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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.....ABRIDGED!!! by Lgoana
Sekiro Shadows Die Lgoana
The title says it all. Also this is my first ever game parody. Tell me what you guys think. And another thing, this book will probably mostly consist of interaction betw...
Elden Ring Dark Souls Bloodborne Sekiro Demon Souls Reader X Sword Art Online by Usagi_TimeGod
Elden Ring Dark Souls Bloodborne Usagi Pendragon
Y/n is an all time world champion of one of the hardest games ever which are known as Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Bloodborne, Sekiro. He played Sword Art Online...
Mistress (Sekiro x Oc) by Nayannela
Mistress (Sekiro x Oc)by SaraManelna
Seia, an outlander, meets a shinobi who swears to serve her with his life because she was the holder of the heartsword, the heir of darkness and has blackblood. Will the...
The Undying Shinobi Among Adventurers (Goblin Slayer X Sekiro Male Reader)  by HollowedPrince
The Undying Shinobi Among HollowedPrince
Another rat. ...... Ah, but those eyes... a starving wolf. Before I kill you, tell me your name. Tell me your name! ...... No name to give? You shinobi are all the same...
No (Genichiro Ashina X OC) by Lady-Ashina-Astraea
No (Genichiro Ashina X OC)by Lady-Ashina-Astraea
Victim of an unannounced war, she was ripped like a branch from a tree, taken away from her racines, fallen into oblivion and unfortunately trapped in the hands of a cer...
The Shadow's Revenge (Kimetsu No Yaiba X Male Reader) by ryoto142
The Shadow's Revenge (Kimetsu No ryoto142
A young boy named (Y/N) peacefully lived out in the woods with his parents and siblings. However, one day an attack on the household left the family separated and (Y/N)'...
Will I Ever Rest by GornroX
Will I Ever Restby GornroX
Wolf, Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, Ashen One, Tarnished, Good Hunter, You've heard it all, you've done it all, and you're tired of it all. You just want to rest b...
Shinobi of Remnant (Ruby x Malereader) by Zelkiee
Shinobi of Remnant (Ruby x Zelkiee
Hey its my first story so dont blame me (Y/N) was a boy with no name, captured and experimentet on until he manges to flee and meet his new master Genichiro Ashina who...
Parallel Timelines by Tsuiho_senju
Parallel Timelinesby Talon Rayne
This story revolves around the 12/14/16th century, involving a shinobi, Sought to protect and guard his master from the currupt evils in the land of Ashina. An ashen kni...
How To Train Your Dragon: The Haddocks (HTTYD X Male OC) by Savmansolomons
How To Train Your Dragon: The Godsent
Vikings and Dragons, at war. To Brothers trying to prove themselves as Vikings to be a part of the village, well one is the other could care less. Hiccup Horrendous Hadd...
Group chat family!^^ by Mounseur_Quack
Group chat family!^^by 🔥💀Doomguy💀🔥
This will be a book that will be welcome to everyone^^!enjoy the group chat ;D
izuku the one armed wolf by reaper1231
izuku the one armed wolfby reaper123
after sekiro the one armed wolf kills himself so the young master may live his body and tools were reincarnated into a new body in a new age where people had quirks. sek...
the Owl and the Wolf by Gidzers
the Owl and the Wolfby
a short telling of the meeting between the wolf and the legendary owl, amid a field of bodies and blood. An origin to the Sekiro shadows die twice
Wolves untold story by TheErmac99
Wolves untold storyby TheErmac99
As a shinobi wolve severs his young lord until his dying breath how far will he go to get his lord back
Shura: A Chapter-Based Sekiro Roleplay by ProffesorXtra
Shura: A Chapter-Based Sekiro Darth Jar Jar
The one-armed wolf lost. Something consumed him, turning his eyes red. He went on a rampage of absolute destruction. The Divine Heir believes things can change, however...