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Innocent Rose🥀 by papiibrittney
Innocent Rose🥀by brittney❣️
She's just an innocent Rose... pure and full of life. This is a Josh Richards fanfic please read to find out more. It's going to be a little bit different from my usual...
broken beyond repair by passion1208
broken beyond repairby Mia
Emma Lopez, looks like a typical 16-year-old girl. Except, her problems aren't the typical 16-year-olds problems. She has had to worry about her abusive foster father...
Group Effort (ON HOLD) by kyankhan
Group Effort (ON HOLD)by Kyan
Kenzie has a troubled past with boys. So why not date 4? (Pspspsps I've made a rewritten version)
Steven Universe x Reader ⚠️ABUSE⚠️ by Useruseruser101
Steven Universe x Reader ⚠️ABUSE⚠️by youngreezy!!
I'm rlly bad at descriptions. Uh so basically the reader is abused and Steven wants to help you. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ The reader is abused, so it mentions abuse, depression, etc...
The new teacher - Sarah Paulson by slutforoceans8
The new teacher - Sarah Paulsonby slutforoceans8
(This book sucks and I would not recommend reading it:) Thanks for over 7k reads, love y'all!<3 Y/n is a lesbian 17 year old girl who hates school but it all gets a l...
Rin's Disaster by KateriLand
Rin's Disasterby KateriLand
Being the bastard son of Satan, Rin Okumara has taken all he can face. Now he is alone and unwanted, and on a journey to define himself, before others can.
Help (Dramione) by KayMalfoy1202
Help (Dramione)by Kay Ann
Hermione seemingly has her life figured out. Little did everyone know she was falling apart. Through her struggles she is met by an unlikely savior I dont own anything...
Avengers: Rylie Stark by _gothamking_
Avengers: Rylie Starkby _gothamking_
It's a story about Tony Starks eldest daughter who struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts and self harm
You Promised... DreamxGeorge by Name_notfound_0_o
You Promised... DreamxGeorgeby Name not found \('-')/
George was living in Brighton and decided to visit his best friend Nick in the US. But he wasn't told Nick would have company. Started 15th April 2021 :D
Once Upon A Time ✓ by -anxidepressic
Once Upon A Time ✓by • felicia •
[ COMPLETED ] - WATTPAD FEATURED STORY ON GENERAL FICTION - ❝Beneath every melancholic soul lies one brimming with past radiance.❞ Once upon a time, Kaylee was happy. On...
Blood Soaking In The Eyes Of A Halo [Skephalo Fanfic] by WolfyPawprint
Blood Soaking In The Eyes Of A Wolfy Pawprint
The art is not mine cause I honestly can't draw people on a device yet. I adore writing but usually don't share so be patient and understanding please. Trigger warning...
Tired of Being Tired | Tommyinnit Angst by m0thSoup
Tired of Being Tired | spooky lesbian
Tommy and his friends are ecstatic to finally meet in person, but that excitement dies out shortly after they realize that the always happy, overly confident boy they th...
We can't // teacher&student // girlxgirl  by _onlyforever_
We can't // teacher&student // _onlyforever_
"I told you we can't..."She muttered as I kiss her neck. A little moan escaped the Beaty mouth, I smirked. "Or we can..." I wishper into her ear. Be...
conflict || jjk x Bts [ Undergoing Editing ] by fairylalise
conflict || jjk x Bts [ •heart eyes kook•
《 conflicts with my hyungs 》 When a single fight between the oldest and youngest members of the team led to a lot of conflicts between jungkook and the others .
The Gang Leader's Rose  by savagehero
The Gang Leader's Rose by notyobitch
"Get back here your not going" "Yes I am and there's nothing you can do to stop me". I said not looking back I needed a good fight to clear my head ...
You're Mine (Tommyinnitxreader) by AliyaCampbell
You're Mine (Tommyinnitxreader)by Aliya Campbell
tommy is a minor so no smut, the furthest I will go is light fluff. your 15 turning 16 in two months, you live in Cali but born in Brighton uk. There will be some trigge...
Daddy's Little Boy by apolloschaoschild
Daddy's Little Boyby apolloschaoschild
Nico di angelo is a normal 19 year old, working at Walmart and doing his best to live a normal life. However, he holds a secret that he doesn't really want to get out, B...
Scars Of Love by kaedenmae
Scars Of Loveby
(COMPLETED ON MARCH 24th, 2020) Most Impressive Ranking: #19 out of 729 In Mentally Unstable. "I watched with tears in my eyes as my beloved childhood home went up...
I'm sorry Ranboo angst by chef40
I'm sorry Ranboo angstby chef40
Ranboos mental health hasn't been going well for him and he's meeting with the cricket crew soon what with happen when they find out about Ranboos bad habits.
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The 'bad boy' type || OHSHC bxb  by -Galra-
The 'bad boy' type || OHSHC bxb by -Galra-
Sora Hattori is the new scholar student at Ouran, who doesn't seem like the kindest person at first glance but the host club is determined to break his cold exterior and...