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In My Head by ACSutliff
In My Headby AC Sutliff
Teenage baller Kaden Hastings has a fit when his family moves to California. He can handle the new medical diagnosis that slowly eats away at his life, but when his pare...
Avianna by datsonperiod
Aviannaby datsonperiod
"I can't do it" I said "Come on baby you have to learn to fight for when I'm not here anymore, I won't be here to protect you" she said I turned to h...
Welcome to Cavalon by awkwardpenguin3
Welcome to Cavalonby awkwardpenguin3
When Charlotte is shipped off who knows where to Cavalon, a 'correctional facility for troubled teens' that specializes in disabilities and injuries, she doesn't know wh...
My Disability by K1nsleyGG
My Disabilityby Kinsley ❤️
Hayden Mae Jackson has seizures and has a difficult day at school after she blacked out. She, of course, has a service dog to allert her when she is about to have a sei...
Drained by ScroodleBartleDoodle
Drainedby ScroodleBartleDoodle
Denki Kaminari has been forgetting things lately. Forgetting things such as where he left his phone or maybe the math test Aizawa had been prepping the class for. He's a...
Where the Sunflowers Grow by mayallusion
Where the Sunflowers Growby Beauiknife
The never ending love of a Mother. Alana gave birth to Aurora right before and unexpected tragedy happened. Auroras fate lied in the hands of her father Jacob who...
Still A Hero by Caustic_Corgi
Still A Heroby Caustic_Corgi
After being shot in the head, Dick isn't the same. He has seizures and other health issues. Even though he can't go on patrol anymore, Dick won't be kept on the sideline...
Search & Seizure (Brendon Urie Fanfiction) by iwriteficsnotragedy
Search & Seizure (Brendon Urie Eliz
You have a health problem that you desperately try to hide from Brendon--until you can't. What happens when epilepsy comes back to haunt you? (Top 100 in panicatthedisc...
Epilepsia MxM by Shifting2wolf
Epilepsia MxMby Too much inspiration
Daniël is the average twenty-something guy whom could easily blend in with the crowd. Only, unlike the crowd he dissapears in to look normal, he doesn't have a home, nor...
Just A Scratch by Catress
Just A Scratchby Catress
Dr. James Mathews is a doctor at the Hospital of Medicine and Research. He has many strange cases that other doctors can't solve. But the hardest case Dr. Mathews has is...
Kaylee Erin Halstead by onechicagofan4
Kaylee Erin Halsteadby onechicagofan4
Story of a 14 yr old girl whose trying to live a normal life whilst living with epilepsy. How will she cope with the stress of school, medical issues and life?
Sickly by Suicidalpony1234
Sicklyby Suicidalpony1234
Tom Holland isn't feeling very well on the set of Infinity War and collapses. NOT AN IMAGINE. *also on*
Epilepsy ruins everything by Pickle1818
Epilepsy ruins everythingby Midnight
The 10th school he's been to, the 8th town he's lived in, the second country he's moved to, the 0th time he's liked it. Epilepsy is the curse of 15 year old Alex Walker...
Tommyinit's Service Dog by Zayleelovesyou
Tommyinit's Service Dogby Kay
Tommyinit has epilepsy, Anxiety, and fainting due to low/high blood pressure ------------------------------------------- For about an hour the stream was doing fine but...
Blackout - Eddie X Fem reader Y/N by RhiannonReign86
Blackout - Eddie X Fem reader Y/Nby Rhiannon
TW - seizure talk and aftercare as requested. You are part of the Hellfire club when you are unexpectantly hit with a seizure/blackout and Eddie steps forward to help y...
Ivory - An Eburnean Tommy AU by Amiss_Covert
Ivory - An Eburnean Tommy AUby Samvert_2023
Eburnean Tommy belongs to @blublu_by either on Insta or YouTube, This AU is completely not mine. The story's filled with the creator's headcanons and ideas, but I also p...
1D | I'm Right Here by BeautifulRain2020
1D | I'm Right Hereby BeautifulRain2020
Niam and Larry surviving through two diagnosis of epilepsy, stabbings, impalement by glass and Niall's knee surgery. It's set in 2013 to 2014 and is the first story of m...
Driving Force by bubblegum865
Driving Forceby AK
A mix between a new book/ sequel . Based and focused on a new character but old characters make a return. Madison Marshall is a force to be reckoned with. Strong and res...
Karl Jacobs-Disability/Neurodivergent ONE SHOTS💖 by PavFlixShortcake
Karl Jacobs-Disability/ KarlJacobsSunshine
Karl Jacobs IRL one shots for angst! (Pretty much sick fics) If you don't like it-then you don't like it! *NO SMUT*