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Sun & Moon x Reader by Joshler44
Sun & Moon x Readerby Fnaf luver
Security breach content!
Monty x reader | FNaF: Security Breach  by sunniiiFeLiXx
Monty x reader | FNaF: Security Dann / Vincent
It's your first day at the mega pizzaplex and you're as a repairer and an entertainer. While you begin to work there, you see some piercing red eyes. In this story, you...
father figure!|wholesome sun-drop/rise story :)|| by R3MYNT0BY
father figure!|wholesome R3MY
you, (y/n), are 12 years old your mother/father,decide to take you to security breach megaplex, you (y/n),have to go into the daycare because your mom/dad has to go to w...
It's been so long🧸💫 by _lustkiller_
It's been so long🧸💫by Sa1nt
When Y/N gets trapped inside of NJ Megaplex, she must get help from Fan Favorite Alejandro Rosario to get out of the place as well as avoiding the others and solving the...
Sun/Moon x Y/n by ZerosWeirdStories
Sun/Moon x Y/nby