameby :)
Barry Allen is very good at singing. How? He was in a Glee Club. Oliver catches him singing and finds out.
Told You They'd Freak by TheSecondSnacc
Told You They'd Freakby Bruh
A series of short stories about Barry Allen and Sebastian Smythe being twins. Some stories in here are part of one huge story of their lives, which probably is canon by...
Could It Be Him? by Joosee93
Could It Be Him?by Jose Montemayor
Blaine had a tremendous discussion with Kurt and he calls Sebastian for help without knowing that it might change forever his life
When The Truth Comes Out: Watching Their Lives - A Glee and Arrowverse Crossover by swimmingisawesome101
When The Truth Comes Out: Dory
Barry Allen is eleven when his mother is murdered. He becomes Sebastian Smythe at 14. Kara Zor-el is thirteen when her world is destroyed. 24 years later, she is now Kar...
Finding out the truth by Evo1818
Finding out the truthby Evo1818
What happens when teams Flash and Supergirl FInd out about the secret highschool life's of Kara & Barry. Plus, what happeneds when The warblers and the New Directions fi...
Red, Red Wine by so-long-soldier28
Red, Red Wineby so-long-soldier28
"blaine would not stop going on about the set list this morning when i called him about how to get red wine out of the piping of my blazer," sebastian said, po...
The Yin-Yang Complex by ThatPotatoWhoWrites
The Yin-Yang Complexby ThatPotatoWhoWrites
Barry and Sebastian are twins? Disclaimer: The Flash and it's characters belong to the CW. Glee and it's characters belong to fox network.
Rejoined with the Warblers by SammiPhoenix
Rejoined with the Warblersby SammiPhoenix
Barry Allen used to be Sebastian Smythe during his time at Dalton Academy. He never told anyone but his twin sister, Bailey Allen. When the Warblers and New Direction's...
His Alice, Her Sebastian by SkyWriter97
His Alice, Her Sebastianby SkyWriter97
(A Glee Fanfiction)There was a light in his hazel eyes they had never seen before, and a smile full of an emotion both knew but didn't expect to see. Kurt and Blaine ru...
Charolette hudson is finn's little sister and kurt's step-sister they both will do anything to protect her but when she meets sebastian smythe her life turns upside down
Sebastian and Rachel One Shots (Smytheberry) by alex_Corney96
Sebastian and Rachel One Shots ( Alex
If you love Glee like I do, and love Sebastian and Rachel together, here is a oneshot book about them, for you. Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, otherwise Rachel and Sebast...
Her Uptown Boy by Lady_wolf7
Her Uptown Boyby Chris Andrew
One day Blaine invites Lilian to go to Dalton where she meets a certain Baby Face.
A New Run (ARROW+FLASH+GLEE) *COMPLETED* by ItsRainingWhales
A New Run (ARROW+FLASH+GLEE) * Hello
*A few spoilers for season four of The Flash and season six of The Arrow* I didn't make up any of the characters (except for Rewind). ~ Barry Allen has a secret. Well, h...
The Universe Hates Me by Emily_Tams
The Universe Hates Meby Procrastinating Everything
Barry Allen watched his mother die. A year he is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. In high school he moves away but cannot remember what he did while in Oh...
City Of Stars ~ Sebastian Smythe by woodywoodburn
City Of Stars ~ Sebastian Smytheby woodywoodburn
Mia Douglas was a part of the McKingley Glee Club. She had been through the last two years with the club and now she is a Senior. But everything takes a strange turn whe...
He's An Iceberg || Sebastian Smythe by ChristopherBently
He's An Iceberg || Sebastian Smytheby Chris Bently
Sebastian Smythe. The name no one wants to hear. Sebastian is ruthless, cold hearted, and soulless. But, Sebastian is an iceberg. We only see what lies on the surface. S...