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••BITE MARKS•• K.SJ by BoyWithJamsssss
[COMPLETED] "I-I-want b-blood" he panted. "then drink mine!" She said slowly unbuttoning her collar button. "A-are you being s-serious r-right n...
Tales of heart || K.S.J by BtsJeonku
Tales of heart || K.S.Jby _Park_guk_
The scintillating smile that you had been thinking existed for you; the gifts that you had been thinking brought for you; the love in those blazing eyes that you had bee...
How to Get Over Him [K.SJ] by ethrereaI
How to Get Over Him [K.SJ]by ʳᵉʳᵉ
"Are you a tripwire? 'Cause you made me fall for you. Hard." In which Kim Seokjin, the school's heartthrob, doesn't love her back. (Kim Seokjin x reader) [com...
Love You So Bad by euphoria-vmin7
Love You So Badby Rey
(A BTS x Reader Fanfic) They say if you really want something, if you work hard enough, you'll get that and more. You've wanted to be an idol since you were a kid. And...
Smile of an Angel | PJM | ✓ by SwagMeow
Smile of an Angel | PJM | ✓by Nandu
"You are mine and only mine. All rights reserved." You thought you knew him. From inside out. More than anyone else in the whole world. Oh, how you were wrong...
aye yo check it this lil book is filled with fluff, crack, and sexy times w/ bts u should uuuhhhh, read it ;) 👑 😂✌️ - GOALS; 100 - [✅] 1k - [✅] 2k - [?] 3k - [?] etc e...
Boy In Luv (Kim Seokjin x Reader)  by Sanabuii
Boy In Luv (Kim Seokjin x Reader) by 민 사나
Sana is a student in the same school as the 7 bad boys. And alas! She has been crushing on Kim Seokjin - The most handsome bad boy of them all... She wanted to be more t...
Sin Embodiment (mafia bts x reader) by RyleeBlackwell
Sin Embodiment (mafia bts x reader)by RyleeBlackwell
What happens when you get kidnapped by a rival gang? What if that gang is none other than BTS? A gang that is fighting for the top. Meaning their after your families gan...
Runaway Royals [KSJ] by Namjesus105
Runaway Royals [KSJ]by Leon
A prince charming that exists but it's not Cinderella's story. It's not either a fairy tale that you have read or heard about. A forbidden love if you want to be cliche...
Bangtan Bots (BTS x Reader) by shookookies
Bangtan Bots (BTS x Reader)by tankiyo
In which the members of Bangtan are human-sized robots that needs to be showered with care and love daily.
Oppa : Kim Seokjin by 2seokism
Oppa : Kim Seokjinby 2% milk
Oh Ju-eun has grown up sheltered, with distant parents and little freedom. Her babysitter, Kim Seokjin, is more of a parent than any of her blood relatives, and the rela...
Handsome Hybrid [DISCONTINUED] by A1zimm7
Handsome Hybrid [DISCONTINUED]by Alexandra
You know most things about hybrids. You wanted to purchase a rare one. But when his heat comes around, it's abnormal for it to be this strong. Even for a hybrid. Y/n L/n...
Two side of you by iamyoursinblog
Two side of youby Show me yours sins! 🔞
Summary: Everyone knew Kim Seokjin as a kind, funny and very sweet guy. Everyone admired and loved him. But why every time you were alone with him, he turned into someon...
Social Media version 2.0 (Seokjin × Reader) by strayingari
Social Media version 2.0 ( ѕαи єитнυѕιαѕт
When few years pass by and Jin and Y/n deal with their child and their idol careers. Let's see how things go on in the Kim household.
Petrichor | BTS x Reader | Oneshots by TundraFox
Petrichor | BTS x Reader | Oneshotsby Tundra Fox ~가비
Requests closed for now!!! XReader Oneshots Only!!!
Ramen | Seokjin by daegugirl93
Ramen | Seokjinby ✨ 레이✨
"Do you want to eat ramen with me?"
uncaring flowers | jimin by 52hyung
uncaring flowers | jiminby —
"stop stealing my damn flowers for someone who doesn't care about you at all." ❀ y/n is tired of that boy named jimin from school who keeps stealing flowers o...
The Great Pretender (OT7 x Reader) by blanketnoir
The Great Pretender (OT7 x Reader)by elle
Lately, the mask you've worn since childhood is slowly getting more suffocating by the day. It doesn't help that along with this, you're also trying to find your place i...
Just Engaged || Completed by JINoholic_jeah
Just Engaged || Completedby JINoholic
What the hell are you doing here Kim Seokjin?- The Manager screamed. Umm... I was just. I needed some alone time. So, I just... I... You had sex with a woman- he screa...
Be Alright || 김석진 - Kim Seokjin ✔️ by pearly_joonie
Be Alright || 김석진 - Kim Seokjin ✔️by 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝒸𝓎
"I know you love her, but it's over, mate." ~~~ inspired by the song: Be Alright - Dean Lewis (Complete) (story contains mild profanity) (short chapters) (shor...