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To be with you. by MilaSliverstone
To be with Kitty
Oli and Callum are great friends. However, Callum wants to be more than friends with Oli... Callum slowly starts to embrace his feelings towards Oli but he is to blind t...
The Empires: How it Actually Went Down by Elbee1515
The Empires: How it Actually Elbee1515
What if... The Empires SMP had 3 more members... What if these members were LaurenZside, SeePeeKay, and TheOrionSound? What would their Empires be? What would happen? Wh...
Kids in Love. (Theorionsound X Reader) by lycanthrope_wolfey
Kids in Love. (Theorionsound X Lycanthrope Wolfey
lycanthrope_Wolfey or lily might actually find love. in the person she least expects.
Seepeekay x reader by Panda_Queen_1
Seepeekay x readerby Panda_Queen_1
Your a DYI/SINGING/VIDEOGAMEPLAYING YouTube's with more then 6 million subs. Any way your from a small town in Virginia and you just turned 18 and can't wait to leave fo...
Hamlet X Luv Cat Fan Fiction  by kawaii4lyfe_
Hamlet X Luv Cat Fan Fiction by midnight
One Day, a boy appears in the magical cat emporium. Luv Cat has an unknown feeling for Hamlet, and she connects deeper to find it. P.S. This is based on LDShadowLady's A...
Do you remember? (Sequel to: Raised by a YOUTUBER?!? by stormpack
Do you remember? (Sequel to: 💕inactive💕
Cassie has been kicked out of her adoption center after being in a three year coma since she is now 18. She remembers her dream about being adopted my YouTubers. She fin...
Ldshadowlady x Oli by iIysfm
Ldshadowlady x Oliby btw i quit wattpad lol
Lizzie is having a great time, in her life.. recording, editing.. but then the most shocking things happen in Lizzie's life and it turns upside down..
You Saved Me From.. M-Myself..(ON HOLD) by TheSeepeeSound_xx
You Saved Me From.. M-Myself..( Spooky_Kazuwuichi
WARNING: This book contains •Self Harm •Attempts of Suicide •and Strong Language •horrible English You are the sister of Joel, Scott, Chai, and Callum You have a crush...
the youtube hunger games by queen_bryola
the youtube hunger gamesby queen_bryola
24 famous you tubers (mabey less I have not discided yet because I don't know how many youtubers I know but let's stick with the normal 24 for now) have somehow apparate...
Jizzie-book 1 (smalishbeansxLDsadowlady) by joeyxshaniqua
Jizzie-book 1 ( JOEY🦋💜
This story is about two people who meet at game fest and start of as strangers and end up being best friends but what happens when Lizzie starts to develop feelings for...
Jizzie Fairies  [COMPLETE] by Blue_star_bug
Jizzie Fairies [COMPLETE]by UwU
Is Lizzie a fairy? If she is is anybody else? Find out in Jizzie fairies! (B.T.W. This is my first book plz don't hate thx 😘)
XOXO (OliXReader) by ravenstorm111
XOXO (OliXReader)by -*-Raven-*-
my first XReader lol plz tho pretend ur name is Angela nicknames: Ange, AngryPoo fav color: Purple
Our life now by dans_nosee
Our life nowby arson
(Cover By @EvThePurpleMeifwa) A boy named Blake Johnson and a girl named Zillen Sound got married 2 years ago and moved to London to start a new life. Blake and Zillen...
youtube love by musie-mint
youtube loveby musie
Everyone and the plot is messed up bad.almost everyone has be change and they life in this is destroy
The Quest To save The Cat! 😺😺 by Lilz2006
The Quest To save The Cat! 😺😺by Lilz2006
5 YouTube friends set off on a daring adventure to try and save their cat Buddy. Can they do it? Do they meet any other friends? Find out in... The Quest To Save The Cat.
Young Youtubers by TheFrustratedMelon
Young Youtubersby Melon Boi
This is really embarrassing tbh. But this story is about a 15 year old girl. She's got a million subcribers! Her name? Megan She goes by Melon on the YouTube machine (qu...
Still Hurt  ~ LDShadowLady×Smallishbean by keenziiee_maayy
Still Hurt ~ LDShadowLady× Kenz💘
Hey long time no see. So this is a "Instagram" based book so yep :}