Secondmate Stories

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The Gift of the Moon Goddess by AlexusXOXO
The Gift of the Moon Goddessby Alexus
Not everybody gets a second chance.
Rejected  by ZoeyGabriels1
Rejected by Zoey
Kelly Ruiters is the Beta's daughter of the Blue Moon Pack. She's the nerd at school and gets bullied What happens when her friends drag her to the soon-to-be Alpha's 18...
Fire And Ice by EmpressNyt
Fire And Iceby Nikki Nyt
Formerly titled "Against the Odds" You know how there's the whole world then there's the Supernatural world then there's the werewolf world then there are pack...
Bridge Of Legacy by WinterMelody_98
Bridge Of Legacyby Annie
BOOK 1 in 'Bridge Series' FEATURED IN @magic @werewolf @wattpadesl @fantasy @StoriesUndiscovered Crystal always considered herself to be unique, because it wasn't every...
The rejected beta's mate by CindyCindy4412
The rejected beta's mateby cindyyy
When he got rejected by his mate who was his long term girlfriend. He gets a second mate whom is Inlove with the idea of mates But will he fully be devoted to her or wil...
Back, Better Than Ever by Aphrodite979
Back, Better Than Everby Aphrodite
When rejected by the person that is supposed to love her, she runs away. There, Astrid meets her second mate, Elliot. He is the Alpha to the strongest pack in the world...
Rejected mate| Jungkook FF by Diamondgirl3
Rejected mate| Jungkook FFby Dani
Book cover not mine,credits to Aaru250. Kim hyerim was a weak werewolf. She always loved the idea of having a mate but when her sixteen birthday comes and finds her mate...
rejected angel by storiesforfunlove
rejected angelby storiesforfunlove
Rosalina was abused and was the omega of the pack since her parents died when she was 2, so she doesn't remember them but just about enough to feel sadness. Her brother...
Rejected (A Werewolf Story) by Adaeze_xo
Rejected (A Werewolf Story)by adaezeee
Rosalyn Ambrose is a regular high school girl who has a crush on Ethan Campbell. When she finds out that he is her mate, her excitement is short-lived as he rejects her...
Regina Of Moonorio ( Rejecton Series book 2 ) by Jas2303
Regina Of Moonorio ( Rejecton Jas
PROLOGUE The darkness is again consuming him, he don't know why is he still alive and breathing when they are not with him. It's the same day when he lost his everythin...
You Are Mine Now **REWRITING** by ShalyJ
You Are Mine Now **REWRITING**by ShalyJ
After her mother's death she moves with her father and brother and discovers that she is mated to the Alpha. Her brother disappears before the Alpha could kill him for b...
Queen And Ruler Of All by bdtwmf7hwgdi
Queen And Ruler Of Allby Zoëmartin
I have always had hard life But the truth behold I was no innocent and sweet soul like my brother I was the she devil and anyone who disobey my rules it is over with you...
the reject by girr667
the rejectby girr667
In the werewolf community you can be rejected when you get regected you can find another "soul mate" or as we call them a second mate but there is a catch as a...
Take My Pain, Or Leave My Power by Vixenbloodmoon
Take My Pain, Or Leave My Powerby Vixen Ele -
Faithless, No-shift and Abused. When you combine these you get Katie Hokes, A werewolf with no sense of Love, Humor, or Happiness. In a time when werewolves and witches...
Survive by Breeze_Claw
Surviveby Breeze_Claw
"I've learned a lot of lessons in the short time I have lived. I've learned how to appreciate, and I've learned how to give." "But in these past five mont...
That Chick In The Woods by cheesenricer
That Chick In The Woodsby DancingDonut
Alex was always on her own. From the very beginning, she yearned for the love of family and for her mate. She could never have that because she didn't shift at 16 like...
Second Chance by R1vkah
Second Chanceby R1vkah
Rejected for reasons out of her hands, Christy is forced to move to a new place after she is kicked out of the only home she has ever known. Moving to her Aunts pack she...
King by _msdrama_
Kingby Bitch
Jade Martinez, a rejected werewolf because she was expected to be a side mistress or a booty call to her alpha. Jack West, the alpha of blue creek pack, Jade's pack. H...